ARCs Journey to Khan


All the stages are stackable, I was just reading how @whitetiger is stacking three stages of Khan at the same time with some pretty promising results. My suggestion is to follow your intuition. If you feel as though st1 has done its job and you’re ready to move on then do so, if you feel you need more time then take it. There are no strict rules because everyone’s experience will vastly differ


ST1 Day 32

Total St1= 197 Hours

Current Loop: St1 + GLM while sleeping (GLM for 3 days so far)

                  Limitless + St4 while Studying

Haven’t Noticed any difference in regards to getting looks from girls
Have noticed slight increase in my confidence and assertiveness in certain situations, but have also noticed lack of confidence in other situations.
So, have not noticed any prominent results yet.

Still not sure if i should move to ST2.


Can you tell us more about situations where you feel more confident and the situations where you feel less so?


@Neurokinetic To be absolutely honest I have been either at home or at library cramming the last few weeks. So, Haven’t had many interactions. So my exxperience is pretty limited

The library Incident I mentioned Earlier
When I talk to people now in genera" (although all have been under more formal social settings )

I still feel at times that i “Owe people something”- a internal feeling not in conscious awareness.

For Example- I was talking to this person in school. It was getting pretty late and i had to interrupt our conversation and tell him “i got to go”. After interrupting, i had thoughts in my head “what if he feels bad” and to compensate for that I tried extending my hands for a handshake for a second time, he completly ignored it, i looked down on my hands. He saw that, and he just pat my back. I left me feeling drained an in lack of PCC.


Have you tried ST2? Maybe that will n boost your sense of self


@Michel I have had 33 days and slightly over 200 hours if exposure to ST1. I’m not sure if I’ve had enough exposure to ST1. What do you suggest? do u recommend more exposure to ST1 or do you think i am ready to move to st2?


It’s up to you ultimately, however ST2 is aimed at building you up. You can always revisit it later, in fact @afc22 is doing that now.


What if you flipped this around. Instead of owing them in a negative way you might think “I owe them my best.” What I mean is sometimes we avoid “giving” ourselves to people. A large part of being alpha is having something to offer. Not just money or resources but parts of your personality. If you are feeling reserved around people then you are not letting them have all of you in a natural way. Not sure if I’m explaining this properly or not lol


That’s really good advice! I would believe the subliminals are gonna help me do this intuitively. What do you think?


I think you should not think about it too much and be confident in the process. Remember my journey if it helps you stay in the path. I also recommend the Whim Hoff Method or pranayama exercises. You do seem to have energy blockages in your energy system that are creating all this types of “auto punishible taughts”, learn again to breath correctly will also help you.

I would also include some kind of sport, specially running in nature ( barefeet would be better…to get the negative charge from hearths magnetic field). When we do these type of activities where we are alone with ourselvs we are developing other aspects of ourselfs.


I think the discomfort you feel is the subliminals helping you that already :wink:


I hope you are correct


St1 Day 35- Total Hours 206.

So, I have planned to stick to ST1 for an indefinitly extended time. I want to stay on this stage until a day when i don’t have a single belief that is limiting according to my definition.

My exams are ending in 6 days! After which I finally start a regular stack!

Since I am already 35 days in ST1, i think it is now more receptive to my subcon, and hence i want to increase my subs, while i continue ST1.

So, I want my Stack to look something like
Khan Stx = 1 major sub
Mogul= 1 major sub
GLM= Stackable Module
Limiteless= 1 Major Sub
The Above will be my Set and Forget playlist

Ts will be super charger for morning , Commandant will be super charger for night

Sex Mastery is planned for occasional use.

I think Khan intself is completly sufficient for Long Term Status and Dominance. so, that is sorted with this playlist.

I not sure if my current stack in { } is too heavy. However, If it isn’t too heavy, I want to add more of the wealth building aspect into it. What can I do? How about add Emeror to this stack? or ascended Mogul?- They would give me the additional Wealth building and also short term Status Results.

I don’t wan’t to move to EOG yet.


That stack looks a bit heavy. 2 maybe 3 major subs depending on what your using because that stack looks like your trying to fix to many things at once. What are the 2 main things you want to work on now ? Pick the major subs that you feel will help you and use them for 30 days then re evaluate. Try not to overthink it because it seems like your falling into that trap i fell in with stacking lots of subs and changing them every few days, weeks etc just pick 2 major subs listen to them and see where your at in 30 days


Apologies, I think i didn’t explain my stack properly.
Khan Stx = 1 major sub
Mogul= 1 major sub
GLM= Stackable Module
Limiteless= 1 Major Sub
The Above will be my Set and Forget playlist

Ts will be super charger for morning, Commandant will be super charger for night

Sex Mastery is planned for occasional use.

My main Goals are status and wealth Building.


Commandant is out!? :scream:


Haha no… It’s in my “buy as it’s release” list


Yeah I just checked lol


I agree with this, 3 major subs will take a couple of months to fully realise. Khan already has has elements of GLM, Limitless and Mogul.


I wanted an extra boost for wealth, because khans wealth programming is less