ARCs Journey to Khan


St2 Day 20 Update 1

It’s 11am on Day 20.
Total 107 hours of ST2
I had 2 loops of St2 and 2 lopps of PCC today

I have no experienced significant external changes, to which i can associate to khan.

However, There have been major internal changes. But it feels so natural!

The Good

  1. I have never been so assertive with the workers or managers in the factory of my family business.
  2. I have never been so confident in interacting with my marketing team
  3. Usually, as per my previous underdstanding, when i would think of being dominant. i would show anger. and by doing this i could show my dominance to someone lower than me. No i have realised to remain humble, but stand my ground.
    For example, I went to a cafe, and me and my friends wanted to sit outsude the cafe, but there were 2 chairs and 4 of us. I went to the male waiter and asked him to bring 2 extra chairs. he politely rejected. Previously, I would get enraged and show anger in his response. But not today! today i remained in the same initial state, asked him again, joked with him a bit and then politely sat inside when it was certain that it was not possible to be seated there.
    Edit: When there were free chairs, the waiter did come inside to look for me.

The Bad

I have been focused on my family Business but i have ignored the start up with my friends completly.

The Uncertain

I still haven’t found the courage to meet the friend circle that i am intimidated by. They are nice on the outside but cold.

Moving Forward
I just bought emperor. Today I think i will give rest to khan and PCC and use Emperor for a few loops to see the new Quantum Tech!


Those are fantastic results. Why then swap out for Emperor?


Just to get a taste of the V4 Sub and Quantum Tech.
It’s just a single day experimentation.
I will go back to Khan and PCC from tomorrow.

I will add V4 to my stack when i reach ST3


DAY 20.


You don’t have to show anger, be loud spoken, express rage etc to be dominant or assertive. You can be just as dominant and assertive by being the kindest and nicest human on Earth.

  1. Truly internalise the realization that you don’t owe anyone anything.- 70%(my rating of self)
  2. Have your own frame and hold on to it for life!- (60%)

1 step closer to changing my last name!! #Khan


Day 20

Nothing in terms of looks from women or anything of that sort. Probably because that is the least of my worries, and my actions are not woman hunting like.

I have experienced huge boost in my assertiveness when it comes to dealing with my employees and some other people as well. I am taking comparatively huge action for the family business. Although, in absolute terms it may be very small.

However, I still have not had much luck on the social side


This pleases me so much to hear. Your journey has been one of discovery, feeling out and experimenting, asking questions and being curious. To see you write such a succinct, hard hitting realisation is the cherry on the cake.

Socials can wait for now, being Khan in your soul first is the key.


My brain had been jumping here and there in terms of subs. You are one of the many kind subclub family members to help me stay put! ( I almost quit around day 34 )


Perfect. And you’re not even on ST3 yet!
Aren’t you glad you stuck with it?


I’m more glad that you guys were here to support me. otherwise, I wouldn’t know the answer to your question.


Day 21. St2
Total Hours= 120 hours (Day Still not Over). Had 1 loop of PCC today, rest has been Khan ST2

Today at office I took over the lead for the weekly sales meeting, because the finance director had to step out.
Note: I don’t have any formal authority in the company now until i finish my masters. I am just vo,unteering out of interest.

When Suddenly the point came up that I am to take up the meeting for this week, i did feel slightly anxious because i was not excpecting it. Even though I wasn’t ready for it, not even for once, did i say that I can’t do it ( saying “How can i do it?”, would have been my automatic response 2 months ago.)
The meeting went smoothly. I did not do anything revolutionary. But i interacted with the sales **team wiith rather finesse ie. less nervousness in my tone. **
Edit: If i was aware that i would have to take over the meeting, I would supplement with a few loops of GLM and Sanguine before coming to office. But guess what? i was still fine

At the end of the meeting, i had to prepare a client list with their contact address. For that, i had to collect contact information from the sales team. They were not very co-operative, However, i did not push them.

The bolded part may be two things,

  1. PCC has given me the internalisation of when to not be pushy- In this case, since I don’t have any formal authority yet,and they would be annoyed if i push them too much for something not too crucial for operations, and that would mean a more annoyed attitude towards me when i start formally.
  2. I was intimidated to push them more.

I am not sure which one though.


