ARCs Journey to Khan


Just out of curiosity, why Mogul and not AM? Given that you’re aim is both status and wealth? Or do you think Khan with GLM already contains all the status elements you want?


Mogul over AM was suggested to me on my first purchase along with Khan. At that time, it was my first day on this community, I was in a hurry to start my journey, and I had no idea about the subs. I just expressed my goals and went according to recommendations. If it were me today, I would buy AM or/ and Emperor


@mecharc Yes, and I know why, it is beause you are starting out and you already have a strong mix with Khan and mogul. Emperor also have the downside of making you an ermit… I just read your initial post and you wanted to talk to people.

If you want to get Emperor and try mixing it where mogul was, be free. Everybody’s subq is different and will behave differently to the same subliminal. Emperor is STRONG, will make you dominant, but usually when I use it I get into ermit mode… I don’t want to talk to people!


Also avoid important conversations that you might gain from?


Only with people that share your path. Pointless mental masturbation will be eliminated.


@mecharc - regarding whether you want to run ST1 beyond 30 days for any reasons, you can trust your intuition. Frankly, the number of hours a stage is played might be less because of stacking with other subs but this is not a big worry.

Also, I feel that we will be fine when we reach Khan ST3 and ST4.


Deferred my last exam.

But more importantly, I’m back on the Khan journey.

Day 0. ST2

Stack: ST2 and AM
will add GLM and limitlessonce I start seeing some results from AM.

Nothing to report, been sleeping all day.


Day 1. ST2.

STACK: Khan ST2+ AM,

Total St1 hours= 11

Nothing difference noticed today. Probably because it’s only day 1. I’m expecting some quick results from AM, to keep me motivated.

I want to add SM and GLM to this stack, but only if it does not slow down the effects of AM.

Someone please guide me.


Only you can guide you. Trust your intuition.

Ask yourself what you want to achieve during the next month of ST2. Khan covers masculinity and money, so if you need an extra boost, then add it to your stack.


@Michel I need some quick “status increase / charismatic/ sexual vibe” results because I’m going back home on the 26th of Nov.


My personal recommendation would be AM + Daredevil. On that combo I saw pretty significant changes within a week.

Wrote about it in my journal about two weeks back.


Thanks for the recommendation brother. But I wouldn’t want to stop the Khan journey mid way.


ST2 should be enough, but it’s not quick. Maybe hook on Power Can Corrupt?


Thought I was in the questions section. Yeah, definitely continue with Khan.


@mecharc - frankly, I would recommend you add SM and GLM to your stack of AM and Khan. But at the same time, you will also need to be prepared for the subs to take their time in manifesting in your life.

Do what your intuition tells you within SubClub recommendations (for eg maximum 3 major subs and 6 stacking modules in a Playlist).

Choose something and take responsibility for your choices. You can do it!


I was planning to add them to my stack as soon as I sense any shift in behavior of other people in regards to my ne alpha nature.


@mecharc - that’s a good idea. You will do great.


For quick results im thinking something like mogul or ascension would work


ST2. Day 2.

Stack: Khan ST2 + Am

St1= 19 hours (rounded down)

paused the stack in the middle and added a few loops of SM and GLM in the middle of the day.

Was home all day. No motivation to go out. A friend called. I avoided the call.

Can’t wait to go home!!

I think ST2 is running smoothly. How do I tell?


ST2. Day 3.

Stack. St2 + Am, St2 total= 23 hours

To day was gonna go out with Friends to the Club.
I’m usually the most beta in the group (of guys and girls).
I’m usually the one who is ignored by mutual freinds that join us for the night outs.
I can’t randomly join in their conversations
My goal isn’t to pick up chicks, but to have a lasting impression on people, and be able to talk to anyone.

today, at mid day, i swapped my usual stack for SM, GLM, and TS.

Unfortunately, I was just like the descriptions i described above, nothing was different.

I was really hoping something different would happen today.
I have been hugely disappointed today. and all my motivation that was taking me through the days is taking a downturn

I would request my fellow subclubbers to give me feedback regarding this. am I doing something wrong regarding usage? is my choice of subs wrong? Please give me encouragement. I have been steady with the subliminals for over 41 Days, I don’t want to lose the motivation.

The concerning part is that, the above is bothering me. DID ST1 not work? did i not use it properly for 35 days? did i just waste 35 days>

@SaintSovereign @raphael @Michel @Simon @rising @DarkPhilosopher @Neurokinetic @Flake_And_Milk @d1gz @Grimm1390
I tagged all of you because all of you have guided me in my journey so far, and this internal Dilema is an emergency.