ARCs Journey to Khan


ST1 Day 26. Total hours= 144

Currently Due to exams, MOGUL and True Social are off.

I swap ST1 with ST4 when I am studying.

Feel alot calmer than before. ST4 really helps me focus on studies. However, Nothing else significant to report.

Recently I’ve been looking into stacking other SUB’s, but i have been advised against doing so, which is absolutely correct.

I realised the reason i was looking for new subs is because, i havn’t seen any prominent results from khan yet. I understand that khan is BIG, and the results won’t come so fast. But my mind wants to experience some short term benefits too.

So, I was thinking of Buying Sex Mastery, because I have read in many journals that the effects of this one is visible soon. I will not use this in my stack, but maybe listen to 1 to 2 loops in the morning.

I have an ache in my chest that wants to add so many other programs as well, it’s feeling like, more can be done at this moment by adding more subs


Day 26 Update 2:

Going through the results others are getting Over “Ascended Mogul” " Primal Seduction & DareDevil" and the struggle people are demonstrating with Khan is making me question my choice of “Khan”…I request someome to link me to a positive portion of any khan journal … may be this the reconciliation for me… Someone please explain what this says about me? am i impaitent? is that the limit aspect that ST1 is breaking down right now? am i skeptical?


@friday and @amash have positive results in Khan, but I sense ST1 for you isn’t pleasant. It’s not Total Breakdown for nothing…

Maybe yourself and @Grimm1390 can support each other as you’re nearing the finish line?


@AMASH amash was one of the first few to welcome me into this community. But He has been strangely silent for quite a while now.


Day 26. Update 3

Self Reflection- I am usually the kind of person who changes the course of action whenever anything comes up that was not planned. I guess that is what is being broken down! hence i am feeling what i am feeling.


Enjoy reading your Journey @mecharc. ill be following you along your path.
Regarding porn i will tell you how i got rid of it 5 years ago…so 5 years with no FAP and how i got rid of smoking 2 packs a day.

Its simple… when you have that urges the first thing you do is to interrupt that pattern of thinking, in my case i would do push ups or scream out of the window when was in the car. The next part i would sync these urges to bad things that hurt me the most ( Like my parents Death, Divorce from Wife, Kids dying, all sort of nasty stuff you can think off)…i will bet you stop doing that. The brain will run from bad pain and emotions and run back to good emotions. Its in our primal directives… it can get though but you will solve this once and for all. :muscle::muscle:

Another thing, keep on track and focus on one program and solve that problem first.
I learned the hard way trading for life…that is better to “Pay the price of Patience than to pay the price of Failure”


@Elme Very good advice, thank you!! but you know some times what happens is, when i get the urge to watch porn, It’s like a trance, and i don;t care about anything else… what d you suggest i do then?


Maybe amash is busy testing a sublimnal ? Hope hes alright. As for myself i will be honest. Im continuing to listen to khan total breakdown and will for another month. Its making me feel like im worthless and have 0 value because my smv is low. Ill soilder on and continue with total breakdown and wont stop. I relapsed yesterday again as well and will be honest.
I have a subliminal for stopping porn from a different company that i will be listening to all night during sleep .Total breakdown for me will be used during the day.
I understand about mixing but im okay with it and whatever results i get. Total breakdown will used during the day for me
I hear you on the trance like state when you fap. Our subconscious mind gets the best of us during this which is why its so important to program our mind to stop porn. Our brain right now is wired to fap. Its wired to to self sooth by watching porn and fapping. We have fo break those connections in our brain.
Ive had sucess with this stop porn sublimnal so this is my plan to combat my porn addiction. You will have to come up with a plan yourself as well. Maybe try a porn hynosis?


I know the feeling. I had a big moment on halloween about how i feel like a loser and have low self worth because of my job and life situation and my brain wanted to run from these feelings by trying different subs, subs to take action like emperor, total action etc my brain wanted to go from abc to xyz. Prior to this it had been building because i was thinking of stacking and switching. I think our brains are trying to run from total breakdown. For this very reason im going to give total breakdown another 30 days of listening. I feel its really breaking me down and showing me how im currently a low value man


Habits are caused by triggers. You can replace the habit but you have to put on conscious effort to do it. Like @Elme was saying when he got a craving he would do push ups or vent, etc. whenever an urge/craving came up. The next time you feel like watching porn, replace it with something innocuous. Lots of people use drinking a glass of water. As long as you choose something that takes you through the craving without giving in.


I didnt do it enough to make it into a habit but i went through 2 periods in my life that when i got a urge to fap i would go in my room pick up some old 5 to 10 pound dumbells and starting throwing punches for a few minutes. This had helped me get rid of that energy in my body to fap. Problem was i got lazy and stopped doing it. But i do vouch for doing pushups or any type of physical activity in the moment when dealing with urges


Ughhh I relapsed as we speak :sob:


What happened leading up to the relapse? Its likely your caught up in the chaser effect. I dont think khan is the best program to use when one is trying to beat a porn addiction especially when one hasnt built momentum up yet. After 30 plus days of nofap maybe even 60 plus days maybe khan is best used then. Right now its like playing with fire especially since we dont have a solid streak going


@mecharc you’re not a monk, you’re too hard on yourself.

Stay with Khan ST2 is next.


@Grimm1390 @mecharc

You chose Khan for a reason, right?

Khan is intended to get you out there and have actual sex, instead of masturbating.

Right now, ST1 is giving both of you a hard time. It’s supposed to, you’re clearing out years of defective thinking. Whilst you’ll feel bad, masturbation gives you a temporary high. I get that, but jerking off isn’t the problem here IMO, it’s the self punishment.

Rather than whipping yourselves in self punishment yourself up in a self-flaggelation, maybe try being kinder to yourselves?

Khan will build a foundation with ST2, y’all just need to push a little to get there.


Thank you @Michel, the continuous reassurance really helps to stay motivated!


ST1 Day 27

Total ST1= 159 Hours

Behavourial Shift noticed:
Generally i am not very assertive in my communication if I have not pre planned to be assertive for the situation.

So today, I went to the University Library to Get some A4 paper.
I intentionally walked up to the librarian who i’d usually be terrified to talk to and asked her to give me 30 A4 pages ( My overhead headphones were still on my ears, I was listening to ST4 :wink: ).
She told be she can’t give so many.

Now, on any previous day, I would apologise and Leave immediately

But today, i just stood there unreactive.

So, she handed me about 5 A4 sheets and told me that she couldn’t give me anymore. I asked her if she could give me atleast 5 more. to which she said "Why Don’t you go out and buy some?"

Here again, Previously, I would get nervous by her stance and just say “Okay, I will do that” and I would leave- Internally, i realise, this stemmed from the limiting belief that i owe everyone something.

But today, i remained non reactive and replied " But I am already paying the school so much"

She remained silent went behind her workstation and magically produced 50 A4 sheets


With ST1, would you reccomend me to target 30 days or 300 hours? @raphael @Michel @rising


I always do 300 hours no matter what. If i finish before 30 days i am just listening until i complete the days


@mecharc - personally, am not into counting number of hours. I prefer having a stack for 30 days. And it works.