ARCs Journey to Khan


There Some events I don’t feel like sharing publicly.

But bottom line is that “I’m handling confrontation Like a man.”

I have always avoided confrontation all my life. Now I embrace it.


Quantum Limitless with Beyond Limitless Ultima = increasing my cognitive abilities

Ascended Mogul= Wealth Building and Alpha Inner Power

Emperor: Houce of Medici = Negotiation, Numbers, Mathematics, Relationships, Shrewdness, Passice income through trading.

Daredevil = Persuasion, Influence

Power Can Corrupt = Corporate power

Are all very Important For me.

really looking forward to the official stack rotation suggestions.

Until then, i am just rotating it according to my intuition.


Note to myself: Avoid Stark Ultima at all cost

The sexual energy built up isn’t good for me


I have been off of my selection of wealth subs for the last 3 days ie. AM and E: HOM.

Been Listening to only


Some severe reconciliation hitting me. I’m feeling so hopeless. Ugh


When it comes to real life issues, I’m still pretty weak.


Your point being?


Exactly how dare you @SubliminalUser jokingly dropping T-bombs on the noble MC ARC’s journal :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. your T-bombs wont be tolerated here


Have you tried a schedule like this?

Set A - MWF
2 major subs, x2
1 Ultima x1

Set B - THS
2 major subs x2
1 Ultima

Sunday RD


Nooo! haven’t tried simething like this yet.

Sounds very interesting!!!

I will definitely give it a shot!

Thank you!


What happenend brother ?


@SubliminalUser attacked me, I’m sure jokingly. @Rapsta being my sub bro is just looking out for me.


Funny part is… I’m not even complaining about my results :joy:


Tomorrow I have my first job interview in life.

Executive Ultima/ Beyond Limitless Ultima/ Commander Ultima?



Its only upside from here IMO.
You acknowledge that you are responsible for your results and you’r also ok with the results, leaving room for glory and less mistakes in the future.


True Social Ultima / Libertine Ultima ? :man_shrugging:t2:

People get hired because they’re liked by, or are attractive to, the interviewers (read: Rapport), and have sufficient capability to do justice to the job.

I’m pretty sure that in the coming months these two will be responsible for many interview successes, followed by BLU for the very technical fields. :smile:

Which Ultima you should choose depends on the type of position you’re interviewing for, and what vibe you want those people to experience in your presence.

Not sure if Executive has a vibe/aura, while Commander may be too intimidating for a junior position.
Use them after you’re in, not to get in. :wink:

Disclaimer: I’ve only ever been on the interviewer side of the table, never searched for a job. So take what I say with a spoon of salt. :sweat_smile:


If you’re running all of these, I don’t think you need an additional recommendation. You’ll do fine. :+1:t2:


A spoon of salt is a whole lot, haha! :slight_smile:


Something like this? :slight_smile:


Emp HoM x1
AM x1
DD x1
Emp HoM x1
AM x1
DD x1


QL ST4 x1
PCC x1
BLU x1
QL ST4 x1
PCC x1
BLU x1

Sunday = Restday


This looks beyond brilliant!!! I really can’t wait to report on this!!