ARCs Journey to Khan


Wow honestly ,this didn’t even occur in my mind. thank you!

My only question with this stack is that wouldn’t it make me like a loner? since i would start off in the corporate sector soon, isn’t there a potential for emperor to backfire on me in terms of building relationships?


Emperor in Q is very versatile, aside from growing pains and recon. the actual effects won’t take away anything from your social capacity, it will enhance it, the only thing to look out for is not wanting to waste time or deal with time wasters. But with your ambitions that would be better for you anyway.


Can you please elaborate on this a bit?


@mecharc - what @Azriel said. Even though I haven’t used Emperor yet, the latest version of Emperor can handle social interactions that are good for you and your goals.


@mecharc - oh by the way:

(The) Executive + Emperor + Emperor Fitness

E Cubed… Best :ok_hand:


OOOOO lala!!

will you believe if i say this, that the feeling i was considering as reconciliation a while ago

is disappearing after you and @Azriel blessed me with your suggestions


@mecharc - glad it helped, mate.


That’s gonna be the name of my next startup


I was gonna call Exec, Emperor, and Emperor: HOM Ecubed but looks like you beat me to it :blush:

I think this streamlined, smaller stack, will provide more clear results you’ll be happier with

Growing pains and reconciliation. Reconciliation on any sub could affect your social ability, growing pains meaning you may get angry, or be frustrated with certain things that you let slide before… the friction of your new more dominate self will be in the middle of whatever life you’ve set up, so that will have whatever effect it has.


On one loop of Emperor and Emperor Fitness during sleep,

I had a dream:

I was invited to a posh party, and there, This girl was attracted to me. She smiled at me and I opened her without hesitation.


Ok so I re ran khan stage 1 for about 21 days with a purpose this time.

Everytime I have to take action that will take me out of my comfort zone, I freeze with anxiety. This anxiety encourages me to procrastinate and push back taking action.

Such an event is coming up tomorrow where I have to take action out if my comfort zone, an event I volunteered into myself days ago, and tomorrow I gotta do something which was unplanned. Previously, by now I would have been filled with anxiety on thoughts of tomorrow’s unplanned event. The fear of which would opt me out to take action in the first place.

But this time I am feeling like a boss !

I guess that useless anxiety in me has been broken down.

I think volunteering for the event myself was already as a positive result of the breakdown but couldn’t pinpoint it back rhen as a result. But this absence of anxiety in the back of an unplanned event is prominent, and thinking back to the past months, both this things have happened as a result of having previous negative programming finally broken down!



E^3 is working!!! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


E^3 is gonna be me moving forward.

The phenomena i referred to above was likely the 21 days of khan stage 1.

@raphael bro need your opinion.

What do you think of Building up to Emperor from Mogul to Ascended Mogul to Emperor in one month Intervals?


@mecharc - ah my bad. I guess I read about you running Emperor and Emperor Fitness but didn’t remember you mentioning Khan ST1 in the post.

But yeah to your question, you could do Mogul -> Ascended Mogul -> Emperor (one month each). But since you are running Total Breakdown right now, the other option is Khan ST1 -> Emperor.

But do pick a plan and stick with it. It will do you wonders.

I think I got over my “shiny sub syndrome” just recently. And am able to stick with my current stack (Elixir Ultima + RegenerationQ) after a long time of jumping here and there. I would recommend that you do the same, bro. Pick a plan and stick with it come hell or new subliminal lol.

Yes. A month each of Mogul, Ascended Mogul, Emperor is a wise plan since it helps you build on each other. I even considered doing something like this but didn’t want to purchase anything new until I achieved some goals. My advice is that if you pick this plan, go strong :muscle:


And oh yeah, one more thing. This is the secret sauce for running subs:

1 Ultima + 1 Subliminal (at a time). Especially for us “beginners”. And am using the word beginners quote loosely :grin:

Raphael's Elixir Ultima + RegenerationQ Journal

Okay I am done Experiementing!

I’ve only been playing

Emperor Fitness, Mogul and limitless the last couple of days.


i am taking some steps out of my comfort zone to generate a source of income.

Still pretty early for anything xoncrete. But yea. taking a step in the direction


Overnight Playlist:

Limit Destroyer

Looped 3 Times

During The Day at Work I play Limitless Set and Forget



After easing up my stack I have noticed that I have started to enjoy accounting.


How effective is Social King / Admiral & Commander ultrasonic with a Q platform program? @SaintSovereign

Will they be overpowered by Q?