ARCs Journey to Khan


Very nice outcome and quite funny


DO you have any estimated figure of how many hours you might have been exposed to in these 30 days?


On average, are you able to finish the 300 hours in 30 days?


KHAN MODE :sunglasses:


I just do days (or nights).

So if overnight is 8 hours x 30 days = 240 hours. Personally I don’t count hours, I just let it play.


Around 35-40


That’s great


WIcked man! Taking control and being proactive versus reactive seems to be the way to get what you want out of life. You inspire me to take more action :smiley:


@mecharc - mine might be close to 120 hours a month per single subliminal since I do a stack of 3 major subs.


@raphael so 120 hours for the whole stack or just 1 sub?


For one sub, @mecharc


ST1 Day 28
Total Hours= 171

First of all, I would like to thank @Neurokinetic to forward the “subliminals that work” ebook.

This ebook has reinforced my focus on my Journey.

To Recap, My Goals are

  1. Status and Dominance
  2. Entrepreneurship mindset and thinking.

Last few days I have been hovering between program to program because i wasn’t sure if i was doing the maximim possible stack for my intended results. But after reading the E-book, I figured that my Stack of Khan and Ts is an advanced stack for Status and Dominance.

So, I will Break my Journey into 2 parts .

In this Journal “Journey to khan”, my main focus will be the Status and Dominance. With Mogul in my stack, it will serve as a foundational wealth program. But main focus will be on developing the Social Dominance. I will also add God Like masculinity to my stack. and Sex mastery for occasional Use.

As for updates, The restlessness of uncertainity as to what programs to add has subsided today.

I Intend to Stick to this Stack Till April 2020. After Which I’ll start the Focused Entrepreneurial Journey.


Happy to guide you to the guide :smiley: hehe
So just to clarify, what is your stack now going forward until APR 2020? Whatever you choose, definitely do stick it for 5/6 months like you say. Switching is a the biggest problem people have with seeing results (I’m just as guilty as the next person). But the longer you stick to a single focus, the more dramatic the effects you will have in that area


My stack is ST4 when i need to focus for studies and rest is ST1… The hours I record are for ST1 alone.


@mecharc how is ST4 for you, handling it well?


Are you going to be adding Mogul/GLM now or in April/May?


@Michel focus to study for hours and hours and more hours after that!


@Neurokinetic I will Add Mogul after Nov 20th as soon as my exams end! I got GLM today, i will start it after my current loop of st1 ends.

From April may I plan to start Emperor / EOG, and anything related to action taking for wealth Building.


Nice! Can’t wait to read how things for you my man :smiley:


ST1 Day 30

Total St1= 184 hours

I will be extending St1 for 2 more days, because I completely swapped ST1 with Limitless on Day 3 and 4.

Aftter Day 32, I will Probably Reach around 200 Hours of St1.
I am confused as to, switching to ST2 after Day 32 or Stick to St1 for 300 Hours.

Two Different People who have been giving me advise, have taken the different routes (30 days and 300 hours), both have them have had amazing results.

I am indecisive as to which one to follow.

Although, one thing to note would be, If ST2 is not stackable with ST4, I will continue with St1 untill my exams end (Nov 20th).

what do i do?