Ascended Mogul + Ultimate Artist


Confidence. Without a doubt. I’m not there yet, but I am so done listening to other people and all the bs they want to put in your head about life. Being able to create my own guidelines and live by those, that’s the path I’m walking now.


Also bought as above so below to start seriously working on energy cultivating. Listened to so below. It was a really interesting experience. I had no idea what it would be like going into it. The emotional charged driven aspect of it is what caused me to choose it. I’ve done the gentle calm approach in the past, but lately I just feel like shaking things up. Very strong emotional release during it, I felt energy start in my stomach and it shot up to my chest and then I got really warm. The visual aspect of it was the most surprising part for me, I’m not too great at visualizing but at one point I physically felt there surrounded by the energy.

Afterwords I spent some time utilizing that energy to visualize and reinforce my goals. Basically to get even more centered and self focused. I’ve realized in my life I’ve very often neglected my own needs and the energy cultivated in so below seems very direct and concentrated. This in contrast to my years spent in a very drifting diffuse unfocused state. Seems like the type of energy I should be utilizing, especially pushing for the goals of AM. Anyway definitely a very interesting supercharger.


Been really doubling down on listening to the Elixir lately. One thing I noticed, it took me a while before I felt ok with letting go and allowing the healing to take place. I guard that center of my being very intensely. Even from myself.

This is part of what makes change hard for me. I feel as if I am very disconnected from my emotions. But at the same time it doesn’t feel safe to feel those things. I get a few windows every now and then where I get a deeper look and then I get shut out again. I know that’s where the growth lies though. Those other parts of myself that go unacknowledged. Somehow I just always end up suppressing it until I realize it one day and then address it, then suppress it again, etc. like a cycle.


Realized I’m not taking my music seriously enough. And in the end it’s my choice, but the words echo in my head of the people that say just keep it a fun hobby. It’s that type of mindset that contributes to low drive with achieving stuff.

I was really agitated today and decided to give a shot at channeling that into my music. I managed to finish something today. And it felt meaningful to me. I can’t count the amount of times I got so caught up in the technical shit with music that I lost the soul of it.

If I’m honest I’m so insecure with my own music. Yes I make it for myself, but I also want to share the experience with the world. I just have a metric ton of self doubt when it comes to my own stuff. I haven’t been finishing a lot because I’ve been caught up in the familiar trap of thinking my stuff can’t compare to anyone elses


Just get it out there. Even “bad feedback” can be constructive. Also, having someone diss one or two tracks isn’t the end of the world. You create your own reality – you can always just delete them (assuming you upload to SoundCloud or something).


This is what I’ve been trying to move towards. I have a tendency to hold onto everything because it never feels “done”. But I’m going to start throwing stuff up on SoundCloud again. Haven’t posted there in well over 2 years so it’s definitely due. I used to think it was me being a perfectionist and working hard at my craft, but I realized recently it’s really just fear. I have to be more consistent with my output and know when I’ve reached the limit on a song.


What might be some of your ideal contexts for sharing your music with the world?

What I mean is in your dream scenario of hearing your music out, where is it?

A club? A café? Radio? A commercial?

One place I think I’d like is in a movie. A documentary film would be cool.

For me, it’s not about a contest, not about a ‘win’. It’s about a connection. I would like to meet people who ‘get’ what I’m trying to do. Or I want people like that to hear the music. It’s like a ‘finger pointing at the moon’, if you’re familiar with that metaphor. (If not, the metaphor’s saying, ‘it’s about the moon, not the finger’)

I’d much rather my music were played by 5 people who get it, than by 500 people who don’t.

As for the journey of becoming more and more skilled, that also seems like a life journey. Not a contest. A process of clarifying your voice. You know?

I guess I’m expressing that I feel like what one is saying is almost more important to me than how one says it.

And the content of what one is saying is a matter not of virtuosity, but of sensibility and orientation. It’s about how the world feels to you. There’s nothing to be judged about that. Either someone relates or they don’t.

It’s that ‘feel’ that I want to express through my music. That’s the core of it.


I would love for my stuff to be played at clubs or by a dj who stumbled onto my stuff and wanted to share it. But also home listening is great too. I guess anywhere where people could connect with it and it wasn’t just background noise. If I was in the position for it, djing my own stuff. But I don’t have any experience djing and I don’t think my stuff is ready for clubs yet. But something about playing out my own stuff and seeing how people connect with it would be fulfilling in its own way. I think the biggest thing for me though is not having this passion relegated to just a hobby with other things taking away that time from me. Any avenue where I could make a living doing what I love would be good for me so long as I get to have my own creative voice. Like I’d hate working on movies or other soundtracks if I had to deal with someone that wanted to influence my creative decisions. Already having the music done and someone wants to use it for something? Awesome. Definitely don’t want a job working on music where I’m answering to someone else. Especially if it’s some asshole type A exec that thinks just because he’s successful in business he knows how creativity works.

Definitely. I think part of it is thinking I have to be at the very top for people to connect with the music in terms of skills. Very all or nothing. So there’s an impatience there for me because I feel like I have to get there.

