ARCs Journey to Khan



Posing these to myself, intimidate me, because I makes me feel clueless.
Which definitely means a weak area

How did you tackle these questions?


For me, making that admission that I had no clue was and is one of the most intimidating things I ever did. And that is the foundation of your desire to change. Being honest with oneself is sometimes infinitely harder than being honest with others. Facing this fear repeatedly grows you in those inner areas we tend to hide from.

For example, while writing I knew why I do it myself: all my life I’ve relied on others to state or give me my value. Being honest throws fears in like “won’t they reject me?” It’s a fear of abandonment, which is common for “nice guys” like myself.

So, being honest (which is scary here even) I’m using Emperor as an inner motivator, and I’m using truths I’m finding here on the forum to make new choices. @Malkuth (I believe) said when those reconciliation fears rise, one of the best things we can do is to take action.

Me, I’m an introvert, and when scared, I usually just want to hide. However, Emp4 is challenging me every day, questioning and sometimes yanking at old emotional lies I’ve held to. Yesterday I knew I wanted to go do laundry and shopping after work instead of procrastinating. And I went and made good choices all along the way: holding doors for people, starting positive conversations, even not ogling a very attractive mom since her young son (12ish) seemed to be watching out for her. In fact, I think he noticed, as he politely opened the door for me when I was leaving. I complimented him, as his sense of honor was evident.

So, I tackle those very questions one day at a time, one situation at a time, like I did yesterday. I felt bigger and stronger internally during and after this despite some old, stubborn fear I was trying to hang on to.

Note: when I first began doing this 3 years back or so, it was much harder to tackle these questions, as I constantly generalized, thinking “this successful choice must apply to ALL situations like this in the future!” That was complete overkill, creating untold fears and feelings of failure.

I take it one moment at a time now. Those little successes mean the world to me.


Starting Back the Khan Journey!

Khan Q St1: Day 14
Emperror Fitness Q St1: Day 69
Quantum Limiteless Q St4: Permanently in my stack activated as and when required

Major Programs
Mogul Q: Day 2
Power Can Corrupt.

Super Chargers
True Social

Beyond Limitless
Limit Destroyer

Stacking Module
Limit Destroyer

So the plan is to have a overnight stack which will focus on
Khan and Emperror fitness

And a day stack whcih will focus on
Mogul and Limit Destroyer


That’s a pretty ambitious stack, @mecharc. Am guessing you already ran Khan ST1 to ST4 before?



Yepp have been running these for a few days now… I don’t run all of em everyday, but i do stack rotation among these


I have gotten back my focus to start studying again.


Quite the longstanding journal!


Resurrected Journal to be more precise :stuck_out_tongue:


Lets Check my progress after 365 days of my subclub journey is complete
I’ll be rating on a scale of -10 to +10.

  • 10 being extent of positive change -10 being extent of negative change 0 being no change
  1. Self Sabotage : 2
  2. Insecurity : 4
  3. Self Doubt : 6
  4. Fear : 1
  5. Confidence : 6
  6. Status : 8
  7. Self Esteem :
  8. Social Power:
  9. Dominance :
  10. Respect :
  11. Wealth:
  12. Courage:
  13. Strength
  14. Productivity
  15. Attitude


25th September 2020

Quantum Limitless St4

Khan Q St1: Day 17
Emperor Fitness Q St2 Day 1

Mogul: Day 5
Power Can Corrupt: Day 1

I feel like doing a run through of QL again, and also laying light with mogul


26th September 2020

Khan Q St1: Day 18
QL Q St1: Day 2
PCC : Day 2
EF St2: Day 2

Mogul. :. Day 6 no loops


Hey did you try khan st4 with quantum limitless st4 yet?


Hey man! I did try it for a day or two before an exam.

My Focus and motivation to finish my work was drugged to a million


26th September

Adding the following to my regular arsenal

True Social Ultima
The Commander Ultima
Libertine Ultima
God Like Masculinity Ultima
Beyond Limitless Ultima
Emperor Fitness Ultima
Executive Ultima


27th Semtember

Khan Q St1: Day 19 OFF DAY
QLQ ST1 : Day 3
PCC : Day 3
EFST2: Day 3
Mogul: Day 7 OFF Day

Last night i did a set and forget playing Emperor Fitness St2, PCC and QLQ1 simultaneously with 60 min breaks in between.

Felt a bit drowsy in the morning, but nothing that will stop me from repeating this tonight maybe i will also add in Khan Stage 1 too.


28th September

Khan Q St1 : Day 20
QLQ ST1 : Day 4
PCC : Day 4
EFST2 : Day 4
Mogul : Day 8 OFF

Todays Overloaded Playlist is Set Like THe Follwoing.

I am playing 4 VLC play lists at the same time

Playlist 1:

  • QL St1
  • 60 min Silence
  • QlSt1
  • 60 min Silence
  • Ql St1
  • 60 min Silence
  • Ql St1
  • 60 Min Silence
  • Ql St1

Playlist 2

  • 60 Min sil
  • 60 min sil
  • K 1
  • 60 min
  • K1
  • 60 min
  • K1
  • 60 min
  • K1

Playlist 3

  • 60
  • 60
  • 60
  • 60
  • EF 2
  • 60
  • EF 2
  • 60
  • EF 2

Playlist 4

  • 60
  • 60
  • 60
  • 60
  • 60
  • 60
  • PCC
  • 60
  • PCC

Hit the play button on all the play lists simultaneously


Apart from feelng a little drowsy in the morning, i feel fine.
However, reading saint’s numerous warning against play multiple tracks simultaneously, I should consider stopping fooling around before it gets me real bad.

I am really Looking forward to the updated Stack rotation suggestion.

Until Then I will try my own judgement on stack rotation.


Khan St1: Day 22
QLQ St1: DAY 7
PCC Day: 7
EF ST2 Day: 7
Mogul: Day 11 OFF

Reconciliation hitting me today.
Feeling pretty stuck with Life.


I am asking for Too many khings at the same time.

Do i really need everything in my stack right now??

what are my urgent goals?
make money / Become an Unstoppable mother fucker who doesn’t give a shit / Stay Healthy/

Khan / Mogul / Emperor Fitness


@mecharc - hmm. My intuition tells me that something lighter would be better for you. Not something too light like Ascensded Mogul + Spartan since you are pretty ambitious. Maybe something like Emperor + Emperor Fitness would be more fitting. It would cover Alphaness + Wealth + Productivity + Fitness. What do you think?