ARCs Journey to Khan


@mecharc - frankly it is not smooth sailing all the time, my friend. Off the top of my head, I remember @Grimm1390, @Michel, @d1gz, all struggling for so many days after starting their stacks. And that includes me.

Don’t be discouraged quickly and I urge you to continue regardless of how soon you get results. Everyone is different and they will get results at different speeds. Just focus on the results you have (even if they are small) and be grateful for that, while at the same time looking forward to more in the future.

THEY WILL WORK! Tell yourself that you are not expecting to get any results for around 2 to 3 months. Maybe even 4 months. So that you reach ST3/ST4 by then and then you will definitely be taking charge of your life by that time.

This is because incase you get results sooner, then it will be a pleasant surprise. Stick to your stack and don’t hope for immediate changes. Let the subs work on your mind and life


The most concerning part is that, this episode is bothering me. Did ST1 not work on me?


@mecharc. ST1 is Breakdown. It has only broken down your beliefs. You need Reprogramming, Action and maybe even Khan Complete to develop your potential. Please don’t mull too much over this. Give yourself a break. We are usually too hard on ourselves.


I think your switching subs to much. Every day you have a different stack. Its gonna be hard to see changes even small ones when you keep jumping to different sublimnals. You should pick 2 sublimals and use them for the next 30 to 60 days. Let your brain have repeated exposure to the same sublimals for a extended time


@mecharc - listen to @Grimm1390 's advice too. I am must admit that what he said reminded me that you are changing your stack midway. But don’t be discouraged by this. You don’t need to start ST1 all over. Just stick to your current stack and wait. And change the stages (of Khan) every 30 days. Tell yourself it is only a matter of time. 4 months is not much time to wait compared to the rest of your life. Hang in there, bro


@raphael @Grimm1390. Thank you,

@Grimm1390 your tone sounds a bit harsh, but i guess what you advised is rather true!


I tend not to read journals, so don’t know your story.
Shall read up and reply over the weekend.

Most likely I’ll write a treatise on how to use Khan. :smile:


So you got discouraged because you didn’t saw results in a specific situation.
Let’s analyze a bit your story.
You went out with your friends, with a group in which you consider yourself the beta guy. So depending on the time you joined that group you have been reinforcing the same “I am the groups” beta mentaility. How long could that have been, a couple of weeks, months or maybe years :smiley: .
So you have that neurologic pathway and your newly formed “Khan pathways” which are around a month.
What you need to understand is that you’re trying to leave behind the mentality that society hammered into you in your 20+ years of life. It’s like you have been living with your sunglasses on your whole life and the subs will take the sunglasses off. And your mind can’t accept the new reality that’s basically the reconcillation part.

As for your listening time don’t forget that most of your journey was at home studying, or hanging around on this forum. You were listening to a social sub while you kept your distance from the world. So you didn’t have much chance to take action for the subs to take effect. The way subclub products work is by challanging your brain with new thoughts, of which you aren’t aware. So how do you know if they work?
By doing stuff that you always wanted to do but never did. The subs won’t give you motivation to do them, hell it will even make you procastrinate more. You have to take massive action. Grit your teeth and do the stuff that you have been putting on hold. I guess you had those moments when you started doing that “stuff”. Check if it’s easier doing those things since you started your subliminal journey, that’s how you know they work.

Don’t forget subliminals are just a tool. And tools are meant to be used, Never depend on any tool, only in yourself. Taking action towards your goals takes care of 95% of your development.
The same goes for the art of manifestation. You can think of a check worth millions of dollars, but if all you do is stay at home and clean the house, it won’t appear. Does that mean manifestation doesn’t work, hella no. It works but you have to take action.

So be a massive action taker!


I didn’t mean it to come out harsh it’s prolly the way I wrote it. but that would be my advice. What’s one or two areas you wanna work on right now ? Pick 2 subliminal for the next 30 days and see where your at. Subliminals won’t do all the work though you might have to lower expectations and take action. We are all in this together :slightly_smiling_face:


But you had stood up for yourself in the library? Right? :smile:

You’re on ST2, day 8. You have another 28 days to go, so relax into it. Expect ups and downs, nobody said this was straightforward.

Keep listening to ST2, stack just GLM and please give it time. This is a life journey, not a sprint.


