Armed With My Custom Sub


Does Emperor really help you take action @remarkable?


Its early days yet, but I think that it might. Anyway, no doubt the full details will be in my journal in the fullness of time.


Okay I hear you. Okay I’ll invest the time and patience with Emperor.


Executive should be more appropriate than Emperor since Emperor helps you take action for its sub’s goals specifically. But Executive isn’t out yet.




A new free productivity-based subliminal that is very eagerly awaited by most people here. No ETA for release, other than “soon”.


Interesting thanks


I’m on 2 weeks break from work. I decided that not to go with Daredevil because I don’t want to be social with everybody. I want to get girls and I am have customs which are not being used. Crazy seeing how expensive they are. I’m going with my first ever custom.


Been going through some reconciliation. Wanting to switch, wanting to order another custom sub, feeling like the sub was doing nothing then waking up the next morning to feel it working on my brain. The Manifestation definitely works but I wimped out. The Custom then made me pay for it with sadness.


Work officially starts tomorrow so I putting away the Primal Seduction custom and switching to my Emperor Custom which I ordered a while back but never really put to work. The Custom contains:

Core Modules
Sex Mastery

Supporting Modules
Alpha of Alpha
Productivity Unleashed
IQ and Cognitive Booster
Extreme Exercise Motivation
Godlike Masculinity
Sexual Manifestation
Gorgeous Manifestation
Charisma Flirting Automatic Mentor Improver
Seducers Gaze
Earthshaker Sexuality
Instant Spark
Dragon Tongue
Total Nonchalance
Aura of Craving


So far I listened to one loop Sunday night and another loop yesterday morning when I reached the office. Yesterday I had a bit of nervous energy but my productivity was strong. Last night I wasn’t able to sleep though. I do have reconciliation in the form of wishing I added Power Can Corrupt into this custom instead of Limitless due to a fear of being manipulated, used and abused. I always thought that the only reason for my approach anxiety was because I was afraid of embarrassment. Now I know there is another.


Earlier this morning I felt anxious about getting into trouble because of what I believed was an issue. It wasn’t and it got resolved quickly. Right now I feel tired and lazy, and I just want to go home and lie down. I think this is the Limitless at work. I’m only listening to one loop in the morning rather than listen while I slept at night like I normally would. I can’t handle more than one loop.


Emperor is a harsh teacher he will push you hard.


Especially name embedded


I’m at that point where I starting to accept the sub a lot better. The only form of recon that still persists is the need to switch or make another custom. And I know its reconciliation because I keep changing my mind about what would be for the best. The Emperor Custom might not be perfect but it can still do the job.


I took yesterday off from The Emperor Custom and I’m taking today off as well. Yesterday I really went through reconciliation. I either wanted to switch or order another custom so bad but it eventually faded. I’m thinking about stacking PCC with my custom because I do have a fear of being manipulated. How do you all think I should go about it?


Do it, add PCC too your stack, it will help you, your fear will vanish as you see what you need to do and gain more control. :slight_smile:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: