A story about a Khan (First Part)


Good! ST2 will fill you up with confidence and swagger.


Day 7:

So far stage 2 feels amazing. I feel good the whole day, but it seems to me that all that positive energy is all internal. I didn’t notice anyone acting different towards me, but who cares.

Had thoughts popping up about opening women. I laughed when I scared someone when I went out to do some work to make progress in my university work and the guy ran out of the room, to take a spot faster for his degree work. I thought to myself how cute. I took my time went in 15 minutes later. Well guess what there were still many spots left. When the other guy came out I was laughing internally.


I think you are the first or second person who actually enjoys ST2 :smiley:


Bro, you have gone ahead the journey, while I plan to stick to ST1 for a while


As someone once said: each to their own devices.

For me it was the right decision to go Stage 2.
I can tell even if it’s just my intuition.

Yeah so far stage 2 is still amazing.

I find myself reframeing stressfull situations into situations of excitement

I have wrote that list of qualities that I will have in the future. It’s around 6 pages in an A4 book. I read it every morning and every night.

I watch courses online all the time, but since ST2 I started writing notes for these curses, I try to find value in every sentence they say. If it’s a self-help course and I find something that I can add to my qualities list I write it down.

I made major progress with my degree work.

Put myself in a couple of stressful situations, and I handled them very well. Social Anxiety only persisted till I started the conversation then it faded away.

Didn’t try my luck with women and haven’t noticed gazes from them aswell.

I also manage to keep eye contact easier than before. Right now the other party is the one who takes their eyes away first.

Everything goes smooth my dude.


Everything going to plan!


So Happy with your progress!!


Damn! That must go into some deep detail about those qualities. Well done. Keep concentrating on them and you will internalize each one.


Day 14:

Well this entry would be more believable if I were listening to Power Can Corrupt.

I wrote around a month ago that I will have to do a team project, with some lone wolf friends of mine.

Yesterday we had to present what we had done in the last month. The teacher is kinda crazy so he doesn’t give the mark for the finished product but wants to rate us invidually, one what we “did” separately. So yeah he’s crazy.

There are around like 6 groups in our class so if someone wanted to go out first to present it they can go out. I was kinda the leader figure even though I couldn’t do much in the project because they used a technology that I am not familiar with, so mostly I just rooted for them,

I was pretty sure that there wouldn’t be a team who did more with the project than us. So I was thinking let the other groups go first to lower the “expectations”.

When a group finished presenting, we had to rate their performance and as the “buyers” or “owners of the project” we had to rate them. So I was thinking if I say high numbers for every project and give a good reason, where I highlighted all of the good points I will make the other teams have a better impression of us and our project.

I sayed 80-95% to every single team, I was also the first or second to say the points or change someone’s lower points. After a couple of groups the teacher started to give higher points than usual. So we managed to influence his decision.

We were supposed to be the 4th group to present but I was thinking this could still go on. I went to another group told them we got a “bug” and we need to do a quick fix , and asked them if they could go.

I thanked them they didn’t have a presentation or a working product so I was like what a great idea I had.

There were 10 minutes left till the end of the class and that’s when our group had to present.

The teacher was hurrying so we had to “hurry”. My teammates panicked and started saying the presentation in a fast tone and in a low volume. But I knew I was the last one to say my part, and contrary to others I started saying it more coherently with an ever changing rhytm in a relaxed tone. Using comparisions and such while others were very technical. The teacher told me to hurry up. I sayed in an annoyed tone that there is still time left. A guy told me after the presentation that I sounded like If the teacher were to say one more word I would beat the shit out of him.

I finished my part. We had some things that other groups didn’t have in their presentation like charts, and progress bars, also I had quite a presence while presenting. Sadly our product failed to open we got a sudden bug that wasn’t there five minutes ago.

And with a project worth around 60% we managed to get 99% for our mark.


Also I switched to QL ST4 for the next month I might listen to 1 loop of Khan ST2 daily the others will be QL ST4.

I also got an exam that I have to pass or I wasted 3 years at the university and I will have a debt of 3500$ which is a shit ton in my country :smiley:


I hope you pass this test with 99%! Good luck @Flake_And_Milk


Good luck!


Update on QL ST4

Well productivity levels have dropped since I started with Stage 4.
Haven’t noticed an increase in my memorization capabilites.

My procastrination increased, I had tought of self-sabotaging a lot during my wake hours.

I slept way more thorough the day than I do instead of eight hour I slept around 11-12. I also just woke up from an afternoon nap which was 3 hours.



Well so far I haven’t seen improvements regarding my study time.

Also my ears have been hurting for the last couple of days. I was lowering my listening time, every day but the pain persisted. It’s probably because I have earbuds in my ears for 12 hours a day. And they are a little bit bigger than my ears. And on some nights I tried listening with those in.

