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I’ve had some chronic pain stuff before

but I’m referring to the ear/sinus/ dental stuff
So I have doctor/dentist stuff to go to this week. I was avoiding going in person cause of Covid
but at this point that’s what I got to do.

First noticed some auditory stuff 18 days ago
9 days ago started experiencing the symptoms I have now.
It’s been getting better overall-but still distinctly something to deal with asap.
Hearing is 100% fine, just have had jaw/face pressure and pain and on and off ‘tinnitus like’ symptoms
all in my left side.


Ok, I hope you get well soon.


Thanks King


Ouch, feel better soon!


Odd, considering Ultima’s ultrasonics are so low that they’re actually hard to detect in Frequensee. @DarkPhilosopher even questioned if they were there, lol. Still, try not to listen too loudly. I run my Ultima subs at very low volume and I still get results.


Since your recommended PM I’ve run them low on speakers.and still experiencing great results

I highly doubt Ultima or ultrasonics are at the source or contributing to this issue, it’s just a small possible factor that I am accounting for.


Thank you!
truthfully as ‘annoying’ as it is
I’m learning a lot of really cool stuff getting to the bottom of it.

I don’t want to make this a focal point any longer, so I’ll post again on it once it is resolved.
And anything of value I’ve learnt holistically, or in terms of self care along the way, afterward.


You dont use earphones?


Almost never-
I used the senheiser a few times
and besides being really uncomfortable structurally they worked great, they might have slightly improved my ultima results but not enough to warrant there use more frequently.

Once I get Dark Philosopher’s ear muff recommendation I may reintroduce them


And your speaker volume?percentage?like 40%?


12-24/100 on windows media player
12-14/100 on computer for Ultima
on headphones even less

For masked whatever feels good at the time-between 30-40%


Is it better to listen at 30-40% volume? I use Sennheiser hd280 pro and I listen at above 50%. Masked …all titles including only ultima I have which is Libertine


I don’t know any definitive protocols

The recommendations I remember was Masked at a reasonable volume, make sure you can hear it if your listening to music as well

And Ultima and Ultrasonics at a lower volume- I believe the recommendation was 25% of max volume if there is an ultrasonic.


I don’t know if its ‘The Naturalizer’
but in my perspective lately, I’ve been unproductive, and demanding more of myself.
and then I go to my to do list, and I’m like 'done that, done that, done that, when did I do that? doesn’t matter did it, etc"

and I’ve crunched down like 10 top things and 5 logistical things
that I didn’t even realize

Reminder to self: to take stock of what is actually happening more often.


Speaking of productivity

Upon this post shall be 750


Your boy just turned a nickel into a tiny piece of gold…
but that’s about all I can manage…
and I can’t find my philosopher stone anywhere :thinking:…I must just be a Jr. Alchemist:sunglasses:

please purify me in the Alchemical Fire of badge transformation

and the concomitant reward of discount to ease the financial burden on my spiritual sub club journey.


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Karma :slight_smile:


I want that too!! Where is the information? Can you point me to it?
Im gonna check my post count.


You know, some people might say that the amount of posting you do is the opposite of being productive. :wink:

Give it another 10-20 posts to account for the one-liners while enjoying your Ascended-hood. And so I can get a solid night’s sleep in first. :slight_smile:

Joa, that would be this one. Looks like you’re an Initiate. You have but to ask. Help will always be given at Subwarts to those who ask for it.


what one liners?


I rest my case. :slight_smile: