Avengers68 Quantum Limitless journal


From my experience so far, all three of those.


seems ql is working like charm for everyone


For now not really for me, more on the serenity side. I am preparing a conference and I don’t feel the stress of the preparation/organization. People around me are already stressing and they are asking me why I don’t or how do I do not to stress … :slight_smile:


OMG ! today I think I reached the ZONE or close to it. I reached it twice when I was working. This is a feeling which goes beyond being relaxed and stress free. It is clarity of thoughts and at the same time feeling that there is no boundary, no limit and it creates a feeling of euphoria. First time I reach this zone or bubble. My objective will be to create it at will and not only when I listen to QL.
I discovered also being warm with people even though I don’t know them, as if I knew them since a long time. My question to @SaintSovereign is : have you included the script of Daredevil or/and true social in QL ? Yesterday I was in a big assembly and I was feeling at ease with all the people. No feelings of stress, anxiety or worry… All with ST1 and ST2


Gotta ask @Fire :wink:


Is this the feeling?:slight_smile:



Is this from the movie or the series?


@King the effect of beer you mean ?


Some updates

I bought this program in the first place because I had to prepare a big international conference and I had to speak in it. I hate public speaking but I have to do it regularly. Listening to QL helped me a lot to reduce drastically my levels of stress. In fact, even during the day of the conference, I had nearly no stress. Before I could stress 1 week or even 10 days before a conference. But last week, none of it. The stress came when it was my turn to speak infront of hundreds of people. But before, I would have an extremely dry mouth and burning throat even if I drink liters of water before speaking. But this time, I had no burning throat and my mouth was not too dry. I was still not comfortable speaking but for the first time some external symptoms were reduced. And I was very comfortable during the questions/answers sessions. So I have hope that by listening to QL I could be one day more comfortable speaking in public. Next year I will have a lot of public speaking engagements so I will increase the listening of QL


After 25 days of QL I discover that I am going much deeper into hypnotic trance and more suggestible to positive suggestions. Probably my subconscious is learning how to let go, the main principle in hypnosis


It makes me think that QL could be used as a booster for other subliminal club files. Maybe a shorter version of QL which could used just before the main sub


Have you specifically been trying to master the skills/knowledge of hypnosis? Or was this just a surprise effect?


I am a fan of hypnosis but I always felt some resistance before to relax and let go. But now no problem, i can go deep without problems


@Avengers68 are you still on stage 1?


Stages 1 before sleeping and 2 during the day


On the 11th I’m heading into stage 2 of Quantum Limitless. I didn’t feel like stage 1 could bring me that much though. But I still run it for one month just for making sure. I’ve been working on my brain for a long time.


So I am stacking QL Stage 3 and Emperor v.4. I want the super confidence of emperor and a quantum intellect :slight_smile:
Lets see what will happen !


Oooohhhh Quantum Emperor!


Last night I listened to QL ST3 the whole night on speakers, masked file. A dream was very vivid. I was in a big house on top of a very deep cliff. We were having lunch (my family) on the terrace which had no fence. The table was positioned on edge of the terrace and so we could see the depth of the cliff. The landscape was beautiful with the ocean at the foot of the cliff and other big houses below ours. But it was also very scary ! One of my brothers nearly fell from the cliff. Then we went inside the house in the living room. A big place. Suddenly I heard a huge noise. What I saw was so incredible. Somebody in the living room wanted to open the window, but a part of the wall collapsed ! A very big hole was created on the wall. The material like cement, brics etc fell through the cliff, big parts fell on the roof of another house which was below. Then another brother wanted to take a frame on the other wall and … part of this wall collapsed also ! My parents were there but they kept quiet, stayed calm when we were all panicking. Then a third wall collapsed also ! And I walk up sweating !! At the end, the living room had three destroyed walls and one still intact.


The same kind of dreams are repeating themselves : the same themes but in different contexts. Like unruly crowd with hammers making big holes in walls or burglars entering a bank by making big holes in the walls of the bank. Each time the main structures are very strong even though there are holes in them. I can pass from one side of the wall to the other side. Last night I was sitting in the hole, one leg on one side, the other leg on the other side. It became funny to pass on the 2 sides. I walk up and realized that maybe it could be the symbol of the 2 hemispheres and that the 2 realities are now communicating through the “holes”. And when I realized that, I realized that it was not threatening anymore even though it can be very noisy like in my first dream I described last time. I told myself, so it is a real breakthrough ? or the beginning of a breathrough !