ARCs Journey to Khan


boht hard.


i didn’t get you bro


Don’t use them. Use the ultima titles instead


Listening to headphones becomes inconvenient for me.


Haven’t taken break days in 2 weeks. I can feel reconciliation hitting me hard. I’ll pause now.


Some Ideas for a Sales Custom


I think i wont rush into a custom just yet!
I’ll wait out a few days to see in what areas of my sales and accounting hybrid role i struggle with and then build accordingly.
Last time I rushed to build my custom, and now that is just lying idle.

I’ll go through my my major programs and Multistages for now.

@WhiteTiger Can you suggest the best stack ?

So basically my goal is to
*Rescue my family buisness (Increasing sales and dyversifying revenue streams)
*Also build multiple sources of income.

I’ve been running mogul since 1st oct, and since starting mogul i joined back the fam business.
today i volunteered to start looking into the sales department. I need to make the company some money and also need to make some money for myself.

@Simon Stack guru i need your help also.


Ok, why not start by adding SS to your current stack? Do you have the program?

Because SS is really great for sales and persuasion! And the program is not soo heavy so it’s easier to stack!


Yes! SS sounds good. But why not PS? isn’t that all encompassing? @WhiteTiger


Yeah, but SS is more compact because you don’t have all the “primal” masculinity stuff.


I am in line with including Sex & Seduction,
But there is something that is holding me back to letting go of the primal part
I’m not sure if primal would be any additional help or if it just sounds good and would be extra redundant volume for my brain.


Well for now I’d say “test it out”, primal wasn’t so much my priority since I don’t need that sexual expression. SS is weapon X based and skill base. You will become better at seduction (and sales and persuasion!!).


I could see the addition or removal of primal being similar to this comment on Khan. So SS would lose out on that dominance (social/persuasion). Maybe Stark would be a better balance, since Iron Throne is only a partial portion of the sub, and more adaptable to the enviroment when considering seduction (not related to masculinity/dominance).


@mecharc are you subliminal-switching once again? :joy:


Lol I can’t let go of the primal part too. It just add that extra calm confidence.


Haha you can say that again!


Okay so i have decided.

Mogul And HOM stacked.

Edit: Let’s see how this goes, will add PS / SS later


I switched to Mogul from my stark custom because I was lacking focus towards my career. After 18 days of Mogul,
I’ve become more attentive in my family business and focusing more on building up my career.

Now it’s time to step up to Ascended Mogul.

Although I’m stepping up 12 days earlier than initially planned.

Really waiting for the updated stack rotation instructions, so I can rotate between.

Quantum Limitless, PCC, AM, HOM. PS/SS.

@SaintSovereign I’m really looking forward to the updated stack rotation instructions, any hints please?


Well, My khan Journey deviated quite a bit since starting, so far that i can’t call it my Khan journey anymore. In short, I fell prey to the shiny object syndrome. Well anyway,

My Arsenal:

Major Programs

  • Ascended Mogul
  • DareDevil
  • Emperor
  • Mogul
  • Power Can Corrupt
  • Regeneration
  • Sex Mastery
  • Stark Q
  • House Of Medici
  • Sanguine

Multi Stages:

  • Ecstacy of Gold
  • Khan
  • Emperor Fitness
  • Quantum Limitless


  • Beyond Limitless
  • Godlike Masculinity
  • Libertine V1
  • Limit Destroyer
  • Sanguine
  • Stark
  • Beat Unleashed
  • Beast Within
  • The Executive
  • The Commander
  • The Elixr
  • The Legacy
  • True Social

Forever Active: Quantum Limitless

Current Interest: AM, DD, HOM, PCC


great collection. like a coin collection excepts its subliminals audio files.