ARCs Journey to Khan


29th October Update:

Playlist: Power can corrupt and Daredevil

Had the second day of my first intervie in life.
I was calm all throughout. Had no moment during the interview where I felt anxious

30th October Update:

Had a date today. It was okay.
I was my boring self as usual.
Thought I’d be a bit more extra with half a loop of libertine.
There were moments though where I did hold my ground.

I have started taking action towards investing in the stock market.
ie. I have my first investmenet in my portfolio.
I opened this account a year ago, but I never did any trading.


31st October Program counter
As of today I will also keep track of the toal loops of a tile listened to.

Program = Days since Started = Loops Palyed Today = Total loops starting count from 30th OCT

Multi Stages

Quantum Limitless QStage 1 = 31 = 3 = 5

Emperor FItness Q Stage 2 = 21 = 0 = 0 Paused
Khan Q Stage 1 = 22 = 0 = 0 Paused

Major Program

Empeor: House of Medici = 18 = 3 = 3
Ascended Mogul Q = 8 = 0 = 2
Dare Devil = 4 = 0 = 2
Power Can Corrupt = 4 = 0 = 2


Beyond Limitless Ultima = 2 = 3
Commander Ultima =
Libertine Ultima =
Beast Unleashed Ultima
True Social Ultima
Sanguine Ultima
Elixr Ultima
Limit Destroyer Ultima
Godlike Masculinity Ultima = 2 = 2


I had a confrontation with my girl. She gave some flawed logic. Usually I would get pissed off and start screaming, but I was calm, remained chilled and shut her down, and made her agree that she was wrong


1st NOV Program counter

Quantum Limitless QStage 1 = 32 = 3 LOOPS In the evening
Empeor: House of Medici = 19 = 5 LOOPS OVERNIGHT

Beyond Limitless Ultima = 1 Loop at night. 2 Loops after office
Godlike Masculinity Ultima = 1 Loop after office

I’ve noticed a newfound type of mix calm assertiveness and angry assertiveness.

Calm assertiveness with my girl, where she pissed me off, and before I would scream with her. I didn’t lose it, but I remained calm and slowly pulled things in my direction.

Angry assertiveness against an employee who was giving some obvious bullshit explanations.


So wait you listen to all of these daily?


@Floridianninja No. QL, Emperor HOM and BLU, I listen to daily

Others I listen if necessary.

For example I had an interview, for which I removed HOM and QL for the night, and I played PCC and DD


Hey @mecharc,

How has been your experience with QL? Benefits?


Hey bro! @sex
All changes feel so natural, feels as if there has been no changes with the sub at all.

However, if I take a step back and look at the changes,

  • I don’t feel anxiety before starting a task and hence I don’t put off the task
  • Although not regularly, I engage myself in learning complex stuff
  • My speaking is more clear with less uuus and ummms I. Between.


  • My reading speed and comprehension has improved.

Mind you I’m only at Stage 1, I’ve been in Stage 1 for over 90 Days in total.


That’s great @mecharc. Do you plan to finish all the stack?


@sex Yeah Definitely. But I’m gonna go stay with each stage for a considerable amount of time.


2nd NOV Program counter

Quantum Limitless QStage 1 = 33 = 2 during the day
Empeor: House of Medici = 20 = 1 loop at night

Beyond Limitless Ultima = 1 overnight + 2 afternoon
Godlike Masculinity Ultima =
Limit Destroyer = Half a loop

Few life events led me to the conclusion that, I don’t get the frequent anxiety attacks.

However, I’m still not a dynamic thinker. I still can’t think on my feet. I still don’t take full responsibility in most situations unless assigned to me.


That’s great!!


3rd NOV Program counter

The Commander = 1 loop

Rest Day


I plan to make a few custom Ultimas


Quantum Limitless QStage 1 = 33
Getting consistent there! nice! :slight_smile:


4th NOV Program counter

Rest Day

listened to nothing overnight.
might listen to a few loops of ultima during the day here and there.

The Commander Ultima: 1 loop
Beyondless Ultima: 2 loops


Feeling anxiety regarding implementing a decision that one strong family member is reluctant to comply with.

I relapsed twice today. I wasted the entire day today staying in my room and doing nothing productive.


5th November

Quantum Limitless Q Stage 1 : Day 36: 1 loop over night + 1 loop in the evening
Emperor: House of Medici: Day 23: 5 loops over night + 1 loop in the evening

Beyond Limitless: 1 loop in the evening

I am arranging a trip with my officers.
Anxiety level: 0


6th November

Quantum Limitless Q Stage 1: Day 37: No loops over night
Emperor: House of Medici: Day 24: 4 loops over Night + 2 Loops in the morning

Beyond Limitless Ultima: One loop in the morning


  1. I had a dream where i was doing maths.

  2. Stopped the 6th loop at 8mins…I am feeling reconciliation.
    This is probably the first time, I called out the reconciliation instead of just freaking out and going bizzarre with changing my stack.


i know how it is a couple months ago ive been looking out for reconciliation so it wont catch me off guard, right now am aware of everything, so keep being self aware never know when it will come


7th November

Emperor: House of Medici: 5 loops overnight

1.I am afraid to take a leadership role in the face of uncertainty.
I gave up a leadership position willingly during a journey to my territory. It’s mostly because, I am not confident bout my navigational skills.


8th November

Emperor: House of Medici Day 26: 6 loops overnight with 1 hour break after 2 loops
Quantum Limitless stage 1 Day 39: 1 loop upon waking up

Beyond Limitless Ultima: 1 loop at night