A winter in lockdown - Dragon Reborn and Make Me Beautiful Ultima


I’ve noticed the same.


Just wanted to give a short update on my progress.

The last three weeks I’ve felt the effects of the sub after a very uneventful first week.

Been really critical of myself, having regrets about the past and being lazy in a way that I haven’t experienced before. Combined with a very hectic work period it has been a bit of a challenge. Nothing that I couldn’t handle but defiantly a noticeable difference in my mood and activity level.

The last few days have been much better, and I’m getting back to my old self and I’m feeling that stage 1 has done something great for me without me being able to pinpoint exactly what it is. Been experimenting a bit with the loops, but it seems as if two loops in the beginning of the night (while sleeping), one loop around 10 AM and one loop around 5 PM give me the best results.

I planned to stay on each stage for 4 weeks, so I should jump to stage 2 tomorrow.

However, since it seems as if the world will go back to normal soon, I’ve considered following up and a plan that I had a year ago - to study for the GMAT in order to get into a top MBA program (I currently work as a corporate lawyer). If I decide to go that route, I guess I should switch to QL + BLU ASAP, since I would need to have a great GMAT score + applications ready for March/April. So right now, I’m a bit in doubt about what to do next.


How’s stage 2 going?


Thanks for asking.

After being very tempted to jump to QL, I realized that this was just a mind trick in order to get me out of DR (maybe a sneaky form of reconciliation?).

After thinking it through I decided that my original analyzes was correct. This might be the last time in a foreseeable that I have the time to take a healing journey, so I might as well get the most out of it even if it isn’t super fun or flashy.

As a consequence, I decided to spend a bit more time on DR ST1 to really get the most out of it. It’s been hitting me harder the last few days (still manageable), so I’m very happy that I decided to stay on DR ST1 for some time.

What I find interesting is that I’m experiencing feelings that I never experience (eg. sadness/melancholy - I can get frustrated but I usually never get sad), so I think this is a good sign.


An emotional awakening?


Not unlikely - something is definitely happening. I don’t feel like I’m the person who has been suppressing a lot of feelings and emotions (I guess everybody does to some extend), but I’ve never really very rarely feel anything very deeply.


As you could see in my other post, I ordered a nam-embedded custom Q - I’ll be doing this for each stage of DR (likely with no additional modules) and then see if this is the right way going forward.

So I’m excited to see what difference it makes


Me too!:grin:


Yup! Most likely a form of reconciliation for sure! This happens to me often and sometimes I have given in, I’m trying to realise all the forms that this can happen.

Your journey seems to be going well. Keep going.

This sounds like a good plan in my eyes honestly. Good idea.

We are excited for you!


Thank you!

I will try to update it a bit more this journal a bit more frequently, since somebody is actually reading it :smiley:


People always read just sometimes they don’t reply, but it is what it is.
I’ve been reading your journal tho.

Apologies for not replying to the last message I sent, I’ve just seen it but thank you for updating! Your journey is interesting.


Short update:

DR ST1 has mainly made me feel a bit sad and melancholic. It was my birthday yesterday, and I was able to give myself a pad on the back and be happy about what I’ve done and achieved in the last year. Today I’m feeling very optimistic - I guess that these mood swings are just a part of the journey.

Until today I’ve been working 60-80 hours a week while on ST 1. However, almost all work has been finished and there are no major projects waiting in the next couple of weeks. Lockdown still limits my opportunity to do a lot of things outside my home, so it will be interesting to see if having more time for myself will change anything in relation to my experience on DR.

I’ve decided to go through some of the larger journals on the forum. I’ve been through almost half of @pacman’s journal, and I was very impressed with how much he got out of playing relatively few loops.

I’ve experimented a bit and believed that my sweet spot was 5-6 loops each day, but I might try to scale back when I receive the name-embedded custom to see what happens.

With a healing sub I think it is difficult to measure the short-term results, and a lot of internal changes has definitely happened with my current listening pattern, so I’m not unsatisfied with my progress in any way.


You dont need too many loops as the more loops may cause reconcilliation and require lots of energy to process yet alone execute.
After you get used to a script you can increase loops.

Very hard to notice effects from a healing sub for me as well. But as soon as you go onto an Alpha sub you will see the difference almost immediately. That happened to me when i tested Stage 2 Khan.


Makes a lot of sense.

Did 30 days of Khan ST 1 before jumping to DR. Did 6 loops in a row at night (this was pretty much the instruction from the former sub provider that I used)

It wasn’t like nothing happened, but I’ve found on DR that playing my loops throughout the day with a few hours break in between gives the sub more room to breathe. Will probably be even better if I scale down on the number of loops.


This probably explains why I can use a bunch of loops now for the stack I’m on without too much crash since I allowed myself time to get used to the scripts.

I’m definitely wondering what DR is doing in the background, I felt this way on Khan too. I do feel like DR is allowing myself to be more authentic and is possibly healing my body physically but other than that not much to report.

This I agree with, it’s like it does what Khan can do with Stage 1 and more and then allows you to execute the script of the stacked subs further.


I’m currently running my subs one after the after and have always ran them pretty much that way. Hmmm, maybe a break between would help but no idea, I like to get things out of the way.


Quick update:

A few years ago, I had what can be described as an energy cultivating routine mainly consisting of some Taoist practices. My line of career and my current groups of friends don’t promote anything spiritual, so slowly but surely, I stopped it.

For some reason I got a strong intuition to start picking some of these practices up again, and even tough it is early, it seems as if it enables med to process the subs better.

Furthermore, I received my name-embedded version of ST1 a few days ago. This also seems to be much smoother. I’ll probably only end up running ST1 for a week or ten days more, but I believe that ST 1 is something I’ll return to once in a while, so I think it is worth the investment.

The energy practices and the name-embedding (+ no-fap and Wim Hof) have made the last few days really enjoyable, but I know that ST1 is a roller coaster ride, so I’m absolutely fine with the fact that I might feel like shit tomorrow.

I’ve had some time to read around on the forum, and I’m so impressed with the results that people get and the overall atmosphere on the forum.


Another brief update:

I moved to ST 2 around 10 days ago.

After doing 30-45 of Khan ST 1 first and then 45 days of DR ST 1, I feel as if something has permanently changed in me. It is difficult exactly to pinpoint what it is, but my best attempt to describe it is that my baseline state has improved.

Halfway through ST 1 I decided to order ST 1 and 2 via the Q store in order to get it name-embedded, which has helped with reconciliation. Furthermore, it seems as if ST 2 is much easier to run than ST 1.

My only issue is that I find it very difficult to sleep at the moment I added the Deep Sleep module to ST 2 (nothing else added), but so far it hasn’t helped a lot. Maybe my mind has some resistance towards it since I’ve been a light sleeper for all of my life. So, I guess it takes some time for the module to kick in.

I only planned to do ST 1 and 2 of DR and then move back to Khan, since I anticipated that lockdown would end in February/March - things seem to be going in the wrong direction, so I’m considering what to do in the next couple of months if lockdown is extended. I Could stay on DR and do ST 3 and 4, go back to Khan and be on ST 2 of Khan for a really long time or I could do QL which is a sub I’ve had my eyes on since I joined Subclub.

I’m leaning towards staying on DR and see if we get a new romance/social/status sub in the coming months or an update of eg. Khan.