A story about a Khan (First Part)


Worked for me, both masked and ultrasonic. Even though they’re “cheap”, do keep the wire kink free and never yank on it, it’ll last longer.

I’ve been listening to subs overnight for three years, best headphones for comfort and convenience.


this exact pair?


Yes, this exact pair.

I’ll stop right here. My apologies @Flake_And_Milk. This is your journal.


Feel free to write whatever you want I don’t mind.


Day 13 (70 loops)
Felt pretty down today as well. I got back to my college dorm and I will see what will happen.


@mecharc - I use in-ear headphones. The ones that press into the ear canal. And these don’t come out my ears the whole night. At worst they are a bit loose in the morning.

But @Michel 's recommendation might just be the thing for you. I did consider buying something like that but didn’t feel I needed it. Maybe later.

To answer your question about “the minimim benchmark”, I would say that 30 days will do even if you are stacking with one other sub and you are listening to that stack for 7 to 8 hours a night.

Mostly I use my stack in Masked form but I have used the “set and forget” method with the same stack in Ultrasonic form. Both work fine for me.


Day 15: (80 loops)

Feeling sad for the last 2 days. And today I had some insights.
I see more and more every day how much my day was based around porn.
I can feel that I have way too much time now, and I am without a purpose so I just end up waiting for the time to pass by. It’s kinda sad when I think about.

Also I had to go the grocery store. I saw lots and lots of couples, which made me how realize how lonely I actually am. I might have been compensating my lack of love-life with porn.

Edit: Now that I think about it I might be even compensating with all the romcoms that I have been reading watching. Wow it’s kinda scary that my life is based around compensating things that I lack


Day 19: (100 loops):

Around yesterday I got out of the sadness loop that I have been into. Feels quite good to get out of that zone.

Apart from that nothing major. I am pretty passive, passing my time with learning material for exams and fighting against my porn relapsing urges.

I want to write a description of my ideal future self, and read it daily, but I didn’t manage to get it done for now.


Alot of us who use porn or fap to facebook, instagram, asmr vids etc use it to self sooth. We use it because we are feeling a lack in our life and we use porn to fill that lack. The problem is once you get off and your senses come back to normal we feel empty again


True man, had the same realizations a week ago.
Too bad it takes time to get desensitized, to historys strongest addiction


Day 23 (115 loops)

Went back around 3 days ago into the depressed loop. I relapsed with my nofap, I will restart tomorrow.

I didn’t lisen to the sub today, felt quite bothersome.

I was able to easily identify negative influence from other people, sadly I couldn’t figure out how to make them realize it.

Apart from that nothing new Stage 2 coming soon. :smiley:


Day 26 (125 loops)

It seems uncertain/new situation put me in quite a distress, feeling all emotional doesn’t quite help in this situation. I would say I picked the wrong time to play with Stage 1, but then again who know if there ever be a right time :smiley:

I am quite passive otherwise these days. No motivation, I only want to enjoy myself, I want to improve, but I don’t want to do anything. I guess you could say I want to have a better life but I don’t want to contribute to that. Quite a delusional life that I have.

I catched myself questioning myself, but it seems I never bothered to answer conciously. But there were times where I did, but even then what. I answered and that’s there all there is. Nothing changed.

It quite sucks that you have to act/do/think/see/feel differently if you want for change to happen.


Don’t worry, ST2 is near and you’ll soon feel like a Khan. :slight_smile:


Day 1 Stage 2

Had a dream where I was younger and me and my sister had to stay in the car while my father went in to the store to buy groceries. I was younger in the dream but I had my current knowledge of driving so I thought I would teach my sister how to drive, because our car was the only one in the parking space. I did teach her. Then when she had enough, we locked the car and went in to the store. When we came out the car was no where to be seen.
My dad lost his cool. I got berated. I stayed at the store for like 6 hours trying to look for the car but to no avail.

This made me think, about how much money influences people’s life :frowning:.
If our family wouldn’t be just scrapping by on a day to day basis, we could handle better financial situations. This dream kinda set my mood for the whole day to the lower part of the ladder. But yeah it was something that I hadn’t thought in a while.


Bro, really interested to read any behavioral changes that u may have noticed!


Well Bro, I can’t really comment to much about my behavioral changes. In the last couple of days I felt kinda bad seeing that my friends are advancing in life while I am stagnating. I have lots of stuff to do, but the sheer number of those things puts so much pressure on me that I haven’t even began one.

And when I begin one I see that I have even more things that I need to do in that regard, I get discouraged, I quit, then I start procastrinating and in the end fail miserably.

Well all these did happen even without the subliminals, so i can’t comment to much on them.


I feel you brother! You have better days ahead!
I am no expert but what do you think about going back to total beakdown for a few more days?


Nah I am done with Stage 1 for now.

Might add it back to my stack when I am doing Stage 4 for 2 months


126 loops are very low amount. I would recommend above 250hrs for each stage. St2 very difficult for me


Thanks for the suggestion but I am quite adamant about continuing onwards.

So far I am quite enjoying Stage2