AzrielLight EmperorQ


Shortly joining the ranks of the esteemed @blackadder

as the only other wielder, I think :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, of the majesty of an Emperor Terminus custom

we can compare notes.


I will be descending from Emperor
to test run Ascension (the irony) this week as stated, while the Emperor custom makes it way through the Q machine.


Descending to ascend… What a way to put it.

But Jesus also descended before ascending.

So did God the Father.


Most recent time running Libertine

  1. Stares everywhere
  2. Followed by a cutie at grocery store
  3. Felt Playful, sexual, dominant, comfortable
  4. Sense of taking my power back with woman-I had been looking for validation/confirmation of my sexual attractiveness/desirability and that slipper slope has solidified back onto solid masculine ground-not just because of the obviousness of interest-but as an internal process
  5. More playful, upbeat, and persuasive with some friends-and distinctly less influential with others


I freaking love this image

It’s my hidden dream to be a writer, of all kinds
fantasy, novels, informational,
content and articles

I’ll have to add this one to upcoming spiritual or wealth customs


Ascension should be interesting. I’ve never run it personally. I am curious how it will affect you, and what changes you will notice.


I like this image as well. It covers many aspects.


BLU causes my bothered ear to ring and even the other ear at times,

Is this some weird reconciliation

Libertine does not effect me this way at all

Both of these subs are profound game changers-I’ve been exploring BLU-
it really taking things to the next level --if I have to give it up for ear trouble
it will be a Flowers for Algernon Situation :sob::joy:

without dying of course:)


What volume is it?


Ultima has ultrasonic

Ultima ultrasonics are the only ultrasonics I ever use

I’ve used superchargers with ultrasonics for months with no issues.

Computer speakers lowest audible volume to hear the trickling stream-so 12-24/100 on windows media player and 12/100 on computer-

this doesn’t happen on LIbertine-the only other ultrasonic I have run recently

I am sorting out some health issues as stated earlier in my journal which could be contributing
My intuitive sense is it’s energetic/ reconcilliation/ and attention being drawn to sinus/dental issues


Ahh the wait for your custom to arrive sure is something isn’t it…



I’m navigating the two worlds of rapid transformation and success and completely falling apart
that waiting means -no decision making and navigating-which is a relief in my world right now lol


But I am really excited
and I believe this is your first custom-so that wait was killer


Something in my custom is kicking it,
I’m driven to do at least 1/2 hour work out every day
the last 3 days-even when I have no intention to.


Tonight I was winding down
and then just felt compelled and excited about working out.
Did some band work, mobility, and working on the captains of crush grippers.
my left hand closed one I never closed before.
Seeing rapid improvements ONLY WHEN I APPLY MYSELF CONSISTENTLY (reminder to self :slight_smile: )
Shoulder pain down greatly on band pull a parts
Seeing where my movements have been truncated and form is off on single leg rdl, hip airplanes,
push ups, and hip flexor stretching.
Also cutting movements out I know see are contributing to on going chronic pain, I know intuitively and can feel what is smart to push through and what is not. I know that sounds obvious but when you live with an experience for 4+ years it becomes hard to know what to differentiate.


How many loops of libertine u ran…?
And when did the effects kick in?


1 loop at night-the self effects kick in shortly
next day saw the effects.


That great…
Let me know how your effects get stronger…with each loop.


Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll keep you updated.
I’m going to take the next few days off Ultima
until I get this health issue resolved.


Is the health issue chronic?

Have you suffered from those issues for a long time?