A New Journey Within


Why the decision?


Last year when I ran regeneration or alchemist st1 during the night, I had really vivid dreams very often, those dreams where very revealing and profoundly healing for me.
Lots of unconscious trauma came to the surface during the dreams and got reprocessed, sometimes while dreaming, sometimes when I woke up.

Then I stopped doing it because I wanted to test other listening patterns and that has been evolving.

I want to experiment with my custom sub with night time listening.

Anyway last night I couldnt do it, the sub was over stimulating me and I wasnt able to fall asleep, so I shut the sub off


I see. Interesting to know if that can work this time!


Its seems to be working.
Last night about midnight I set my music app to play the sub twice and fell asleep.
I woke up from a really vivid dream in fear, a dream that implies fear to change, specially fear of love and a lack of trust.
This morning I was a little shaken by the feeling and did some emotional transmutation excercises.
Now Im feeling lighter.


Last night I had the idea for a musical/creativity custom sub.


Ultimate Artist
Quantum Limitless st4
Minds Eye


Productivity Unleashed
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
Carpe Diem Ascended
Master’s Coordination
Limit Destroyer

This is what I have for now

@Fire @SaintSovereign do you guys would recommend me to add Extreme Exercise Motivation? and Blink for speed? Would this two adapt to excercising/mastering a musical instrument or is it too especific to body work/fighting? Thanks for your input!


When I reach a certain number of loops during the day (4 or 5) I begin to feel pressure and tiredness in my forehead/3rd eye and a little nausea. I take that as a sign to stop the sub, take a rest and process.
Today I woke up feeling good after listening most of the night, had 1 more loop in the morning and felt the pressure, nausea and dizziness, so resting day it is.

I had a weird/cool dream last night, I was giving a class and I was killing it, very empowered, and this beautiful woman student with a short dress opened her legs to show me her sexy underwear, in the dream I acted all cool like it didnt matter to me, but on the inside my sexual energy arose heavily. I woke up really horny and cant stop thinking about that image… one single image and my whole body vibrates in pleasure. I can put the image closer, make it more vivid and brighter and I can even smell her. I can feel the texture of her skin too.
I guess I dont need Minds Eye :rofl::rofl:


Imagine what you COULD be dreaming about with it :smiling_imp:


So today is day 14, Im two weeks in.

Results that I can percieve:

☆Im way more confident and resolved in general, when I work I have a strong sense that I know what to do, and this feeling seems to be independant to external conditions, Im in charge.
☆I have an inner calmness that sometimes surprises me, in my head I go like “I should be worrying right now” and then just laugh it out.
☆Sexually uninhibited, I dont do stuff to please, I start from the premise that pleassure is guaranteed. Its effortless.
☆I have an overall feel good attitude


I guess it can always get better, right?


Left the sub running last night for about 4 loops and had the most weird vivid dreams, a blend of sex and work related dreams.
Today I woke up feeling very light, energized and fully motivated, ideas comes to me effortlessly and before I notice Im taking action and making them real.
The fame aspects of Stark are kicking in day after day, Im developing a sort of fan club :joy::joy:

A negative belief about money arose this morning and I could easily identify it and change it, lets see how the new one manifest.

Tonight Im gonna start a meditation I havent done in months.


I was wondering why I keep having those kind of dreams and then I remember the cores of my sub are Stark, Alchemist st4 and Sex Mastery :joy::joy::joy:
What other kind of dreams could I be having lol.
Some serious Sex Magick is going on.


Thanks for your confirmation that sex mastery Q aka nut busting Q is epic as part of a custom.


Im amazed at how quickly and efficiently my sub helps me uncover and deal with limitations.
I manifested an amazing apartment just when we need to move, lets see how that develops.


Oh boy, do I feel angry today. Everything pisses me off


Well anger did not last too long, I took some time to meditate and let the anger move and express and this memory began to arise to consciousness.
Then it melted away and became funny.


I havent Journal about this because it was to obvious of a change so I didnt noticed it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

For the last 10 days or so Im in a constant hunger for learning, Im devouring every single NLP and Hypnosis audio and video I have.

Last year I had a similar phenomena occur to me while on alchemist, that time I wanted to learn every little detail on how to get better at teaching and doing NLP and hypnosis with clients, and had awesome results and deep changes for me.

This time the focus is the other way around, Im focusing in what can I change inside, whatever changes outside its a consecuence of the inner work Im doing.
Even though I started with an attitude of fixing myself I quickly changed it to enhancing love, pleassure, comunication, and health.


Do you find Sex Mastery diffuses any of the power of Stark or do the both come through equally as strong?


What have you found that’s good?


Theres nothing that could make me consider the possibility that Sex Mastery could diffuse anything in my opinion.
Alchemist takes care of the inner work, Stark takes care of the outer work (my job and social aspects) and Sex Mastery gives me lots of sexual energy, when I have sex thats amazing, when I dont ( wich is most of the time btw) that sexual energy can easily be focus in whatever activity Im doing, whether is my work, or meditation or yoga or learning.

I see SM as putting wood into the fire, you can warm yourself and others with the fire, you can cook, you can contemplate it, you can illuminate a place, etc.


Im watching and listening my Richard Bandler (NLP Co Creator and the best Hypnotist ever IMO) audio and video collection.
Ive been collecting that for more than 15 years, more than half Ive already seen but years ago, a little in the past years, and some Ive never seen.
Now Im doing it all! Doesnt matter to me how long it takes.
Everything by him is good and have a lot of value when it comes to inner change and learning about how to use your mind.