Avengers68 Quantum Limitless journal


How long would it be advisable to stick to one stage? Would it also be interesting listening to the four stages, stacked?


I read around the forum that 30 days should be optimal for Khan and Eog. I didnt read anything different for QL


There are numerous modes of thought on the subject. Some people say 30 days, some people say 300 hours, and others still say whichever to the two comes last. Honestly there is no way of knowing what is optimal for each individual person as there are too many variable factors. Listening to all four at the same time would definitely be very interesting, not sure how that would work out but would definitely follow your journal very closely if you chose to go that route :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m doing one at a time. I will do three weeks for each stage but subliminal’s work surprisingly fast on me. Especially now while I have been running Quantum Limitless.


Good decision.


I think I will avoid listening to QL at night… last night I had a complete insomnia after listening to 2 loops of ST1 masked. I don’t have insomnia so I suppose it is QL which provoked it. I will test in the future


Whoa, if testing reveals that the sub really was pushing your mind into such a place that it could prevent sleep that would be an intense testament to its power!


Normally I feel sleepy with some kind of foggy brain after lunch and take coffee. But now no more fog or sleepiness ! I feel young again :rofl:


Damn I’m the same way. Maybe I need some of that QL energy :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe you can try 2-3 more days and see if you still have isomnia. I find it difficult to sleep and i am interested to see your results


After 3 days I would say
On a scale of stress level from 1 to 10 (highest stress)

In the context of deadlines I would be around 6 with peaks of 8. But since I started QL I asses to be around 3 with peaks 5 or 6 … but the motivation is not super high. So I will have maybe to reduce the number of loops to test the monster


I dont understand what you are trying to say with this post


Can you elaborate more on not feeling stressed? Have you done any introspection on why you feel more calm or how your mindset has shifted?


@rising what I mean is when I am very close to a deadline for an article to finish to write I normally reach high level of stress (on a scale of 1 to 10 I would reach sometimes 8, high stress). But now after listening to QL for 3 days I dont feel stressed at all (below 5) even though the deadline for my article is next Monday.
But last niight all my dreams were some kind of negative or stressfull as if the old program is trying to go back and sabotage the work with QL. Is it reconciliation ?


Can you tell some of your dreams?


Guys I know who were telling me I am the worst writer. Things of this stuff, about low self esteem etc. I am sure it is resistance of some kind.

After having listened many times before to Sanguine, I will say that QL is 100% stronger than Sanguine. Maybe the subconscious needs time to adjust.
Sanguine was a very nice program but it was efficient up to one to two hours after listenening to 2 loops. QL it is the whole day efficient after 2 loops and I think it will be even more than a day after I have trained for a month.


Seems ql has immediate results in many users


What stage are you running? Quantum Limitless for me gives me a major boost in my critical thinking and creativity.


As usual, minimum of 30 days. Longer if you need it or want to see more profound effects.

QL: Ideal time for each stage

Well okay, 30 days. But how many hours? There’s 24 hours in a day, I don’t expect you mean we have to listen 24 hours, 30 days long, do we?