A story about a Khan (First Part)


Day 8 (41 loops):

I didn’t manage to write anything yesterday. I came across a lot of work and I found myself at an emotional lowpoint.

I am a Computer Science student and I got an assigment where we have to make a project in teams and each one of us will be scored seperately. What you should know about CS (abreviation for Computer Science) projects is that when you decide what you want to do, there are only so many tools and features you can add to a project. And most of my friends are lone wolfs when they are coding so a couple of us will get low marks because most of the work will be “done” and the other members will have think up these new features so they can accomplish the minimum requirements. which are usually harder to implement than the required stuff.

I found myself almost crying when having a pretty basic argument which I am used to having weekly and I don’t remember feeling that tears would come out. Could this be related to Stage 1? Is it making me more emotional?


@Flake_And_Milk - most probably yes. Stage 1 and Stage 2 are rough for most people.


Day 9: 43 loops

My day ended before I was aware of it.

I didn’t do much. Attended my class, packed up my things and went home to parents home. Took there a 3 hour nap and here I am writing now at 9 PM in my local time.

Felt quite happy the whole day. I was aware when someone made fun of me today. As I am writing this now I am wondering what could I do to prevent such things.

I got sleepy because it was very sunny today and on the road i drive on the sun gets in from the side windows.

As I got home I will be able to listen more. I also have some upcoming exams so I will most likely be holed up in my room.


The sponge people. Think I’ve heard that before somewhere…


Day 10 (50 loops):

I find my days become harder and harder. I find increasingly difficult to maintain my no-porn challange. Feeling way more emotion while watching youtube videos than I usually do.

I hit a lot of emotional lows during the day. It was like a roller coaster experience but the extreme kind where you change sites every 5 seconds.

The sales page didn’t joke when it described Khan Stage 1. I would love to sit down in a chair and observe as the subconcious rebuilds everything according to the sub. Hope Stage 1 gets better and at Stage 2 I won’t have big reconcilations as you guys had :smiley: . It’s kinda hard to function out in the world with such an imbalance.


Dream Update:

I had a dream where I don’t know what I was but I was impersonating a Duke. I got into a festival of some sorts, and my impersonation of a Duke was great. The only thing I remember is that I was telling people there how much I know about the upper nobility and how far my social circle extends. I felt quite good in the moment but as I write this right now maybe I was just seeking attention? If I think about it I had a fake persona and I used my knowledge to flaunt the 'fake persona’s which wouldn’t be rewarding for my real persona. Or maybe my subconcious is just trying to create a projection of my future self using that fake persona so It can manifest it easier. Anyway while I was in that fake persona. I probably had a very stable inner peace that no external thing could disturb, so it’s probably related.

Day 11 (56 loops):

I get more and more the meaning of Total Breakdown. Haven’t felt this weird probably my whole life. I sit in my chair and I suddenly feel bad, sometimes angry, sometimes lost and then filled with happiness and gratitude. I am glad I will have 10 days off starting next week. I don’t really want to go out in such a state.

Felt a lot of times today that I should quit both this subliminal and another one I am doing from a different producer (they have different themes so I don’t think they will conflict) but I can still persevere and I will continue both.


Day 12 (Change of plans):

I think I reached my limit with Stage 1. I don’t think I can handle this “Total Breakdown” so I will be switching directly to Stage 4 and maybe I will add later on stage 1 to stage 4.
It may be just my subconcious moving me away from internal healing but I don’t really care. I can’t handle both nofap and this level of procrastination. We’ll see later how it will turn out.
Listening to fhe first loop and I feel already better. It may just be throwing out the baggage, or the placebo effect but as long as it works IDC :sunny:


Bro! I feel you!

you have given me greater help regarding no fap, than i can offer.
but for procrastination, if it is a concern for you ( a concern for me cos my final exams are around the corner) Try swaping ST1 with a few loops of limitless and ST3.


Thanks for the tips. But the biggest reason for me switching is the fact that I can’t handle the emotional upheavel that the sub is causing me. I have been thinking over this for the last 3 days. And I belive I will switch. It will probably be like playing a game without doing the tutorial, but eventually you are able to figure it out. As it is described in the sales page you can start however you wish. And I believe I can revisit Stage 1 if I feel that I will be able to tackle it.

As for Stage 4 it has both reprogramming and total action and who knows what more so I think it’s a viable choice too.


after how many hours of listening did your upheavels start?


Reading the journal backwards it seems it started after 40 loops on day 8 and from sudden changes in my environment


Reconciliation. Plus ST1 gets easier after around 14-17 days.

I would urge you to continue with ST1. Yes, you will feel like shit - embrace it, feel it, get comfy with it, because the rewards at the end is massive.


Thanks for the suggestion. After taking a couple of hours off and listening to a couple of loops from stage 4 - my mood got better so yeah I think I will continue listening to stage 1. I might just needed a way to release all that pentup stress.


Just bear in mind that as ST4 is a gigantic sub, it won’t do much for “stress”, in fact it will ramp up your sexual energy. So if ST1 feels unbearable, cut back on the loops. Meditate. Go on a run. Punch something. Hit the gym. Shake (naw, I’m just fucking with you :grin:)

It’s only temporary. Bad days are always followed by good days. You cannot shape a sword without putting it in the fire.


@Flake_And_Milk - I agree with @Michel. I would urge you to also stay the course and finish all the stages at least for 30 days each. After which ST4 can be used even beyond that as a base to stack other SubClub subs with. Because the time you spend with ST1 to ST3 is nothing compared to the rest of your life. His sword analogy is also on point.


So in these 30 days, is there a minimum benchmark amount of total exposure hours?


I’m sure @AMASH and @blackadder will pop in for advice.

It will depend on your stack and how you play it. But one hour a day for a giga-sub like Khan/Emperor is way too little. Your question should be “what’s my expected timeframe for changes” and “how will I go about achieving it.” Then play the sub accordingly.

Personally, I listen for eight hours of ST1 a night with headphones.


My Current Stack is ST1 and Limitless. On Average i get about 6 to 7 loops per day. At night i leave my headphones on. But in the morning, I find the headphones at the other side of the bead, and i can’t even recall taking them off, so I don’t count these loops. I thought of using the ultrasonic on my phone at night, but I don’t want to expose my housemates to them.

@AMASH @blackadder , how do i come with an answer for that?


@mecharc 6 loops + per day is fine. For headphones, something like this might help.


@Michel Oh wow!! that’s new!! Thank you so much!

I know this is a stupid question but, will this maintain sound quality and keep the subs effective though?