ARCs Journey to Khan


I coudn’t stop myself from asking my Girlfriend to buy me Ql for my birthday.

So stack: Khan St2, Ql St1, PCC :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Tell us how it works out.


I’m glad Emperor is out. Don’t bring it back for your own good. :smile:


@Simon I’m still following your suggested 3:2:1 ratio for this. Is it okay?


Yesterday I read it, but with an emotional bias against myself. Today i read it again. And this has opened up a new point of view for looking at my situation.

Thank you!

But i must ask.
How are you so amazing and articulate on your analysis of every single things! It’s too good. It’s almost as if you can deciper what’s my subconscious trying to express, which the conscious in not being able to pick up. It is too good!

Just like based on

i expressed a phenomenon that was trapped inside me, but which until yesterday i was not able to express.

Thank you @Malkuth


Thats okay. Its just a swap of Limitless to Quantum Limitless.
Nothing else has changed.


I’m 46 years old and I’ve thought a lot about just a few things, so I have opinions on those things. But you know, when all of the dust settles for you on these matters you may find that you have different opinions. I may not be right. And I’m also likely to be simply unaware of some other important insights. So just take those opinions as a tool to use while you work out your own stances.

But also, thank you for the appreciation!


Stage 3 starts tomorrow.


Stage 3 Day 1.
Khan st3- 9 loops
QL st1- 6 loops
Pcc- 4 loops

Nothing special noticed today. No additional drive or anything.
Let’s move on to day 2 now.


Are you on ST3 or ST1?
How’s Elixir?


Oops corrected :see_no_evil:

just used it on one occasion so far. Was feeling anxious about something. Anxiety about that thought vanished. Even though that thing still looks, no anxiety.


Started Khan Stage 3, and Swapped Limitless with QL St1

So stack= K K Ql K PCC Ql.

Felt rather lathergic last two days. Heard the subs overnight.

Haven’t felt the K ST3 drive yet.

I think it’s probably because my stack is on the heavier side, and the effects have been slowed down with the addition of Ql St1. But That doesn’t matter! As long as i will get deep changes eventually!

As Per Description of QL St1.

_“This means extensive repairs of physical damages, rebalancing of hormones and nutrients, restoration of optimal functioning, rewiring of existing neural patterns for higher efficiency, preparation for new, even more optimized neural connections, strengthening of existing areas and creation of new connections”

I am pinning my hopes that this includes re-wiring the pathway that has been solidified by a decade of porn watching.

Days Without PMO= 2


Feeling really low.
Reason: I had huge potential grow a strong network of social connections. Due to my own foolishness, I have 0.


Removed QL from my stack.
Let’s see the sole effect of the business end of khan!

So stack: k k k pcc

1 Loop of ql, only during studies.


On ST3? You’ll feel horny all day!


I was hoping QL ST1 would help in the re wiring. But I guess I’ll pause QL for niw.

I think K QL PCc becomes too strong a stack for me. I have not felt any Kst3 drive in the last 4 days. So I have decided to Drop QL for now.


Todays Re- Realisation

It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon.

I set my mind straight on this from time to time, but i get distracted mid way and go on jumbling subs in my stack.

However, before i would complain after such an episode, questioning the effectiveness of the sub in my case specially.

Today, I realise it is my fault! I realise i’ve been self sabotaging mecharc with stacking up too much. no one else is at fault.

I am sorry @mecharc! I am setting my focus into the marathon once again. I hope i won’t switch my focus back to the sprint again.


Might be good to take this out of the subjective realm a bit, and create some more objective structures that help you to proceed in line with your vision.

Could be something as simple as a notebook or Excel file in which you map out your intended listening schedule by days and weeks. Each day when you follow your plan you draw a line through the day ( or highlight it if you’re in Excel). After every two weeks of following your plan, you celebrate in some way to positively reinforce sticking to it.

This strategy involves making the process as automatic as possible and not dependent on your changing moods from day to day (we know they’re going to change. That’s what moods do.)

Once the automatic procedure is up and running, STOP FOCUSING ON IT. Shift your attention to other things, because this part is working fine. When you find your attention going back to it, you can laugh, because you know that’s just your mind up to its old tricks again. However you react though, it doesn’t really matter because the system you set up is still working just fine.

There are certain parts of our minds (the experiential parts) that have a tough time imagining time, or even large numbers. Intellectually, we know what a month or a year is; Experientially? 10 minutes is kind of stretching things. That gap between intellectual and experiential imagination is one reason we make plans that don’t work.

We can use tools and tricks to help our experiential mind to accommodate more. If you’re going to do something for thirty days, get a blank piece of paper and, with attention, write down the numbers 1 through 30. Simple, I know; but that’s kind of the point. You tell your experiential mind, ‘okay, each one of those numbers is one day. Let’s go.’


Wow! That’s some great advice. I will try it out. Thank you!


St3 Day 7.

Stack: K K K Pcc

Last 6 days had seen nothing from KSt3. Was getting frustrated. Today i was almost about to rant regarding this. Later i realised that i wasn’t taking any action.

Today had an interesting experience. Got invited to a dinner invitation where there were alot of kids (8 years to 18 years). Usually i would not go there. But today i decided to go there, keeping in mind that i will not use any of my previously learnt high status appearing tricks etc, and see what happens naturally.

So, the dinner party consisted of 3 groups.

  1. the elder women (the mothers)

  2. the elder men (the fathers)

  3. the kids

me falling in the middle of the two extremes sat with the kids.
so let me tell you this, these kids are the young Alphas of their classess, the rowdy above the law bunch. Last time I met them (ones in the higher age range) was about 2 to 3 years ago. That time none of them even looked at me.

However, today i noticed that all of them were surrounding me, being interested in me, trying to sit beside me, taking my approval.

So, i was wondering, if i am just overthinking things.

or do kids have a sense/intuition towards natural higher status?