I honestly don’t know what to say man. I know what I’m about to say may sound harsh. But I feel like you need to hear it. First of all, you’re like a pinball, constantly bouncing, changing direction and speed. Same with your stack. It’s always changing! Never consistent enough for your subconscious to process, understand and instill the messages and lessons the sub is trying to give you.
Second, as @Flake_And_Milk mentioned:

You didn’t really have the chance to practice what you learned.
Third, you’re treating the subs as a magic pill to give you whatever ability/knowledge you want. This isn’t The Matrix wherein you just plug into a machine and then you know kung-fu instantly. This isn’t the Bradley Cooper movie “Limitless” with a box of NZT. Subs take time. Even if there was NZT, you still need to read a book to learn. In the Matrix, Nero still needed time to get plugged in and download all the info he needed. You had 3 days to prepare for a test, and all you did during that time was ask for recommendations whether limitless and/or bl would help. Never in your journals did you write that you even tried to study. With 0% preparation, how can you expect to be 100% ready if you don’t even try?
As I mentioned before, prioritize what you want. Subs are just tools to help you get to where you want to go. Stop thinking about all the shiny stuff you think you need if you wouldn’t even use them properly.
I know this is harsh. But I guess you needed to hear this.


Thank you all for the advice.

Maybe harsh, but it has helped me gather my focus.

The main culprit here is my desire for quick results. I guess that couldn’t be broken down in ST1🙈


Good that you took it like a man, @mecharc. So Godlike Masculinity is definitely working ;). Jokes aside, being in forum where everybody is alpha-ing up, there is bound to be masculine advice given which is usually harsh. Am glad you can take it like a champ


To be fair, @mecharc has stuck with Khan ST1 for 30+ days, so he needs to continue with ST2 for the same amount of time. And to relax.


he’s been asking what should be his stack and what sublimnals to use to only switch his stack all together again or have a heavy stack with 5 to 6 subliminals. He’s in the right place and I went through this same issue he’s facing. He just needs to fight his brain that makes him want to switch stacks constantly. I think one trap we all fall into well I did was start out with the big programs first. Lot of us newcomers went straight to khan or emperor etc when we should have started with ascension or mogul. I started with ascension but fell into the sublimnal trap and started bouncing like a pinball for a good month at least with changing sublimnals. As for mech it could very well be reconciliation he’s facing. I think one thing that needs to be talked about here or made it’s own post is the temptation and craving to switch subs constantly and stack lots of subs. It’s like a addiction I even went through this and still feel the craving at times to switch subs or start stacking a lot.


First of all you are saying you swapped your usual stack. That means you arent consistent. My advice would be to actually be consistent and run 2-3 subs for 6 months. No swap around

Second you are only on ST2. Give khan more time

On your situation i would advice running Khan and True Social for 6 months


Well you can focus on ‘‘tone’’ or the actual advice. If you switch subs every other day or every other week whether you will have results is random

Ps i dont know why you find his tone harsh


ST2. Day 5. Update 1.

Stack: ST2, total Hours= 38

I have reflected on all the feeback, and realised that i was drifting away from my longterm goal of being a charismatic and dominant entrepreneur, towards the shor term goals of approval from people.
for that goal deviation, i was adding and swapping major subs along with khan to gain the short term benefits.

I extend my thanks to @raphael @Grimm1390 @Simon @Flake_And_Milk @Michel @d1gz @rising for taking the time to either recalling my situaion or reviewing it, and then critiquing my approach.

I have planned to withdraw all other major subs from my stack for the moment, and maybe only stick to a stacking module along with khan as the looping stack. And listen to TS in the morning.

P.S. Just to rule out any possible misunderstanding, I was only swapping around the other major subs around khan. Khan has been consistant in my stack.


ST2. Day 5. Update 2

Been questioning my choice of pursing my masters in the particular subject I’m pursuing, given my life goals.
When ever this comes up, I choose to blame my mom, for forcing me to go for my masters Asap. Where as, I realise that it is only me to blame.

  1. I did not take proactive action towards researching for what masters I wanna do.
  2. I was not sure about myself, so, I did not stand my ground when she forced me.
  3. I’ve been trying to deviate and project my guilt on to my mother.
  4. I make my own choices
  5. Not all is lost with this degree, but I am merely stressing about the fact “what will people think? They will call me an idiot”


@mecharc - excellent realization. I used to blame my parents too. Sometimes it still happens once in a while. But to be aware that we are doing it and take responsibility for ourselves, starts the journey towards a life of true independence.