Avengers68 Quantum Limitless journal


When you purchased a product, there’s a PDF that you can download on the Downloads page. It states you can use it up to 16 hours in a set and forget manner. You are free to experiment however way you wish.


With QL I feel zen the whole day ! During the day, I feel some kind of bursts of motivation and euphoria. It is coming from my subconscious and my conscious would like to control the phenomenon. It is something like “Yes ! I do that task without giving it up” and it creates this euphoria. I hope I will be able to consciously develop that skill soon. It makes the body warm, and thing seems easy to do. I am learning vocabulary and grammar of a foreign language with much less sweats and stress and frustrations.


This effect you get from Stage 1?


What is you stack list?


Stages 3 and 4


are you playing them back to back or one stage in the morning the other in the evening? i am thinking to do the same


Stage 3 in the morning, stage 4 afternoon. But none during the night


How come, you didn’t start with stage 1 as advised?


Same Question as above


Well it is written also that we can try whatever we want and experiment

After nearly a week, I have reduced considerably my bruxism. I don’t feel my jaws tense during my sleep as before.

In one week I would say the main point I felt is a calm and low stress, not yet stress free but close to it


Only wondering what make you choose for this option?


I have some deadlines to beat :slight_smile:


Fair enough, good luck!


After one week of QL, I have beaten my deadline ! I have given my paper 1 day before the deadline in fact. By lowering my stress and anxiety levels, I was able to focus all my attention to my work. I was using ST3 and ST4. Now I think I will start from level 1 and step by step go to level 4. I felt there was some resistances when I was using 3 and 4 so I will follow the process.


Congrats! What kind of resistence


Some kind of procrastination even though I finished on time. I could have done it faster


ST2 of QL is also fantastic ! This morning before waking up I listened to ST2 and I entered like in a dream but I was still conscious and it was like in a movie, with great colors.

ST1 is having great relaxation effects for me. ST2 is more on the zone effects


I’ve only been listening to stage 1, will do until 11/12. Can’t wait to start stage 2 though. I’m looking forward to zoning out :slight_smile:

And before waking up … :roll_eyes: daymnnn, you must be sleep walking :thinking:


Daaaamn, you’re making me want to get QL sooner than planned…


Any increase in drive, motivation, or thirst for knowledge?