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People can say as they like :wink:

I find the intermittent dopamine spike of the forum to be an invaluable ingredient in my cocktail of daily productivity (it sure beats the alternatives)

Anyway -of course get your rest, and get to it when it works for you, the only rush I was in was to figure out funny ways to ask you to update.


AzrielJunior Alchemist


Thank you::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Congrats man, hope to join the ranks sometime


thanks lol
It’s really not a big deal, I’m just making a game out of it,
besides your super close


Took a day of Medici
and all deals go cold–wtf :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Correlation is not causation-perhaps that’s the way they were going anyway
Ran a loop of Medici again tonight.
Then I get a match on tinder from a super cute…you guessed it… Trader
I almost never go on tinder

The force is strong with the House of M.


Looking forward to seeing what you can get from Medici tomorrow


so far stuff only happens fast when I’m not focused on or expecting it.
…and I’ll make something happen :slight_smile:


Yea I realised sometimes you just have to keep yourself busy and don’t be discouraged by naysayers.

Good things will come when you least expect.


Heck yeah to no discouragement
I don’t have any naysayers,-that would be almost motivational (grass is always greener-right)
my problem is everyone believes in me super highly and
I consistently under perform :rofl:

but in all seriousness-in the past I’ve often felt like a fraud because of how much
people see and believe in me and how I hadn’t even admired or trusted myself.
Subs is switching this strongly-but I’d still like to match the potential others see in me more consistently


Any one moment could be the moment where everything changes

I’m gonna tag @khan

I accidentally said something that sounded ‘infinite’ I thought you might appreciate :slight_smile:


New Beginnings helps with the Imposter Syndrome,


Yes, thank you for the note.
It will go in my next custom.
It’s also in Emperor and I DEFINITELY feel much less Impostor syndrome since running it.

Actually now my life feels like the Impostor- I’m like 'how is someone as like me- dealing with stuff like this…"


I see that you have some of the WWJCD stuff in your mind. I have it too.

Somethings I think that if New Beginnings doesn’t work sufficiently to address the issue, then Raikov might help. Just get into the mind of that “someone” and learn how he actually deals with it.

That’s the reason why I have Submodel Alpha, Secrets of Akasha, Raikov, New Beginnings and Mind’s Eye in my custom sub. I want to be able to view things from other perspectives.


I don’t know where you got WWJCD
but I am a big fan of the psychological/spiritual mythic representation and enlightened human being that he was.

Raikov would be potent for this indeed, viewing your own life through a role models perspective or inculcating the qualities of that role model is distinct than putting yourself in another shoes to empathize but the custom and modules you have looks very good for developing those capabilities in every way.


I may have missed it,
are you running your new custom solo,
with Ascension, with Emperor custom…
or all of them?


Still running Ascension on its own this week.

Will mix Ascension and my new HOM custom sub next week. I will look forward to some interesting results then.

Right now when I run Ascension on its own, I just don’t worry so much and hammer through whatever opportunities I have at the moment. I’m keeping myself busy and my mind active and that’s the most important thing that keeps me alive at the moment. I live day by day but am confident that problems will be solved eventually.


Manifestation always runs through the path of least expectance. Objects, Situations, or whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest cannot come to you if you’re thinking or waiting, that will cause you to sit in a state distrust in the Universe. Or rather a state of waiting like it’s not already in your reality and you attract what you’re, your frequency matches the manifestation.


Very beneficial distinction, I’m going to come back to this one often.


Symptom 1/2 resolved
Eustachian Tube ‘malfunction’ on my left side, fluid build up is causing sound distortion,
pain, pressure etc. Annoying not dangerous. Not Tinnitus.
Some basic protocols first, possible steroids if needed.
I can live with discomfort while the issue resolves itself. Not knowing was the hard part.
Symptom 2/2 set to be resolved by Monday.


@Azriel I hope you feel infinitely better.