Same here man. This is really why I picked up AM and Ultimate Artist. I’m very much an artist first. Meaning the business side of all this is lost on me. But I recognize the importance of networking and building connections, I just suck at it a lot. In an ideal world the music would carry itself, but I know that’s really idealistic thinking


So beyond limitless has been great. My eagerness to learn new things has gone up, while the anxiety associated with it has gone down. Several concepts I was struggling with in regards to music production just clicked for me over the past few days and it’s opened up a whole new world of how I write my stuff. They were really abstract concepts I was working with and I couldn’t seem to build the link between that and the application. I was also really intimidated because it seemed like a lot of work and hard to execute. But I’m finding myself just making all the right decisions right off the bat. And figuring out when something is off and needs to change, it’s like I instinctively know what. The other day my chords felt off or like they weren’t harmonizing well with the other instruments, but I just knew what they needed to be after that. No more of that “damn this is wrong and sounds like shit, I’m no good at this I don’t know how to write music” thought loops. It feels like a stronger bridge between what I want to express and my ability to do it. The latest track I did was in a 3/4 time signature, that’s not crazy but I would never have done that before. I always stuck with 4/4 because I knew it better.

Definitely a sort of healing effect with regards to confidence in knowing I can learn things. I actually had a lot of negative beliefs about being slow or dumb. And new things were a threat to my self worth rather than things that would benefit me overall in life. I think I’ve listened about 5 times total to this supercharger so I’m looking forward to how much better I can get from this. I’m thinking it definitely had a synergistic effect on UA that slingshot me towards more outward manifestations of that in my music. Pretty cool.


I had a similar thought with my art, when I was still learning how to paint and finding a practice. Practice and getting in the zone helped, but Beyond Limitless seems to attach to UA very well.

How do you feel about the right brain/left brain balancing with the supercharger?


Practice is definitely key. But if you think about it practice is just strengthening unconscious competence. Using Beyond Limitless is like jumping straight to that. It’s pretty awesome. Though I don’t know how possible it is to become proficient overnight at something, it seems to help set up manageable goals that progress you forward. Like a guaranteed roadmap to improvement vs being lost. I think in general there are a lot of limitation around capabilities of the mind.

I’m not too sure about the balancing. I was actually reading about left/right brain dominance and it’s a bit of a myth, but something is definitely balancing out. I can focus a lot better and I can structure things in my head. Prior to this it was like my brains gate or filter wasn’t functioning so it was a neverending stream of accumulated ideas and possibilities with no “settling” if that makes any sense. I was very easily overwhelmed. Writing that out it makes sense now why the music became easier, I was able to set limitations in my head and act on those vs thinking I had to do all of it.

Another effect from beyond limitless, I think it improved my ability to sort of parse the information from UA and AM and execute it better. Ever since I started it, I feel like there’s less reconciliation symptoms. It’s been interesting. When you think about it the subs are complex problems to be solved, a boost in my minds ability would accelerate that. Consequently more emotional regulation as well? I feel like everything I’m writing here are typical symptoms of undiagonosed ADHD lol. I’ve read that people with ADHD have more trouble regulating emotions because again that sort of gate or filter in the brain has trouble functioning and they are bombarded all at once.

I’ll definitely be updating how it influences me more. It’s a very profound effect, that’s for certain.


Either that or a divergent learning style (dyslexia, dyspraxia etc), which is why I wanted to ask about the L/R dominance. Spatial learning is great but the rest of the world doesn’t seem to agree…


Ohhhhh. I see what you were getting at now. I though you were talking about that over simplified left brain math and science right brain creativity and arts myth that just won’t die lol. Yeah for sure, I’d say the balancing has been really helpful. It never occurred to me just how much of my stress and anxiety was caused by learning difficulties.


New life philosophy condensed into three short reminders for me.

  1. Don’t take shit from people.

  2. Know your worth.

  3. Always grow, always strive to improve.

I’m convinced if anyone can fully embody these it’s the keys to freedom in life. I know for me I’ve been weighed down by fear for too long because I put my self worth in the hands of others and some people liked having that control and abused it. My goal is to transcend that bullshit hierarchy of social approval and get to the point where none of it matters. Other people can play that game if they want, but I want no part of it.


Interested in hearing more about the effects of BL on those with divergent learning style since I’m undiagnosed dyspraxic.


I am happy for you that you finally learnt the cause of your stress and anxiety. I’ve been much in the same situation - will consider trying Beyond Limitless for myself too.


Not good today, doing my best to not spiral out and invite those thoughts of failure. Heavy reconciliation right now. I’ve been questioning if I even like making music, if I have enough passion for it like others, and if my own music will ever be something I can look upon and be proud of.

It’s weird I know people that actually know more music than me. Like they actively listen to a ton of stuff, I don’t. For whatever reason a lot of music doesn’t interest me and you think it would since I make stuff. It just cast a lot of doubt into my mind because I always assumed as an artist you live and breathe others work too. I feel a bit odd, I definitely don’t fit the the stereotype for most musicians. But in general as a person I’ve never really “fit” anywhere so maybe this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Maybe I just have really high standards. Maybe it’s the perfectionism. Being incapable of seeing that middle ground with music. It’s definitely not genre dependent, some stuff I just click with. But I feel like my pool is a lot smaller than others.


@elementary_vision - sometimes I even ask myself the same questions regarding my passion for writing. Do I like to make money from it? Am pushing on though. Its a difficult journey but regrets (at the end of our lives) are heavier.


You’re absolutely right. I don’t want to live my life with regrets. I think it’s a combination of low self confidence and fear. Probably societal conditioning too, the life of an artist seems to generally be looked down upon unless they have fame. People are always quick to tell you that it isn’t possible.


It’s interesting you say this, I play music just as a hobby. And whereas my friends have the time of their life when we go see amazing musicians, I actually get depressed. It reminds me it is one of those dreams that will never come true for me.