ARCs Journey to Khan


Please don’t do that to yourself (it’s placebo/coincidence etc). You saw what you saw and so did the kids. Why question it?


Thank you for making me aware of

Btw. Are you referring this to my overthinking?


Yes! You had a wonderful moment where other people saw you as a “king” at the round table. Enjoy it!


I initially thought of not following up on this due to embarrassment and fear of further heat from my subclub family. But then, the 60% Khan in me spoke to me.

With Khan, upto Day 9 of stage 3, I have had massive change in my confidence. But now I believe, I am in greater need to become more focused, productive and fast thinking to pass my upcoming qualifications (not related to business) fast asap. I also need some immediate earning, from my country of study.

So I have decided to pause Khan for the moment and start QL.
Because I think I have seen massive Improvement in my assertiveness and Confidence, which is reasonable for now.

Now, I want to solidify my thinking capabilities with QL.

I might stack it with Mogul or Ascended Mogul.

I know I have been guilty of swapping subs. But this is being done with a goal on mind.


You will not get any heat, when you change the stack because you have new goals to work on, or new environments to deal with.

Problems only arise when:

  • Your goals are the same, and your stack is good for it; BUT
  • Instead of taking goal-related actions, you’re fiddling with the playlist - expecting passive change; AND
  • You’re asking members here to show approval for it.

Ain’t happening bro. :smile:

I do have 3 questions:

  1. Would you have made this change if QL didn’t exist? Would you stop K3 for Limitless v2?

  2. As an economics student, do you realize the trade-off you’re making?
    You won’t have problems with not getting social results, lowered confidence, etc.?
    You won’t make posts about it!


  1. If you have the time to create “some immediate earning”, I assume the “qualifications” study is not super-urgent; and you know QL doesn’t have to be used full-time, why then stop the Khan Journey altogether?
    BTW, you could switch to K4 for full Lv2 usage, like @friday did when preparing for his exams.

No hurries. Think well before answering.
Put those “thinking capabilities with QL” to use. :wink:

  1. I feel like Ql would help increase brain capacity. Which i want to do before continuing any other Sub.
  1. From Khan I have developed intense assertiveness (compared to 3 months ago), which i noticed especially after coming back home and starting to work for my family business. I don’t get pissed of at people if things don’t go my way, but handle it with charm.
    I would say K 1 and K 2 has dissolved and rebuilt much of the necessarry.
    Now that i have expercienced it, lets see if it persists with khan off my stack. I wasn’t having much social success with Khan on anyway.
  1. The purpose of Ql is to develop my mind. like I have shared before, i find it difficult to find the way myself many times, this is the biggest limitation i have. I belive that Ql can hep me in this regard. Improving my brain can help me in any area of life.
    I will probably Do 3:1
    QL: M/AM (because i will not take money from parents anymore for the remainder of my studies, the immediate earning is necessity over choice, that is to be done alongside my degree and qulification)


I have gotten invitation to a new years BBQ party. Party is in an hour, but I have no courage to go.


If you want to go, play True Social in the background.
2-4 runs, and you might feel renewed.


Thank you for the advice.


@Simon is QL AM PCC too heavy?


Naah. Your brain is probably experiencing a gear-shift from the previous stack/goals to this one. Completely different energies.

Read your goals everyday, and journal your thoughts in a diary.
Get busy with Action. Avoid getting stuck in rumination.

Happy New Year. :slight_smile:


Happy New Year Brother! I appreciate your tough love.


Ignore this thread


Ql St1 Day 9, and K ST3 Day 3.

I feel greater inner confidence .
I feel like I have more respect from employees than ever before.
I also call out bullshit. ( Before I wouldn’t take the effort to beat the discomfort to call it out. But now I don’t feel discomfort)
I don’t feel shy contacting bugging my suppliers to get the job done.

But I have not taken any social action.

I’ve been back home 40 days now, and I have not met up with a single school friend.

I’m gonna leave for abroad again next week.

I know I have not taken any social action. But I just don’t know where to start, or I just don’t have the confidence yet to go Infront of the specific people.

I’m under the mindset that
“I’ll be Social when I come back for good at the end of 2020. I’ll be an upgraded man with a year of subliminal programming”



Is it effective to listen to Beyond Limitless and The commander Back to Back?


The Commander and True Social Back To Back?


Experiment and let us know. :wink:


On the 3rd Day of Listening to Commander, I felt deep fear and anxiety while visualising. It felt so bad I had to completely stop.


This touched a core in me @mecharc. I’ve commented on your writings once, and I’ll share my own thoughts on this.

Like you, I’ve:

  • had little to no confidence
    tons of self doubt
    fears of others disapproving with my choices
    and a whole list of things which I often hide from myself

When I got back here at SC (pre-Christmas), I saw so many new subliminal toys, and the sales copy is written to encourage me experimenting with this one, that one, any one, etc. I looked at PCC, EOG, and I even fantasized about New Beginnings due to its life-changing effects on Saint.

I quickly got fearful and frustrated. When I listened to that inner discontent, I realized I was trying to be anyone but myself.

I comment since I’m seeing a pattern in you which looks like me. I considered picking up Commander, thinking “I’d be accepted more if I was more decisive, more commanding”. I’ve not been fully accepting myself, and I have looked outside myself for validation, which has been a frequent habit. I still seek it, but New Beginnings in Emp4 is doing some internal changes in me. And they’re coming regularly.

For example, reading over @Michel’s switch from Kahn to Ascension made me think “How could I try to lead others when I’m not fully leading myself?” Being self-directed is building slowly on Emperor, and being honest, I felt like I was grieving some loss of myself yesterday. That’s the only explanation which makes sense to me, as I felt like me asserting myself pointed right at this vulnerability. I knew something was being pushed out of me, and I felt sad in deep parts of myself.

I saw you used the words “fear and anxiety” in your post, and I connected with your writing.
I’ve noticed these emotions run heavily when I’ve tried to move too fast through major life changes, and SC subliminals can encourage rapid transformation.

Who is Mecharc?
Are you being true to yourself?
Are you at peace with who you think you are?

I put these here for you to sit on, if I’m seeing you correctly. I share my doubt since I’ve found my reconciliation is always all about ME, and not others. If I spot it, I got it, and I’ve had this one bigtime in my own life.

If I’m wrong, I’d like to know. This may just be my own reconciliation.


@subliminalguy it’s amazing how articulate you are in expressing the insights.

I cannot disagree with anything that you gave said, as in, I can relate to the essence. However, the depth of realization you have experienced, such understanding has not come to me yet.


Day 12 QL ST1 Day 12 K ST3

Positive: my girlfriend has been more attracted to me.

Rant: I tried taking social action. I’m still awkward in social settings.

It’s funny how, in the corporate settings I feel changed. However, in social settings I still feel like a loser.

Haven’t felt the QL Genius traits yet.