Ascension, Primal Seduction and Spartan


Trying to decide if I immediately want to create a Q sub and switch over. Hell, Since the store is not yet open I don’t even have an idea of the parameters or modules or specifics of cost.

No reason to let my imagination run all that much.


Once you get past 1,000 posts the discussion board post tracker no longer tells you the specific number of posts you made. I guess I’ll need to hit 1.3k to be exactly sure that I have gone beyond 1250 and can reach Arch Alchemist status and the 25% discount.



Ok, so no Q store even exists yet and I don’t know what the modules would be, but I am trying to come up with a good healing mix that would reset things back to zero and create a healthy masculine persona able to act in the world.


Working up some ideas. Not sure what new healing modules might be available. Is Blue Skies a healing module? Will it be all its been hyped to be?

Here are some modulesI am thinking about for my ult reset title:

Sex Mastery
Emperor Fitness Lev 1
Khan Lev 1
Alchemist Lev 1
Quantum Limitless Lev 1
Ecstacy of Gold Lev 1

Now all I need is to hit 1250 posts!


Q store custom subs and their concomitant expense should stop me from buying new individual titles and doing any sub hopping for a while.

If I buy one of these custom titles you can bet I will hunker down and let it run for like a year without switching or buying anything new.


If I were going to fill out that first set of modules to twenty, what might I add?

Ultimate Artist
Primal Seduction
Blue Skies?
Godlike Masculinity
Power Can Corrupt



Where might Khan Stage 2: Total Reprogramming fit?

Would it best be fit with the healing modules or after. It seems like a sort of reset to a stable base level.


I had a dream about an imaginary cousin who is 5 years younger than me.

My actual cousin, who would have been this imaginary cousin’s sister, died a year ago.

One of my best friends, who had his birthday on June 13th died around this time ten years ago. I talked to him on the phone on the morning of his birthday, which was a Sunday, and then found out six days later that he was dead, another friend having found his badly decomposed body on the floor of his apartment.


Determining a strategy for the Q store is difficult.

It would be easy to pick 20 huge main programs and combine them together to form a sub and ask for Terminus 2, but would it be too dense and top heavy for anything to happen.

I am going to need to read up on strategies for putting these together.

Fortunately I plan to wait until I hit 1250 posts.


Finding it really hard to put something together from q store that I think makes coherent sense rather than being a mish-mash.

I am hoping that the already existing titles will be given a name embedding option.

Also trying to figure out what the differences are between Q, Terminus and Terminus 2.


My concept for a Q sub

I am interested in creating a general purpose sub that will serve to develop the mundane self in a well rounded manner.

I’d like to develop equanimity, steadfastness, flexibility and creativity, while healing from the wounds of the past and finding resiliency in the present. I’d also like to be as functionally fit as possible, get my eating better and heal some nagging physical injuries and ailments.

Toward those ends I have imagined building my Q sub around:

Stark - For alpha masculinity, mercurial genius, creativity and leadership.
Primal Seduction - For being relaxed, instinctual and comfortable in one’s skin. Also for the romantic, seduction and sexual support it contains.
Spartan - For mental toughness, physical healing, warrior spirit and functional fitness.

I am presently listening to these in non name embedded form, so I should be building upon a strong base.

All three of these are pretty dense subliminals so I figured I would only aim for the minimum # of modules and have a total of ten in this sub. The modules I will pick will focus upon healing, masculinity and shifting attitude.

These are the ones I am certain to place in:

I Am - This supposedly contains the breakdown element of Khan ST1.
Blue Skies - Not sure exactly what this is supposed to do but it has been hyped as a very beneficial sub. My assumption is attitude and healing.
Ares - This one to heal and support healthy masculinity.
New Beginnings - Starting afresh is my assumption. Another much hyped module.
Februus - A compelling looking healing module.

I am a little less sure about the other modules, but the following are others I am currently considering. I need to do a deep dive into the Q store.

Godlike Masculinity

It might be nice to put something in to speed up or optimize the subliminals action. Thus far the following have caught my eye as possibilities.

Deus - Optimization, Enhancement.
Dominion - Taking responsibility.
Raikov - Modeling successful others.
Submodel Alpha - Running possible scenarios.

These next few relate to other issues I’d like to work on.

Productivity Unleashed - The name describes it.
Berzerker - Fighting prowess
Iron Frame



I have been thinking about death a lot lately.

Last night I dreamed about my cousin who died on June 18th of last year.

One of my best friends died sometime between June 13 and 16 of 2010, so 10 years. He died and was not found until as many as six days after he died.

In December 19/Jan. 20 my stepfather died on Christmas day, my brother’s wife’s mother died on New Year’s eve.

My aunt and great aunt both died in early January, making it four people I was close or relatively close to all dying.

Then we have had all the Covid 19 deaths. No one I was particularly close to, but it still weighs upon a self.


Getting up sort of late. This has become my standard post coronavirus. Motivation has also dropped.

I continue pondering a possible q sub. If I do it I need to get it right. Even with discount it is still pretty expensive.

The main benefit, as I see it, is the name embedding, rather than the customization options. I think we are going to be seeing some really frivolous and ludicrous combinations of modules on the board. Good luck.

All this stuff about using subs to make fairly substantial physical changes seems kind of ridiculous to me, but maybe it is possible. It just makes me think of teenagers and youtube subliminals a bit too much.

I also find all the talk of not being afraid of “10s” and having dominating and seducing auras to be clownish, but ok.

The point for me, is to get clear and mentally unfucked as possible, and then work from a place of clarity and flow to see how much I might enjoy whatever of this life I’ve got left.


I like that in the relative near future there will be a name embedding option for the major sub titles. I would have preferred that to what is being rolled out with the Q store now, but, of course, it is not my shot to call.

I’d prefer to wait, but I know I want to get in on the name embedding sooner than that so will almost certainly create a custom Q sub, as I like my ideas for the one that I have been formulating based around Stark, Primal Seduction, Spartan and mostly healing modules.


Same here… Waiting to see if Saint can name embed major titles.


Well, the tech certainly appears capable of it. I would have though that might have come first before the module concept, but somehow the modules may have been easier or quicker to roll out and likely more lucrative.