Alchemist Q Stack


Perhaps for a short while every day (let’s say for 30 mins to 1 hour), I get this surge of confidence and excitement about my future.

Right now, I am having this confidence that all those stupid rules such as travel restrictions won’t apply to me soon and while other people will keep complaining that they cannot travel to certain places or travel is too expensive, this is not going to apply to me soon.

I will be able to go where I like, live where I like and work where I like because I am worth it.


I’ve been running 1 loop of Alchemist ST2 and 1 loop of Ascended Mogul for the past few days.

Interestingly, while I am already a local director of a company owned by shareholders from a certain Nordic country, yesterday and today I received calls from 2 other businesses from the same Nordic country that want to set up a company in Singapore and probably want me to be their local director.

I don’t pay much attention to such opportunities - I have other businesses asking me to be their local sales representative - as they aren’t an immediate priority and don’t translate very much into immediate cash that I am in need of.


Dreamt about my SP’s company going bankrupt and needing a US$910 mil bailout. I was amazed in my dream at this figure is I don’t think they are a billion dollar company in real life. In my dream, I was worried about her being jobless.

I also dreamt about her being pregnant with someone else’s child.