Armed With My Custom Sub


Probably Ares, eliminating all doubts, fears, anxieties, etc from your life.


I don’t have Ares or any healing sub in my custom sub. Was trying to save money lol.


My dreams involve me in danger and desperate.


Primal Seduction has some healing in it and i am sure mogul has something in it too. I remember saint saying somewhere that every sub has some healing in it unless stated otherwise.


Yes. There’s also healing in the mandatory core.


Is (the healing part of) the Mandatory core new with Q?
And does this also apply to the normal q subs and not only the customs?


It’s the basic healing that comes with all subs, plus some Q-only scripting that makes it work properly.


I can’t really remember the dream I had last night though it was quite intense but I did have sleep paralysis. Whatever is being worked on I hope it helps in getting me to stop isolating myself from people.


Didn’t use the sub yesterday, haven’t been listening to it today so far. I feel my brain trying to come to terms with the scripting. Might start listening soon even if its one loop.


So I ordered another custom sub which was similar to the first. Difference is it is soly for seduction so Mogul and Sultan aren’t in it and also I added Ares to get rid of my fear with seduction. Added Panther, Iron Frame, Tactician and instant spark.


I had a dream last night that I’m not sure how to describe. I was at university and i was doing a math course which was calculus and the lecturer was a straight up villain who set his sights on me. Also the entire student body went crazy but I can’t remember if they were after me or not. I was also in a barn that I couldn’t just walk out of. I had to get out in by climbing and crawling over some contraption with levers that slowly started cracking open a window for me to jump out of the further I progressed.


If only Obstacle Navigation Q exist in this reality :rofl:


I been journaling in my question thread this whole time lol. Anyway reconciliation has been an issue, and switched from one subs for a while but I’m back to the custom now.

Decided to stack Inner Circle.


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