ARMSTRONG (Custom Sub) (Final Journal, Transc. Med. 5)


A few minutes ago I asked for a sign. Now I was just watching a video and the guy explained how someone told him how he/she manifested 200 dollars.
Got it.



A short review of the first week (and from which modules I already got noticeable effects)

  • Lion IV
  • EGO ADSUM = +
  • Attachment Destroyer
  • Carpe Diem Ascended
  • Total Nonchalance = +
  • Emperor’s voice = +
  • Extreme Exercise Motivation
  • Inner Voice
  • Iron Frame
  • Naturalizer
  • Perfect Style & Smell
  • Stop Porn and Masturbation = +
  • Stress Displacement
  • Submodel Alpha
  • Jupiter
  • Growth Through Pain
  • Deep Sleep
  • Current Invoker

This night I played Mind’s Eye, just to see what would happen. I awoke somehow tired, not that tired but I decided to go back to sleep for two hours after stopping ME.
With ME I really notice how the effects only start to unfold on rest days, which is why I play it only every other day. Now I think I will play ARMSTRONG every day of the week except the weekend and ME every two days.

Let’s see what happens now after that long night of Mind’s Eye



The ones I am already feeling resistance/reconciliation with are Attachment Destroyer and Stop Porn and Masturbation. The latter because it caused me to do the opposite of what it is supposed to do, a clear indicator that my system resists the change. I will think about what to do about it.
Attachment Destroyer seems to have started working, at least that’s why my dreams indicate


Out of curiosity, and because I’m deciding between these two, any particular reason you went with Jupiter instead of Yssdrigal?


@ExploringAstronaut Attachment Destroyer has been a lot of fun for me so far and like you I have had reconciliation


I completely overlooked that module but my curiosity is piqued by your guys sharing and I see now how much value it could have. What have you experienced on the positive side/ the side that has been a lot of fun from Attachment Destroyer?


What’s the powerlevel of this sub? I couldn’t find it.


Can you elaborate a bit? I first wanted to go for Februus but if Attachment Destroyer delivers it could be the most powerful healing module from all (for my journey at least).


The purpose of Yggdrasil wasn’t really clear to me, so I assumed it would automatically manifest more from what I want. For example if I wanted to manifest 100$ it would have manifested multiple hundred dollars in multiple ways for me. That’s what I believe at least.
Since I am not using Armstrong to manifest something but to improve certain skills, I found this wouldn’t fit in very well. Jupiter is more like an extension of Mind’s Eye which I am currently using as you can see and since I am to make active manifesting a part of my everyday life, I found it a good idea to include Jupiter


I feel like Attachment Destroyer is rather gentle which is why I chose it over the other heavier modules. For what I am going to do I will not need any deeper healing and what comes up I will heal myself. I noticed Attachment Destroyer working when I observed my dreams. In one of those for example I was angry with coworkers and I told them to stop what they were doing because once I get really angry I cant control myself. This is exactly what I talked about to a friend. In another dream my father was hunting me and I was hiding behind a door and he would somehow eat a hole through the door which was actually really funny. Howeverthe way I reacted to this surprised me, since I wasn’t scared but felt more mature. I concluded these were healings since I saw someone else describing very similar dreams, I think it was @blackadder

Apart from that I have no reconciliation in the sense of bad mood or anyhing similar. Again, this was a very important criteria to me


It is very light, I think even lighter than the usual non-main-program-subliminals


Heh, I was referring to Q vs Terminus vs Terminus squared.


I see. It is a regular Q version



Today was a weird day. The weirdness started when my boss told me to reject a certain applicant I talked to on the phone. What I wanted to do was to call her and ask her out because we got along very well. But then I decided to not do it because I thought it would be weird to call an applicant with private interests in mind. This made me sad.
Then I saw a very beautiful blonde girl sitting in a room by herself. She smiled at me as our eyes met. I learned that she was the gf of one of my coworkers. This made me envious, not because I wanted her as a gf but I was a very envious person in general when it comes to girls. It’s a long story.

This mixed with what happened before really irritated me. My mood got worse and worse and then my co-worker said a few things to me that got me even angrier and so I left the room to calm down. My biggest fear in that moment was to get aggressive because we are all friends there and I want to keep it that way.

As I calmed down and got back these thoughts ran through my head
“Why me?”
“I hate this”
“When will this stop?”
“Why is it always me?”
“How did this begin?”
“How could this come so far?”

Later on I got my leads and it was my first time to cold call people. Yes, I ran alot of simulations with my coworkers and I practiced a lot; yet i got so nervous I shivered. But then I remembered that my system doesn’t know the difference between fear of something and anticipation and excitement, so I remembered myself how much this will help me to grow as a man and how long I waited for this. I instantly felt the shift and my mood brightened. By the time I was finished I smiled from one ear to another.



I had a very interesting experience this night. I was awake and I noticed a strange presence next to me. It felt like somebody was in the room!
I layed still and waited. This “somebody” walked around, went to the door and then got back to lie next to me. Then it would wait - I feared it would try to check if I am awake by touching my feet or something - but it didnt. It got up again, walked through the room, went to the door and got back. And it did this again and again and again. At first I thought I was in a sleep paralysis but I wasnt. And it all was so extremely vivid. So i came to the conclusion that an independent dream of mine must have gotten exaggerated by my deep sleep state so the effect of ME were more noticeable in “real life”.
Anyway, this was a very strange experience after all.



Stop Porn and Masturbation is backfiring at me. Let me say it this way: It does the exact opposite of what it is supposed to (I knew that would happen) and I didn’t have the willpower to stop it.
This is a very crucial point and I don’t know how to solve that yet


I recently discovered that I fap more on RegenerationQ. Had to kick it out of my stack. :smile:


Yeah… The thing is, I can’t proceed until I have solved this problem meaning I can’t really use the sub until this problem is no more. I got some ideas now and will work them out.


Are you doing any spiritual practices?

Normally, I was watching porn and fapping every day (though I never had a problem with compulsive fapping). But since expanding my horizon and opening my eyes to spirituality my urges for porn completely vanished as a side product. I am now in control of them and could easily not fap for days/weeks. This compulsive feeling of I need to let steam off just went away.

Maybe this is something you could look into.


Thanks for the suggestion.
Yes, I do. A lot. This is something that is going on for years and I have made tremendous progress already. It is just a few more battles and the war is won.
I like challenges like these because they force me to get to know the nature of consciousness and how human system work even more. But right now, this comes a bit unhandy since I need to be focused, determined, confident and have a strong voice for my job