Alchemist Q Stack


Day 25 of Alchemist Q ST1. Added in StarkQ and Regeneration in the mix.

Had yet another dream about my high-school friends last night. We were in a lecture theatre listening to a famous speaker making a speech. Was told to go sit in the front row if we wanted to ask questions so I went to have a sit in the front row.

The lecture theatre looked more like a movie theatre actually and the leather seats as well as the walls were reddish.

Anyway for today, my interest in User Interface Design has been rekindled and I am looking to see how I could hone my expertise in this area to create a successful business.

Business for my medical equipment has been slow - need to speed up.

Something crossed my mind today. For a moment I saw myself as the founder of a successful UX design agency. I asked myself if it was possible, and my inner voice replied with “yes, why not? What’s stopping you?”.

I had always thought of myself as at the most a provider of freelance design services but to actually start my own design consulting business never came across my mind until today.

But first things first.


Had a sleepless night and only managed to get to sleep towards 5-6 am.

I guess I should reduce the number of loops for Q-subliminals.

Anyway, my dream last night was more related to my work/career.

I dreamt about being asked to work on a project that had I had been doing regularly in one of my old jobs. It seemed that I was somewhat jobless in the dream and the work would take up my time for a week, even though I wouldn’t be compensated fairly.

Another worry in the dream was about myself not sending an important work email properly. I think I left out the recipients of the email when I sent the email. (Of course one can’t send an email without specifying recipients, but that was the way it was in the dream).

Finally, in my drowsy state, I had picked up my phone and saw that an ex-colleague I had not heard from for a while had liked my Linkedin post. A lot of memories then came up about an incident in my past company where I didn’t perform up to expectations and yet showed stress and other signs of weakness upon being spoken to.


Day 27.

Today my stack will be Regeneration x 1, StarkQ x 1 and Alchemist x 1.

Will look at the results and may just take out Regeneration tomorrow.

Dream last night again was about some friends I knew from school , some of whom I had not kept in contact with. This one involved an expression of the tension in some of these relationships and was somewhat reflective in real life. One of my friends, J, was outside doing some groceries at a outdoor location when Z, a mutual friend whom both of us had not heard from for a long-time appeared and tried to say hello to J. However, J ignored him and later scolded him for something. I could sense a couple of other classmates getting excited about knowing J was still around.


Day 29.

Time passes fast.

In a few days time, I would be able to say that Alchemist ST1 would be the first stage of a multi-stage subliminal that I have played for 30 days straight (didn’t continue with Khan, EOG, QL for 30 days straight).

I will continue to playing ST1 for a couple of days more before going on to ST2 of Alchemist.

My thoughts about Alchemist ST1 so far:

  • COVID-19 has in a way reduced the pressure of religious extremism on me as I have come to validate my ideas that all religious groups are just human organizations where members want to conflict/compete/collaborate with others in order to preserve their own interests. In the case of religion, these interests are based on a certain set of beliefs.

  • My thoughts about reality have become more and more simple, and that I have come closer to understanding myself as my own Creator rather than as a subject of some external God.

  • I’m actually doing a rethink of how I should set my goals. If everything has already been created, and I can experience everything I want just by changing my awareness and mindset, then how should I set solid goals instead of just working towards affirming what I am experiencing?


Day 30.

Today will be a subliminal-free day.

Will continue a few more days of Alchemist 1 ST1 from tomorrow then move on to ST2.

Still deciding on whether Stark Q is too powerful for this moment and may have effected the impact from Alchemist Q ST1. I feel that it is better for me to run Alchemist on its own.

Anyway, while I slept very late as usual, I had a very intense dream during my period of sleep. It probably took place in a 140 minute period between 5:35 am and 7:55 am.

In this dream, a certain hypnotherapist/healer that I know and consulted in real life appeared at the garden of my home and saw me napping. It was a surprise as I had not invited her to my home for anything. I later learnt that my brother had invited her over to cut his hair as we are not allowed to move out of the house during this lockdown period.

Later on one by one, different family members appeared and said hi to this healer, albeit surprised that she had appeared. Each of them had known her from separate occasions. Knowing that everyone in the family knew the healer very well, my father called up two helpers and told them they would have their food delivered and would eat dinner at a separate location in order to accommodate the healer within certain pre-defined size limits.

Actually, in this dream, my family members were different too. I had a bigger family with half-siblings and a different mother. My parents were different too, and my father in real life seemed to be mentally-ill and out-cast from the rest of the family.

There was a feeling of fear within me actually as I didn’t want my family to know that I had gone to visit such a person and that the healer would divulge a lot of stuff about me.

There was some part of the dream related to some firearms and somebody in a group of people holding certain types of firearms but I can’t remember the details now.

A separate part of the dream involved myself missing a coach at a station in Southern China which departed at 7 am. The ticket office staff had issued me a ticket at 6.59 am and while the coach was just 25m away from me it had left at the same time the ticket was issued. The ticket office just looked at me with blank stares and said they couldn’t help me any more. As this was during a lockdown period, traffic was also quite infrequent.

I was supposed to be on a business trip to various locations in China, dropping by different cities to visit some friends but with the coach leaving without me, I decided I had to change my plans. These plans being dropped, I decided to stay at home. There was somebody bugging me and telling me that my bosses would be calling me to ask my why I gave up on that business trip.

Finally, the most intense part of the dream was myself standing outside a train station in Japan. I was supposed to have an appointment with somebody. This part of the dream felt the most real and I can only remember that I had a very very different identity to the one I have in real life - different profile, different social network etc. Interesting, I could also feel very strongly the intense sunlight shining upon me. I couldn’t even recognise the emails in my mailbox. Anyway, the person I was waiting for didn’t show up and I went back into the train, checked my emails again and saw that the person had sent me an email telling me where she was waiting exactly. She had a very distinct name and I don’t know such a person in real life.

I was planning to check if the subliminals I run were the same when I think I woke up from the dream at this point.


Day 32.

Today is my last day of running Alchemist ST1.

I tried 2 loops of StarkQT and 1 loop of Alchemist ST1 yesterday and 2 loops of Alchemist QQ ST1 today.

I have been busy working on a project that I see as a form as of advertising for my consultancy business today.

I found myself having the energy to work on something , even though I won’t get paid for this - it’s just for advertising purposes and I after this I plan to focus on learning User Interface Design.

I aim to become a freelance user interface designer within 2 months so as to get an additional income.


Still find it hard to get rid of that inner idea that I reap what I sow, and that my present state is due to my past achievements (or my laziness).

Can I achieve my future goals with my crappy past?

A quote from the Limitless movie comes to mind. I can feel relate to this quote very much.

Carl Van Loon : That you would even think that would only show me how unprepared you are to be on your own. I mean, you do know you’re a freak? Your deductive powers are a gift from God or chance or a straight shot of sperm or whatever or whoever wrote your life-script. A gift, not earned. You do not know what I know because you have not earned those powers. You’re careless with those powers, you flaunt them, and you throw them around like a brat with his trust-fund. You haven’t had to climb up all the greasy little rungs. You haven’t been bored blind at the fundraisers. You haven’t done the time and that first marriage to the girl with the right father. You think you can leap over all in a single bound. You haven’t had to bribe or charm or threat your way to a seat at that table. You don’t know how to assess your competition because you haven’t competed. Don’t make me your competition


Today will be Day 1 of Alchemist Q Stage 2.

I plan to run this for 30 days minimum and then probably move on to ST3 in June.

I have also decided to run Ascended Mogul along with Alchemist Q Stage 2 for the next month.

I had a dream last night where I surprised to see some two teenage girls who were occupying a space at the coner of my bedroom. I argued with them that that was my bedroom , and I pointed out to them my bed and my desk and all other furniture at the other corner of the room .

However, they told me that they had been occupying that space for a very long time - they showed me their bed, other bedroom furniture as well as other personal items.

It somehow dawned on to me that these two girls were actually operating in a parallel universe and they were in one of the gazillion realities where they occupied that part of my bedroom and somehow I was able to see that reality.


I’ve been running 2 x 3 loops of Ascended Mogul Q and Alchemist ST2 today.

One thing I’ve noticed in the past few days running Q subliminals is that I get some sort of feeling that my body is vibrating when I lay down.

Vibrating, not shaking.

The feeling is very very slight and it is hard to describe it but perhaps I can say that sometimes it feels like there is some kind of energy that is brewing inside me.

I can even feel my mouth plate slightly shaking when I close my mouth and feel carefully.


