AzrielLight EmperorQ


Running Ascension
Azriel Q
and House of Medici this week-all 2 loops a day.
minds eye 2x this week so far
Libertine 1x this week
Beyond Limitless 3x this week.

I’m sitting in my chair, taking a break from work and I think about this girl I know. The thought comes in-and I have a funny passing thought-what if with transcendental connection, worked like long-range seduction, and think about how cool it would be to see her. A couple hours goes by and I’m making dinner, and I hear a bang, my cats are always banging things up so I think nothing of it. Then I hear it again and a weird yelp. I think it’s the cat’s but it sounded like something up, I get a little concerned it’s like a hobo outside, but I know I need to check.

So I go to open the door a little apprehensively and… it’s the girl I was thinking about earlier, she got locked out of her house and knew I lived there so came over to borrow a charger .:flushed::flushed::hushed::hushed: This shit is getting unreal.

Long story short-we hooked up and it was awesome, best in a while.

PS. You know you’ve gone to far when the girls in the bathroom and the thing your most excited about is positing about new manifestation developments.:zipper_mouth_face::star_struck:

PPS: Apparently you don’t need to leave your house to have success with woman.

Main Disc. Thread - Libertine Ultima

I just pm’ed this
about Primal Seduction in my custom
but here how I believe it is effecting me, libertine could be a contributor too, but I run that 1x week.

I’m just having more sexual encounters since starting to run it.
I feel much more comfortable sexually with woman, I can do what ever I feel like and they love it.
Emperor is dominance and sexuality,
but this is sexual dominance and fun, and love.
I feel more wild and comfortable with my self, at ease in the moment. I have a sense and just say the right thing at the right time or now how to recover if I don’t. It’s easier to persuade and deal with people in general.
It just has my masculine sexual instinct and social intelligence maxed out and growing.


Thinking or Visualizing – (Mind’s Eye)?

What’s in your Custom anyway, Emperor + Primal Seduction and?


My cusom is
Khan Stage 1
Emperor Fitness Stage 4
Primal Seduction
Blue Skies
Merger of Worlds
Physicality Shifter-sexiness
Male Enhancement
Serum x


My current stack includes my custom, Emperor/ or (Ascension this week as a test), Mind’s Eye, House of Medici. I do libertine 1x a week, and BLU almost every day.


Any particular reason for that?
Why not daily?


Couple reasons
I don’t have time,
it would be too much on the system I believe
work and purpose are current priorities and I am barely getting
through on those, adding something that will give me more incentive to feel amazing
not doing what I know my highest prioties would not be smart for me at this point.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Amazing results!! But… you’re kind of weakening the points I’m trying to make re: action as part of manifestation… haha :rofl:


lmao :joy: sorry not sorry.
What you said and what Hermit said doesn’t contradict my experience though.

It’s about being in a state of movement and not waiting.
I don’t like proactively meeting woman, I do when I have time and I’m satisfied with my work and financial situation, but that has not been the case lately.

Part of my overall intention and vision has been having woman come effortless into my life in a way that works with what I am up to.So I wasn’t taking action on meeting woman, but I was taking action on many other ‘purpose and work’ related things.

Also as funny as this sounds, I had a visceral fear about opening the door and not knowing who was there and it took courage to do so.

When she came I was super annoyed, I was in the middle of stuff and felt interrupted and I didn’t like how she had blown me off in the past when I was into her and she wouldn’t give me the time of day.

So after she got what she needed she started to leave and I kept engaging her. We got into a really heated discussion and then were silent for like 1 minute staring at each other. I stayed super present, and she just literally grabbed me and started making out with me.

So there were certain actions had I not taken it wouldn’t have gone anywhere


Haha, I know, just kidding. Amazing results. :wink:

You took action by meeting her before, and by engaging with her when she was there. Plus, opening the door when you thought it might be someone undesirable. That 100% counts!


You make really good points
I’m just scrambling to match it. lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I believe in general direct action on a particular subject increases probability of manifestation in that domain
but sometimes the cocktail of what’s going on in one’s being, energy, (with sub assistance of course)
can be sufficient. I’m certainly not going to wait around for that to happen again.
But having had that happen has now shifted my view on reality and what’s possible, and I imagine that will widen the pathways of manifestation.

Lastly I am not in the game of manifesting woman,
I am in the game of how ridiculous good my life/life can be, and how I can give everything, make the most of the time I have here (not terminally ill, just human)
This context is not a tactic-but that’s actually my interest. Having great experiences with woman is part of that
Having the larger context makes it very easy not to fixate.


Considering they’re so low, what would you think of these headphones for playing Ultima?

I’ve had results, but still wondering if the mid-range (pricewise, like the HD 300 and M20x) miss the ultrasonics - haven’t seen many true flat response graphs in the locally available products.


@Azriel Well said. I hear limitless and quantum limitless in these words.


Thank you.
You know what they say
you are what you listen to :wink:


Now that I found out I have now audio ear issues-only sinus ones
I’ve happily gone into testing Senheiser again. I ran my normal
loops except listened with the headphones, I couldn’t make it.
I got 3 loops of Emperor, 1 loop BLU, 1 of House Medici, running 1 custom as I pass out tonight. The reconciliation started kicking in strong on loop 2 of Emperor.
The senheiser seem to make the sub impact stronger.


@Azriel I don’t see regeneration in your stack and the elixir.


Regeneration has not been in my stack for a while,
I’ve been timing certain things
I’m running a loop right now
instant body feels better, less edgy

For elixer-didn’t want to do anything with ultrasonic until I confirmed my ear issue.


From what i see u run a loop of anything that feels right at the moment?
Can that also work?


I’ve a hypothetical custom design with these two modules, + inner circle and some other good stuff :wink:


How long is BLU? The Elixir is like 8 minutes. lol
Regeneration helps with many things.