A New Journey Within


Keep it going. I am seeing your results and I already see changes.


So much for today being a “resting day” As soon as I woke up, even before opening my eyes, intuitively I reached for the headphones and put on the sub. Some minutes later I realized it was supossed to be a rest day but said fuck it, my unconscious wants more exposure so Im listening more.


Day 7, already at the week mark.

I have not take a rest day yet, since I dont feel I really need it for now. Seems like spreading the listening between morning, after lunch and before sleep time, gives my mind enough buffer time to process the sub, and 3 loops a day aint enough to overwhelm me.

My last major reconciliation (listening to stark and alchemist st4) requiered 3 loops each in a day, a total of six hours of exposure. Now Im in 3 hours of exposure. Maybe next week I’ll add 1 more and check, for now Im feeling good and getting results.

I can feel lots of things changing inside and around me and Im relaxing through it


Horniness and sexual energy are of the charts!!
If I think of sex or engage in sexual behaviour I immediately feel the arousal. If I dont think or do sexual things I still feel a fire burning in my sexual chakra almost constantly, fueling me into my daily activities.


I had my morning loop, today being day 8 and now I feel pressure in my head. It began almost immediately with the sub.
Im gonna take it as a sign of saturation and Im gonna take the day off subs to rest and process.


The gratitude module is really powerful!! Since last night I feel so much gratitude towards people, and myself, specially about my past and for being who I am.



Ive been thinking how long should I listen my custom sub by itself before adding a second sub.
Im gonna give it at least one more week.
Of course I wont be adding Stark, Alchemist, nor Sex Mastery. It may be a stacking module.
Will give it some more thought.

Aura and Godlike Masculinity are the most atractive choices for now


I’m going with 4-6 months, but our goals probably differ. What’s the objective of your second custom?


Oh I wasnt talking about a second custom, even though thats part of the plan too, in a couple of months or so.
I edited my previous message as I see it was misleading.
I was thinking about adding some extra spice in a couple of weeks to my custom by adding a stacking module to my playlist with the intention of electrifying the air around me some more.

My options for now are aura or godlike masculinity, even though Im getting more inclined to GLM.


I see. Why not both aura and GLM? :smiling_imp:


I will add both, its just a matter of timing.

First Im adding GLM in a couple of weeks, then after a time of integration Im adding aura.
Later in the procces Im designing a second custom amd droping aura and glm.
I will use both customs.

My second custom will be all about seduction for fun and profit.


Ive been having this strong need for socializing since I started my custom sub.
I just became aware of it now.
Im in the middle of lockdown and Im with my girlfriend 24/7, we are talking more and about little things too, wich I used to avoid, never been really a fan of small talk.
Im chatting with people through whatsapp daily wich I never did, and Im more chatty with clients through zoom.
I want to go out and have fun, before I was really happy to be a hermit with the gf at the apartment. Now its been too long without family and friends.


Two more things comes to mind

First, since yesterday I felt the need to listen to a song I havent heard in years, I use to listen to it constantly after an ex girlfriend broke up with me, and that song brought me to tears and sadness.
Now I listen to the song and I feel this enourmous feeling of gratitude vibing through my whole body and anchored in my heart. I will always be grateful for our time together.

The second, I made a mistake configuring an automatic mail response this morning and people got spammed.
I remained calm evaluated the damage and took corrective measures, then mail an apology to the people who got spammed. Before I would have done the exact same thing but dominated by fear, now I was really calm and measuring things in a more objective way.
Some woman got pissed and asked me to delete her from my database, I offered her an explanation of facts and deleted her.

Im super happy!


That is great. Enjoy the sub. Thank you for your insights. I like your detailed journals and have learned many things from it.


Thanks! Im happy to know its been useful to you!


Ive spend a couple of days building a custom sub only to realize that it already exist as a product in the store.
Not exactly the same of course but similar enough to save me some money. It covers the same major goals.

I will fantasize about another custom for the future.


I am wondering which module do you contribute that to? Sex Mastery?


Ive had that effect in the past and it involves Alchemist and Sex Mastery (since Ive always used them together)
I have the feeling that Earthshaker and Energetic Development might be contributing, since this time was stronger than all the previous times, maybe Aura of Craving too?

Its like when I was a teen and sexual desire felt like an energetic ball around my body around the sexual chakra and touching that energy ball felt as vivid and pleasurable as touching my skin. The difference is now the energy ball is bigger and wider almost touching the heart chakra.
I have the feeling it will keep getting bigger until it reaches my crown.


Today was reconciliation day, nothing dramatic but strong enough to bother me.
I had a mild migraine the whole day and a lack of energy, anyway I did my yoga practice and that made me feel a lot better.

Funny thing is that I didnt feel I could work and 2 out of the 3 clients cancelled their appointments. I was in much better shape for the 3rd one, but far away from top performance.


After today being day 12 Ive decided to do something I havent done in a long time.
Im gonna listen to my sub while sleeping.