Ascension, Primal Seduction and Spartan


I have a friend who lives six blocks from where the big protests are happening in Minneapolis. She is getting pretty freaked out.

I’d like to recommend subs to her, and she might be open to them, but in the short term reconciliation might only make things worse for her.


I will be traveling this today and will be staying with friends until Monday. At one point I would have played an ultrasonic playlist from my phone while I sleep, but this trip I am just going to give myself a full three day break from all subs to see what effect that might have.



I am on the first trip I have taken since mid March, and it feels strange to be out in public a bit more. It is unsettling. It doesn’t seem safe, yet I am doing it, and businesses like restaurants are opening back up.


I have not listened to any subliminals since 3pm on Friday. This non-listening phase will last until early afternoon on Monday.


Nearing the end of my subliminal break. I will resume listening likely around 1pm. Nothing major to report thus far from having taken this break.



Not really much new to say after doing the three days off. Started listening again late yesterday morning


I have some time away from work right now. With Covid I am mostly at home. Not much different from before really.

Trying to push into some projects I need to do at home.



I have an ex-girlfriend who lives in the neighborhood directly adjacent to the main area of rioting and looting in Minneapolis. I had been to her home and in that area of businesses and it is unsettling to think of the destroyed buildings and her so close to it, but she is no longer my responsibility.

She took this photo of a burned out building two blocks from her home.

I have a strong protective urge towards her that goes beyond a normal concern for others. We are no longer together, but communicate. I have to let it go. I am too far away and it is not my role in her life.



I feel fucking awful this afternoon. It is raining heavily outside. Thunder rumbling and rolling.

The only positive is the acquisition of my scratch and dent Shoulderök, which is amazing. Makes you feel like a viking warrior.

I have been working out with maces and clubs for seven years. In combination with some chest expander moves, they do great things for the shoulders and core in general.

I am a big fan of non-standard fitness tools. Keeps things interesting and fun. I am guessing ancient warriors stayed fit for the most part by drilling with their weapons, marching and manual labor. Seems like a good formula, and I am at least partially following in that tradition.

I find it funny that so many think the only way to build a decent physique is through the standard barbell lifts, which are of relatively recent origin. I don’t bother with any of them, though I simulate them with heavy bands.

I think it is important to find your own way.





I’ve just begun reading Kurt Vonnegut’s “The Sirens of Titan”.


Waking up in the middle of the night. Torrential rains. My mp3 player is sending me that familiar running water sound of my masked subs.



I am putting together spotify playlists with friends. I am asking friends to read Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan to discuss.

Creativity in times of crisis is good.

I continue on with SpartQ, Prim SedQ and AscQ.