A Testimonial of Health and Weightloss using Emperor Fitness ST1 and ST2


@friday - agreed! I stopped sugar when i started OMAD and the results were obvious. My mom for her part stopped sugar while having 3 normal Indian meals a day and still lost weight.

I still love sugar in certain things like milk coffee and milk tea but am not having any of those these days.


That’s fantastic! Very nice to hear that your influence helped others, even better if it is your mum. I love that!

Are you eating honey?
I was staying away from all sugars but recently watched some videos from Sadhguru who recommends to drink warm water with natural honey. I might try that soon.

After I lost so much weight (actually accidentally) my plans for 2020 and 2021 are now to bulk up muscle while simultaneously getting my cardio back on track. Don’t have EF in my arsenal but the Workout Motivation module is doing wonders already. Literally the last time, I have been running was 6-8 years ago :open_mouth:


@friday - hmm. I actually didn’t consider that but you make a good point. I did explain the keto and carnivore diets to her, and since she is the one who cooks at home, she is the one who converts the diet plans to actual food on the table. Even dad is helpful when it comes to my health so he is obliging in that department.

So yeah, some form of influence (possibly StarkQ) might have helped me convince them.

Dad has keto a couple of times a week and it decreased his insulin intake for his longtime diabetes. And mom’s given up rice and sugar so that’s a big win.

I used to have honey in my earlier OMAD days along with green tea but now I don’t so that I can keep my fasting intact.

But since you plan to build muscle, I don’t think honey will be an issue for you. Am no expert though. Sadhguru is pretty wise. At least I agree to most of what he says. You wouldn’t go wrong following his advice, I believe.

Good luck, mate. I hope your bulking journey goes well :+1:


Awesome results, congratulations! :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

I’ve also lost quite a bit of weight (mostly fat, but some muscle too, as my body doesn’t need to carry as much anymore) over the past few months, with 18/6 IF & cyclical keto. I’ve yet to try OMAD, and I just don’t think I’d feel well at all on the carnivore diet. Last year while I was traveling in China, I ended up craving salads as eating raw veggies just didn’t seem to be a thing there. I still eat mostly veggies each day.

I can totally relate to the part about fitting into tighter clothes, as that was a huge win for me too, with a funny twist. My favorite jeans were being discontinued (or so I thought… they brought them back few months later) so I bought the last 3 pairs they had, but in a size considerably smaller than what I was wearing at the time. I kept them in the closet for the future, and then a few months ago my wife suggested I try them on to see if they fit yet. I was shocked to see what they did. With it being summer though, I’m wearing shorts every day, so I put the jeans back.

Fall is approaching, so I tried them on again, and now they’re getting too loose! Haha… Still wearable for sure, but I’ll need other ones by the end of this year. I hate wasting money like that, but I think I’m ok with it this time. lol.

I’m eager to see how you do with muscle building with EF ST3/4, as that’s going to be a big goal of mine going into next year.


@BLACKICE - LOL I second that. Not complaining about loose clothes here either.

I can relate to your keeping older more fitting clothes for later when you have trimmed down. I have a huge collection of shirts and t-shirts that are waiting to be tried. Will do so after a month haha.

You need to do the diets that work for you, of course. Am big on meat and eggs so I can subsist on them without anything else. Well, apart from a nice cheat meal on Sunday of course :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of guys building muscles at this time here on the forum. Am not in a hurry yet since right now am going for the lean but strong physique even though I have EF ST4 “on the menu”. Might consider bulking up in a year or two. All the best to you too!