Good for you, man! You’re meeting the goals you set out.

As for the other point:

I think it could be both. Your behavior was appropriate, but also, you’ll be addressing the feeling intimidated part. Something tells me it’s going to melt away. But I suspect that whether you’re feeling intimidated or not, the external behavior was probably appropriate. You’re treading lightly as you learn your way around. Eventually, you’ll bring out the hammer, but it wouldn’t make much sense right now, probably.


I am Considering doing both Quantum Limitless and EOG in the future.
EOG is definitely for a future time ie. Probably from next April or May.

However, I am having a Huge Urge to Add QL to my stack now. I am feeling like I can Handle it. Can’t decide if i should Buy QL or stack Limitless(already own) (the mind has a bias towards the new tech) !

The reason for wanting to add is QL/L is that "I am not a science background student. and manufacturing business is all science and tech at the core, which i want/ need to understand throoughly ie. the struggle is real for me. also I want to start researching how to expand the business. For the researching part, i don’t know where to start.

Please don’t misunderstand this as jumpng from program to program.I have been constant in Khan journey for almost 2 months now, and have started enjoying it.

@Simon @raphael @Michel @d1gz @Malkuth. Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.


I think so too.
For the record, When i was working in the company 2 years back, Let alone a meeting, I would avoid talking to them completely out of intimidation.

Mind Reader Malkuth


As to not being pushy enough with your requests, even though you’re not yet official:

[Law 6]


I swear!!! i was gonna ask you which law it reflects!!! @Michel


@mecharc - am already using Quantum Limitless and would love to add Ecstacy of Gold as soon as possible. But am waiting to at least get to Khan ST4 before I make anymore changes to the stack because Khan and Quantum Limitless are quite heavy.

Since your results are quite good with your current stack, I would advice you to keep it until you reach Khan ST4 at least (and finish 1 month with it minimum).

But if you must add one more multi-stage subliminal, I would recommend EoG since a business is focused on profit.

But then again, as you mentioned, you want to learn tech so want to add Quantum Limitless.

So this makes the deciding difficult. What do you really want to do in terms of adding another sub?


First, my reason for adding QL is because my line of work requires constant certification and training. In this field, you wouldn’t get ahead if your knowledge becomes stagnant.
Now, as for you. You say you want to take over your family’s manufacturing business. Although science is highly needed, business in general is not only limited to manufacturing. There’s procurement and talking to suppliers. There’s logistics and time/process management. There’s people management. There’s also sales and post-sales support. There’s a lot you can start with. And yet, even successful CEOs don’t know all of that in order to manage their business.
Do you think Bob Iger needs to know all the tech being used to develop the special effects for each movie Disney makes? Do you think the late Steve Jobs knew the exact materials to make the iPod when it was still in the design and prototype stage? How about Bill Gates? Do you think he needed to know what every instruction call DOS (the OS prior to windows) has in its code?
No. They had good people to know all that. That’s what leadership is all about.
Dude, if you really want to succeed, improve your people skills with Khan. Maybe when Commandant comes up, add that. But right now, you need to focus on the big picture. Don’t fret with the minute details. You’ll have underlings doing that for you.


Limitless v2 is great, and I’d say, sufficient for your requirements.
Feel free to add it to your playlist.

I understand the desire for New Tech, but massive products come at a price.
Just like you noticed from journals, that AM worked much faster than Khan (albeit for smaller goals),
do not be shocked to later discover that for your learning goals, Lv2 would have been faster than QL.



I agree with this 100%. However, my query is from the concern that, in the current generation of business the work is delegated to three Directors. However, im the only one from next generation, who is interested in the Business. So, I will need to handle everything initially, until I find capable people to delegate it to.

So, initially, I will deal with the people both external and internal, take high level decisions regarding production, business management and everything else from a high level. But to make high level decisions I need to know the nitty gritty of everything.
But the starting of that journey is from 2021. So I have a year for complete transformation.

I think I will do that. Since there’s no rush I will take it at a step.

@Simon That sets my mind to LV2 for now! Do you recommend I loop it or Use it in certain times for certain no. Of loops?


Nope. Not really. Again, do you think the 3 CEOs I gave as examples knew the “nitty gritty”? You just need to make informed decisions. Meaning you only need to know enough to make a sound choice.