ARCs Journey to Khan


Day 17 Update 2

I put on a looped play list of Khan st3 and limitless.
I fell asleep.
I saw a dream.

“My room was messy and a relative was trying to get into my room
I tried every subtle thing to make sure she could not come inside and see the mess”

Maybe these are signs that I still care what other people think.


@mecharc - it doesn’t say that it isn’t better to listen at night. It says that listening in the day is getting better results according to some tests conducted by SubClub. But many of us still use subs in the night and it still works just fine for us.


@raphael thank you for the clarification!


Day 20

Total hours listened: 105

It is exam break time, and I mostly spend time in my room. Don’t find the motivation to go out even to the library to study. FEEL DROWSY most of the time.

Today I went through reading other major program journals for Emperor, Ascended Mogul and Ascension. The results there seem like theyve been faster and more visible by the first 2 weeks. For my usage of Khan that doesn’t seem so.
I’ve been questioning myself whether starting Khan was a wrong idea.


@mecharc - yeah, there are days when I too think about it. I am wondering when I will reach ST4 of Khan. I just began ST2 and am only 5 days in. But will continue it since I want the full benefits of Khan. And going through all the stages will set us up for Khan-level success.


@raphael The only negative effects i have felt so far is indifference and lathergy… from your journal, it is clear that adding spartan heleped you against this, is my conclusion correct?

However, I am not sure if i should add Spartan ir not, because i want enough exposure for each.

Moreover i temporarily switched to Khan ST4 for study push!


@mecharc - many users of Khan ST1 and ST2 were reporting ‘reconciliation’ like feeling in a slump and lethargy. I don’t feel lethargy and it is possible it is because of Spartan. At the same time, I don’t feel too motivated either. I guess I feel like I am in a limbo. The advantage of Spartan might be that I don’t feel anything bad or negative. I don’t feel overwhelmed by emotions.


How are your first days?


Day 23 running, 120 hours of ST1 alone. Only using ST4 during day for studying but I don’t count them in the hours.

Really stressed with exams. St4 helping me through the sleepless nights!

Haven’t felt the “reconciliation” yet… Can you help me understand why? @rising


Not everyone experience reconciliation. Every person is different


@rising will u please take the time to explain me the rationale, why a person might face or not face reconciliation?


it means your subconcious mind doesn’t have a hard time changing heavily ingrained harmful beliefs, either because of their lack, or they are still flexible.


Thank you!! How is the journey going for you Flake?


I had better days. My recconcilation phase ended around a week ago. Right now I am facing peer pressure from my parents, relapsed with my porn addiction, and I am waiting to finish Stage 1, so I can go on with Stage 2


What did the reconciliation feel like?


Like being the grass that is stepped on. I felt like all my life choices were wrong. That I have lived the past years for nothing. like a feather floating along with the wind, not knowing the direction.
And maybe feeling like an ant in the presence of others.

Nothing else comes to my mind , but these were in the late stages, in the initial it was mostly just sadness and shame.


OOO… i’ve felt things like these too, although they havn’t been constant


Coudnt have said better


I was journaling in my notebook about my porn addiction and i find this may help you as well. I was writing how porn addiction is a way i tend to my needs and negative emotions in other words its a way i selth sooth myself from my depression, and other inner issues. Khan is a program that will bring out these inner demons, emotions etc to the surface and will increase our desire to fap and self sooth even more. I also wrote about my goals with my porn addiction even though i want to test out st3 and st4 people on this forum have said how it makes them beyond horny. If nofap and going porn free is a main goal in my life i had to ask myself is khan really the best program to be using right now ? And if i do continue with it what are my goals to stay porn free ? I do a hypnosis about being porn free but im still asking myself today does khan right now help or hurt my nofap goals.
I would ask you how important is nofap to you and is khan currently hurting you or helping you achieve nofap ?


I had a 70 day Nofap streak, for a good half of that streak I was listening to st4. It has simply to do with self discipline. Yeah st4 might make you horny, but if you really want to go for a long streak you can do it.

Edit: I didn’t notice an overwhelming increase in my sex drive while listening to st4.