ARCs Journey to Khan


Its your life make your own mistakes, you should listen to people but then follow what you think is best for you


So, I read through this entire thread. I did not see a true stack-changing problem, because IMO “included subs” should be considered Stack Modules; so a Khan primary playlist having Limitless or Mogul should not really be seen as 3 MPs, but 1 MP + 2 SMs. (just Simon’s opinion, OK! :smile: )

Here’s the REAL problem I did see: "Low Self-Esteem/Self-Trust"
Thats all. Everything else was an off-shoot of that. Specifically,
a “Neediness of other people’s approval/answers”
and “Coveting of other people’s results/experiences [forgetting your own goals]”. :yum:

You were doing fine until Day 20. Then this happened:

After this, you’ve been Alice in Wonderland. :rofl:

Most problems you’re having, almost everyone of us goes through, because they arise from a lack of experience/understanding of how to MAKE USE of subs.

A good majority of us start out treating them as magic pills, totally failing to grasp the nuances & how-tos of goal setting, journaling, action taking, etc.

I do not have the time to handle this today, but I promise I will make a series of posts over the next several weeks. Still, to give you a taste of it:

What Social Actions do you have on your calendar today where you want Khan’s extra dominance push?

What Wealth-building Actions do you have on your calendar today that Mogul should give you a productive focus for?

Where are you hanging out today that True Social can deliver its magic at?

What exactly do your Goals/Results look like?
Can you visualize specifics of what you posted in the OP, as applicable to the “Next 24 Hours”?

Next time, a friend asks you out, go.
Instead of sitting at home, be at the cafeteria, a coffee shop, the library.
Take chances at talking to people, acting boldly, asking for more.
Take chances at BEING who you want to be.

That is how you ‘Journey to Khan’. :wink: :+1:

Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth
Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth

Wow @mecharc you are listening to the subs and then putting yourself down. You need to stop this self sabotage. Your are strengthening your old ways by doing this and going against the sub. Every time you catch your self doing this cut it out and replace it with positive uplifting words. When you hear that inner crap talk stop it and say I am the fucking alpha damnit! I am the man! I’m the one that the women want! Change your thoughts about yourself and they will become your reality. Catch that shit and destroy it. Don’t let it continue.


I never thought of it in this way! I didn’t approach the use of subs like this, or thought of approaching it like this. I was approaching it like “listening to the subs over and over again only would change the way I think internally and then taking action will automatically come to me one day”… but wow! This has completely changed what I was thinking.

I’m really looking forward to it. Will you post it in a new topic or here?

Will have severe Business Responsibilities from OCT 2020 can

It’s a must try advice. But in the moment, it’s easier said than done :sob:


ST2 Day 6.

Rest Day

I’m experimenting with the listening pattern on 5 days on 2 days off.

I’m flying home today.

So far, at the aiport,

*I made small with the woman at the ticket counter. Although it wasn’t much of a conversation, I asked her a completely irrelevant question and she replied. Although she seemed very annoyed. But that’s okay! New Mech=0 Old Mech=0.
*I made small talk with a girl beside me. She was complaining how rude the guard was. Instead of agreeing with her I asked her to “imagine standing in one place for hours, how would you feel?”…and then she agreed to my frame. 60 days ago, I think I would have just agreed to her frame. Then I tried to make small talk with her, but she didn’t ask me back anything. And then I moved on.

  • The most strange thing I noticed was catching this 10 to 14 year old kid looking at me from time to time, as if I am some celebrity he’s seen on TV.

After I Reach home, the next 50 days are all about my Family business, and also my struggling start up.


Good luck @mecharc


@mecharc - you are doing good. All these small changes will lead to a totally unrecognizable you. In a good way.


Good. Enjoy the journeys. :wink:

New topics. :+1:


ST2 Day 8

Stack: ST2, GLM, Mogul plus TS

Goal: Develop Status and Take charge of business, also grow business.

I have removed expectation of approval from others.

Joined the office of my family business from Day 1 of coming back home. don’t feel lazy. Many people were surprised I did not take a rest day.

Although not prominently visible, I feel like I get more respect when talking to people. Before I would have a voice that would tell me " they’re thinking you’re low status"

I have not seen anything significant as of yet in regards to business because it’s only day 1. But I feel more certain of myself.

I feel like some limitations still come up. I.e. I feel anxious when I see a certain group of former friends on social media. How may I add ST1 in this?

I also have Limitless, Am, Sm. When Should I / how do I start incorporate them to my stack ( Either now or in the future, so that they don’t go to waste )

Note: I will buy QL and EOG at a later time, alot later.


What do you mean “How”? Just add it to the playlist. :smile:

You don’t have to use everything you buy. Only what you need.
As long as you’re getting your goals, it doesn’t matter which book, course, subliminal, mentor, etc. comes in as a handy tool.

Khan is extremely versatile. It’ll help with pretty much all goals.
Stages 3 & 4 already contain very active versions of Limitless v2, and SMv2.

Keep your focus on actions & results. The stack is supposed to be forgotten … (as in Set & Forget). :wink:


Do I keep it in the loop of set and forget or do I listen to it for a certain number of loops and then move on to the set and forget.


My answer was “playlist”. I assume your translation of that would be “in the loop of set and forget”.

Having said that, 40 days ago, in a reply to you, I said 2 things…

1 - Don’t fear using Khan Stage 1 anyhow; it won’t hurt.
2 - Your own experimentation will tell you what works for you; anyone’s opinion here - even that of the creators - can never tell you what will work best for you.


Satge 2 Day 13

Total Hours= 80.

Keeping Khan Constant,
I have been Experiemnting adding and swapping additional major programs and stacking modules ( Keeping in line with the Limit of 2 major programs)

Interesting Obsevations.

  • Khan Plus GLM for three days - Intense strong Erections, which i have not noticed without GLM
  • Khan Plus Mogul- for three days- Waking up automatically early morning. After I took out mogul, I have been waking up late.
  • Khan Plus PCC- Have not noticed anything prominent Yet, that i can adress to PCC. But i feel a stronger sense of inner power that i am expressing.

Moreover, after adding mogul, I developed a sense of giving more effort towards family business which is still there even after taking it out.

I think i will create 2 playlists.
Playlist 1- Khan Plus PCC
Playlist 2- Mogul Plus Limitless.


I am Looking forward to the commandant supercharger. I want the people in my marketing team to FEAR ME!!!


Your intuitions are correct concerning the experimentation. PCC works best in a social setting.

You don’t need to be feared like a terrifying chef, it’s feared in that whatever bullshit power moves they pull, you have the answer and they know it. :yum:


Happy to see you’re experimenting.
I hope you understand now that these effects were not going to be discovered by asking on the forums. The effects of stacking are personal/subjective.


Day 13 update 3

Heard 4 loops of TS and then
Went to a consultant.
spoke to her alot. Made her laugh here and there.
After I walked out of the room, she came out of the room just to ask me if I wanted a written copy of the prices I had asked her for.
Then before leaving the office, I dropped into her room again, disregarding the office beta trap, to say bye to her.
She said “Bye, It was Nice to meet you”.

I don’t know if it was her usual kind nature to do so with customers or if I was giving off a higher status vibe than usual.


The reason for asking was to actually justify my choice of buying the subs.


@mecharc - she’s definitely attracted, bro. And good job on being aware of the results of your experimentation.