Vivid dream about US dollar plunging drastically for a few minute and then Pompeo corecting it. Was aware in my dream that Pompeo wouldn’t be the right person to correct a plunge. Anyway, I dreamt about thus being reported on a online forum I often visit in real life.


My thoughts running Ascended Mogul and Alchemist ST2 today, with some loops of rebirth.

I woke up in the morning with an idea about wanting to start a web-host reseller business and went to do some research and reading about it.

I then decided to see how I could combine this business model with a website design reseller program since I might be able to involve my interests in User Interface Design.

I also thought about how I could also be better off building up an asset base for a business by learning how to secure IP rights to my UI designs so that I would not just become a freelancer.

In the end, I decided that whatever I am going to do, ownership of assets is important to me.

In the meantime, I need to think about a sales strategy for my medical equipment venture.


Nice. Nice.



(Rebirth + Limit Destroyer + Ascended Mogul + Alchemist ST 2 ) x Q x 2 today.

I am actually quite proud of myself today.

Managed to take very very small steps on many things I have procrastinated today, such as preparing the material (invoices, financial statements, expenses) for my company’s first annual returns to the authorities. I have two separate companies that I am responsible regarding this. Business activity has been light but I still have to execute my responsibilities.

I also came up with a learning and action plan for my venture into the UX/UI design . This included listing out the courses I plan to take - based on what I want to learn - in a particular order so as to optimize my learning experience.

Other actions I listed down would be to start a blog and to provide a critique of websites/apps from the design point of view in order to enhance my understanding of this domain.

I am also considering deciding to specialize and focus my UX/UI service offering to my industry, where I have gained much knowledge and a large number of contacts over the years instead of just jumping into the general market as a freelance as I would be competing with too many generalists.

Today, an ex-boss reached out to me on Linkedin after reading a free industry report I had created and posted. I’ve always been anxious interacting with him due to myself thinking that he has never been happy with my quality of work. This time, in a long time, I think I had maybe 10% of those feelings that I would normally have when he contacts me.

Anyway, we haven’t been in touch for a few years so it was good to hear from him. Maybe it is the manifestation component of Alchemist ST 2 at work since I always had thoughts of him reaching out to me running in my head.

Finally, I am also taking some steps towards improving my finances by looking at some credit options, with plans to treat additional financial credit as investment on myself as well as emergency use and not for pure consumption.


I came across this website. Makes learning complex subjects (complex to me since I don’t come from a STEM background) easy to me.

I wonder if anybody has tried it here.

Its expensive though but if it can train my mind to be sharper and let me understand concepts more, maybe I can consider purchasing it.


Was hit hard with rejection for a loan as my credit score is zero, having worked overseas for a long time and then come back to run my own business without paying myself a monthly salary for 2 years until early this year.

Looks like I have a long way to go.

I have to work extra hard to generate sales in the meantime.


Ran (Rebirth + Limit Destroyer + Ascended Mogul + Alchemist ST 2 ) x Q once today.

I thinking running a stack once should be enough.

Spent much of the day sitting through the online web design course I had purchased on Udemy.

Pace is good and I feel comfortable with the content - not too difficult for me and interesting too.

I aim to complete the web design course and start working on a portfolio before becoming a freelance web designer. With Webflow and Figma I can offer a full web design services instead of a partial web development service if I focus solely on UX/UI.

Starting to have enquiries on my medical equipment supplies again - that’s positive news.


Hope it’s a ‘one door closes, another opens’-situation.


Well it’s not the end - right now the focus is on generating more cash in such times rather than getting additional credit.


Had a dream last night where I remember trying to close the door of my room while a guy was insisting on coming in. He kept on trying to push the door open with the weight of his body while I used as much force as possible to close it. I woke up in the middle of the night to a jolt.

Didn’t listen to any subliminals yesterday and I don’t plan to listen to any subliminals today to just keep my mind free. In any case, I feel extra tired today for no reason. In fact, I slept more than last night I did the previous nights.

I have been busy with my online web design course - my motivation to complete the course has been greater and I want to aim at setting up my web agency business as a goal. A good friend of mine who owns a pet services business may become my first customer.


Somehow I am having an image about a few boxes of pastry in my fridge. I don’t know whether I dreamt of them or that somebody really bought them and put them in the fridge. In any case, I just checked my fridge and the pastry wasn’t there.