So in the next couple of days I will live without earbuds, to see if my ear pain goes away. If not I might have to check-in to a doctor.

If anyone had a similar experience and found something that worked for him, please share it :smiley:
I am only listening to the masked track.


When Emperor kicks in



Well my hunch was spot on.
The earbuds made my ears hurt, well wasn’t unexpected when I had them on for 12-16 hours a day.

Been using QL ST4 ever since every day. I don’t count the hours but I have been going to different places and I have been coding for most of the day.
I didn’t really notice an improvement in my coding skills. I still waste many hours for a couple of code lines. I am working with new technology.

As for my exam. Well I don’t really have a method to test my knowledge, because the volume of the knowledge is way too big. Find out a method called mind-mapping, and a software for that purpose. I will be testing that in the upcoming days. I believe it will be easier to revise the information for the exam. Then to look it up in my 20+ powerpoints each with over 100 slides.


@Flake_And_Milk - very interesting. Am guessing you went straight to Quantum Limitless ST4. It could work. I have started from ST1 and I am noticing very small improvements. Hopefully it increases for me. And for you too.



Looking back I started QL ST4 at November 19.
I felt quite bad about the purchase for the sole reason I didn’t see any kind of improvement with my memorization, and I was seriously thinking of giving up with it. The test was coming closer and I knew I had still much stuff to go through.

But the effects started kicking in December 28th. I didn’t believe when I started seeing them. That day I started with new material that I haven’t checked yet. But I was able to remember definitions more easily. Figuring out exercises easier. Had a lot of “ah-ha” moments as described in the sales page. Didn’t feel yet the time-dilutation effects. But sometimes I felt like I was on some kind of medication, I became absent-minded but still focused. When I was going from place to place my eyes moved like crazy, going through every nook and cranny, looking for every little detail.

So after December 28th if I were to express my increased capacity for learning. I would say I was able to learn stuff that took me 2 and a half days in a single day.

As for the results which I got today. I got a nice 70%. I won’t end up in debt, and I can finish my studies.

Many thanks to @Fire and @SaintSovereign

It’s time to resume my more wanted journey with Khan. I will go straight to ST4.


Change of plans

It seems I don’t put myself in situations where I meet a lot of people/women in general. So I made a new choice and bought EmpV4, seems more suitable for my current lifestyle (mostly staying at home and doing research on different topics that intrigue me). I think I haven’t seen a woman in the last 1 and a half month IRL so Khan would be right now a waste of time.

The next time when I update this thread will be probably a summary of noteable events which happened starting from now on.



Well looking for an intership as a CS student didn’t work out. Most of the companies in the area aren’t looking for interns, I had even some encounters where there was a request for inters, but when I contacted them it turned out they don’t update their webpage and that they are not looking for anyone.
I would apply for a full-time job but I know I don’t have the qualifications.

And a little summary of my experiences on Emp4. Sometimes it killed my sex drive for a couple of days and then it came back for again a couple of days and this cycle continued.

I would say around 70-80% of time I was dead serious, couldn’t find joy in anything, I just thought very logicaly around 80% of the time this empeded my action taking as I was so busy arguing in my mind that I didn’t even realize that what I was doing was pointless. I just had that urge to prove my point of view to myself, and the best part is I don’t even remember most of the time what I was arguing about.

In the other 20-30% of the time I felt like someone with a god complex. I have read many chinese novels/webnovels about taoism, buddhism and sometimes I just find myself in this state where I internally roleplay one of the characters from a novel which I am reading.
They are mostly domineering, have their own values, if the situation commands they are ruthless or kind people, and it recites many poems from chinese literature.
I imagined myself trampling on heaven, commanding respect everywhere I go, being domineering even if they anyone didn’t offend me.

I didn’t remember any of my dreams, on contrary to Khan very I had around 3 dreams.
I have been running a different sub for the last 2 weeks from someone else. It’s about skin health as I love popping the pimples on my face and chest and that resulted in quite a few scars, and I am not a big fun of visiting the doctors. i am trying my luck with that subliminal, a couple of morphic fields from sapien med and some healing mantra from hinduism. The mantra is OM TUM TULASAYA NAMAHA if anyone is interested. I listen to this mantra from a youtube channel called DhyaanGuru Dr. Nipun Aggarwal,

I also recommend from his channel the brain healing sounds dr designed video, it’s a binarual audio. I remember having a very pleasent dream when I accidentaly felt asleep while listening to that video. The dream was about me as my current self watching my younger self getting every answer right in elementary school and everyone being amazed by my performance, even myself I remember smiling the widest I possibly could.

I have around 2 more weeks of that skin subliminal after that I think I will start Khan Stage 1 again or buy EOG and try that out seeing that nobody wants interns. Corona virus started growing exponentially in my country and now the universities will be off-limits til the end of march. I wish everyone the best and to be safe.