Ascension, Primal Seduction and Spartan


Have you been running Q subliminals 24/7 on set it and forget it? Or older versions?

How has it affected you?


I run 24/7 yes with Q. I think they are working fine. Maybe less would be better but, honestly I cannot see why. I did take a 3.5 day break recently and it did not seem to catalyze anything different.

With the Ultima trial I will only be running the track one time a day and running nothing else.


Very interesting. How about benefits?


I think the biggest things are s kind of unflappability, less reactivity. More solid in my sense of self. Reduction of negative internal voice, better around
women in that I am not intimidated by hot women at all, better in talking to women, in fact women tell me that no man has been anywhere close to turning them as much as I do by talking to them. Unfortunately my only romantic interaction with women recently has been through texting or online, because of coronavirus.

Also Spartan has really helped me to be extremely consistent with workouts and I’ve developed a take no shit attitude. I am not looking for fights, but I don’t have fear of anyone starting anything with me.

I think a general sense of solidity and a quieter mind might sum it up in the simplest manner.


I am not sure what model subliminals work upon, but I figure brainwashing is a pretty good model for how one’s sense of self and attitudes can be shifted relatively quickly, and it is about bombardment with stimuli.

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum you’ve got hypnosis and nlp techniques that appear to shift things in a moment.

Subliminals may use or be built upon these ideas or their influence but they are not literally either one, though one might use an nlp technique within a subliminal track. I am not sure how that would function or work in contrast to direct use of nlp on a subject or its presentation within hypnotic trance.

Just trying to figure out how exactly change occurs using subliminals. Clearly it works, but what is the most effective manner for use?



Trying to work up subs with a total of 10 modules in various themes like masculinity, healing and creativity.


I have had a bit of a home disaster with torrential rains putting water in my basement and forcing me to pack up the work-out gear I can move and reconstitute a makeshift fitness area in my living room and entry area. It has been slow going in getting back to a working set-up. A cornerstone of what I had been doing was a couple of pins and handles to load weights on for doing one handed straddle variants on deadlifts. But I do no want that set up in my living room.


A fitness concept for a Q sub with ten modules.

Emperor ST4


Ego Adsum
Extreme Exercise Motivation
Master’s Coordination
Serum X

Possible options:
Epigenetics and DNA



I had gotten pretty into the first superchargers back in Fall of 2018, and was using them without fail every day for quite a while. I stopped using them when I went through a phase of listening to some hypnosis tracks by Hypnotica and then Igor Ledochowski.

Lately it has been like I had forgotten I had them and I keep wondering why I don’t get back into running one or two on a daily basis?


I love Hypnotica’s stuff, and have a couple awesome meditations of his.Were you able to listen to those with sublminals? I had stopped them out of concern of script interferance.


I have so many stimuli in my life that I have not stopped or cannot stop due to subliminals - social media, books, youtube, radio, music, television, people speaking with some attempting to influence or manipulate me, sun streaming through my windows, dogs barking, engines revving, etc. - some of these are positive, some are negative. Some just are.

Why would I choose to stop hypnosis if I found it beneficial? I don’t live my life in a vacuum.

I can’t limit my stimuli to just the subliminals. I also can’t formulate a reason why hypnosis would interfere.
Maybe there is a rational reason why it would interfere, but I don’t know what that could be.


Sure that makes a lot of sense, when I first found sub club I asked over customer service and they said not to mix with other hypnosis, affirmations, or subliminals. But they also say experimentation is welcome. So if it still works, great, I’ll give it a shot as well.



I really get into cleaning and pressing the green sandbag in the photo. I use the handles but it is still significantly more awkward than using a standard bar.

Feels like something a warrior would use for training, like imagine ancient warriors doing manual labor and maybe lifting rocks or felled trees or some shit.

I feel like Spartan is really ramping up my warrior spirit which feels way better to me than the cosmetics focused work somebody like a bodybuilder would do.

I am more into the sort of fitness work that gets lumped together as strongman training these days, and I am noticing myself getting pretty f*cking strong.


As of 9:33 pm on June 26, 2019. I am pausing my listening to my present subliminal stack until the end of the Ultima trial.

I also will not use any superchargers, hypnosis tracks or guided meditations during this trial.


I found a white noise track to the usual sound of my masked subliminal as I sleep. It is deeper and has a bit of a low frequency rumble to it. It will be interesting to see if I can sleep to it. The smallest of shifts can be completely disruptive, at least for me.


I am really liking this new white noise track. It is just a wooshing wall of pleasant noise.

For years I’ve used either white noise machines or subliminals with wave or rain sounds masking the messages.

So far I am quite taken with this new white noise.