ARCs Journey to Khan


This makes sense

This makes sense! Thank you


I guess I’ll only run AM and DD tonight. And then TSU and LU or BLU tomorrow


How did it go?


Last night played a loop of AM and then DD on repeat.
Today morning played a few loops of BL and TS.

In the interview I was cool as an ice, smooth as butter.
Although, I was talking a bit too much bullshit for answers I didn’t know. At others times for some yes/no questions I wasn’t just answering to the point, I kept talking and talking.

But then, one interviewer told me that he liked my confidence.

They have called me for a second round of interview tomorrow.

Bottom line is: I don’t really wanna work there, but it’s a new experience. Plus some action taking on a social sub.strong text


Hahaha. Classic True Social. :smile: :+1:t2:


thing are looking on the up and up @mecharc, its a source of income so give it a try for awhile and see, can also use the social sub on work, might bring more connection for other high paying job


OKay! so When Ultima gets into the Q Store, I wanna build a Custom Ultima.
I will make combinations of the following modules.

Debt Annihilator

Deep Sleep

Dragon Tongue

Direct Influencing Aura

Financial Success Reality Shifter


I.Q. and Cognitive Booster

Instant Business Tactician

Instant Seducing Tactician

Leader of Men




Natural Winner


Productivity Unleashed



Submodel Alpha




Ultimate Writer



straight up creamsicle


Of course, Simon …was born a boss :slight_smile:


Apologies for the piss poor editing


GUYS PCC and DD make me feel like a boss on different level.
So non chalant, relaxed and smooth

@Simon @Rapsta @Azriel @NinjaFox


The edit is perfect. It’s a funny caricature after all. :smile:

Yet, when I first saw it, I didn’t recognise Mr. Cowell there. I thought it was Cardone. :innocent: :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s that ENTP-Stark-Dicaprio thing. :sunglasses:
Jobs, gigs, partnerships are offered to me. If I were asking for them, it would just look wrong. It won’t work.


The Capitalist King

Or Monday & Tues set A
rest Wednesday
Thursday & Friday Set B
rest weekend


lol-that’s an ideal strategy if you have it going for you.
what has been your favorite job/work/partnership you’ve done so far?


Yesterday night I played 2 loops of QL1 before going to sleep and set and forget of HOM.

This is the first time in my life, I had a dream about my family business or any business related dream.


What sub does one need to run to achieve that?

The Capitalist King

A sub capable of changing the order of your cognitive functions and turning you into your “desired” personality type.

Jokes aside, I think simon’s emphasis was more on human nature(Personality) than on human nurture(Outside influence:Subs,strategies)

The Capitalist King

Hey guys I love you all… But this journal has already drifted from Arcs Journey to khan, and I feel like it’s drifting away from Arc. @Simon @Rapsta @King @Azriel


Sorry bro, how’s the stack going and job search?


30th October Program Counter

Multi Stages

Quantum Limitless QStage 1 = 30 Days = 2 Loops today
Emperor FItness Q Stage 2 = 20 Days (Paused)
Khan Q Stage 1 = 22 Dyas (Paused)

Major Program

Empeoro: House of Medici = 17 Days
Ascended Mogul Q = 7 Days
Dare Devil = 3 Days = 1 loop today
Power Can Corrupt = 3 Days


Beyond Limitless Ultima
Commander Ultima = 1 Loop today
Libertine Ultima = Half a loop before my date
Beas Unleashed Ultima
True Social Ultima
Sanguine Ultima
Elixr Ultima