AzrielLight EmperorQ


So it’s been approximately a month on Emperor Q
I have stacked with Godlike Masculinity, Spartan, Elixer, and Commander but I use those intermittently
and am hitting 3-5 loops of Emperor Q a day with a day off once a week. So I will attribute most of the developmental changes I have had to Emperor Q and will speak briefly on the other subs at the end.

I will divide this into updates on Progress/Changes, Reconciliation, Current developments

Progress: It’s almost surreal how profoundly this sub has shifted the quality of my life. Fundamentally I just feel like the best version of myself, still evolving, still lots to work on but my baseline self esteem, confidence, lack of insecurity, comfort with everything, assertiveness, sense of personal power and worth is through the roof. My natural motivation has increased tremendously, my will power has increased tremendously, I literally have no interest in distraction behaviors like I use to.

I might consciously choose to socialize, or watch a show or movie, but except for a moment of reconciliation 99% of my time is spent intentionally, on purpose or clarifying purpose, conscious rejuvenation and enjoyment, and productively. I am increasingly getting the sense that I am the most incredible person, not in a competitive way, just in a ridiculously self assured way. It’s like I go in cycles of completely getting a positive control and dominance over everything in my life and world, then new opportunities show up, there’s a breakdown, and than I get the handle on that and it continues.

My income has increased about $1000 a month this month from new opportunities showing up and being worked for. My giant windfall deal of $50,000-$200,000 fell through, and I have little interest in pursuing it further although I may come around to that.

When I’m out I find myself talking and engaging woman I am attracted to who are near whatever I am involved in, I won’t go out of my way currently to engage woman. On EmperorQ it seems woman are extremely receptive to my engaging them, even if they show no initial signs of interest, and they keep talking and talking to me with zero to no effort on my part other than having fun.

Work-I am being treated better and better and asked more of, in a responsible way not dumping on my plate way, from the people I am accountable to . I also feel more and more detached from the work I do and can will myself to do what’s needed and once engaged it flies by but I find myself annoyed I have to answer to anyone and disinterested in making anyone else good money while I do the work. Paradoxically I’m more than willing to do it and it’s effortless, if it increases my income or forwards my sense of purpose in some way.

There is definitely an edge to this sub but it is very smoothed over, when people act in a way that show impunity, or disrespect I feel a rage come up, but also the self control to deal with relations effectively

Reconciliation: Most of the reconciliation from this sub was in the first few weeks. I mentioned some above but it was doubt the sub was working, energy leaking, extreme insecurity, wanting to switch back to emperor V4. Doubts of anything changing. There is a minor amount of healthy doubt now but it feels appropriate. Occasionally if I do too many loops and my sleep or nutrition has been off, I get overwhelm, and need to move away from everything. Lots of lots of anger, around anything that feels or occurs is me needing to tolerate something I don’t condone, or people not being straight and direct, or being shifty. Reconciliation also shows up as drops in willpower, motivation, especially in the value conflict of doing my best at work and wanting to do my own thing and things on my terms. Still feel this sub has a lot to offer and I’m going through minor reconciliations that need to be worked through.

Current Developments: Not sure this is EmperorQ or because I’ve quit porn and I’m doing semen retention, or some combination but my sex drive is increasing greatly, I also feel an incredible amount of ability to channel and harness my desire. My interest in woman and dating has shot up, and this feels less in conflict with purpose and productivity than ever in my life. It seems simple to me to balance, where as before it was all or nothing. I have not seen a lot of movement towards building my own independent ‘Empire’ or business, my confidence in doing so and clarity on what I would offer is increasing slightly but it occurs that the ‘Empire’ I’m building is my current life and every aspect, nook and cranny in it. Maybe Start Q is more the create something new kind of sub or maybe I’m still getting to that aspect of Emperor Q. I would really like to be my own authority, I’d like to be accountable to others, learn from others, be humble around other great people, but want to eliminate the need to be reliant or answer to others. Not as an issue with authority but out of a desire to be on top of the food chain, and my own completely independent person capable of generating and offering tremendous value to the world around me.

I’ll be purchasing Mind’s Eye this week as well as StarkQ-just to get terminus before anything changes. I will run Mind’s Eye this week in addition to my current stack, but will not add StartQ yet.

Other subs

God Like Masculinity: Love this one, clear increase in ambition, discipline, confidence, it’s not very cerebral though, I find myself less interested in learning, reading, or thinking on this and more interested in doing. In terms of the state shift the accompanies running a loop of this.

Elixer: Not really sure, but does seem to bring up some pent up emotions and helps me feel emotionally cleaner, as well as sometimes lowering physical pain or sense of injuries I have

Commander and Admiral and Commander: Really powerful, make decisions much faster on this, and have conviction with them, increased sense of alignment, do notice I command more of a presence with this, in work and with new people feels dominant and flowing. With people I know feels like there is resistance to how they are perceiving me, especially if they have any rebel Archetype in them

Spartan: Have run this about 5-7 loops a week. Not a crazy amount but seems to still effect me. Working out 3-5 times a week which I was not before, doing a lot of mobility and gpp work. Since running this my squat mobility is back to 100% where as between an ankle and back injury I could get to parallel and now going ATG with pristine form.

If anyone has read this far and knows anything about the situation with custom subliminals here please PM me.


Reading your journal is really making me want to buy emperor!..great results…did u run ascension or ascended mogul?if so how does it compare to emperor?


Thank you! It’s a very challenging sub but worth it. I’ve just run Emperor V4 and Emperor Q with the above additions i.e. Elixer, Spartan, God Like Masculinity, and Commander. I’m very curious about Ascension but unfortunately couldn’t give you a comparative reflection.


I saw a question about Emperor Q in regards to woman but did not getting around to answering it. I’ll post here in case of interest.

My only direct interaction with woman is at stores, checkout girls, and 1 woman I am kind of seeing.

  1. At stores I find myself engaging people I am attracted to or interested in, it’s usually relevant to the situation, and it feels very dominant and easy to do. These woman tend to actively engage me. I can feel sexual attraction between us.

  2. Checkout or store help woman-again really engage me whenever I engage them, I got ‘fuck me’ eyes a lot and one woman stopped stepped out of the counter, leaving a huge line to wait, to go help me with something and was touching me the whole time.

  3. The woman I am seeing, I have less sexual interest in her and she seems more and more sexually interested in me. She’s really cool and attractive but very cerebral in a circuitous way and that is turning me off a bit. My desire for sexual confidence, submissiveness, and pure femininity in woman has increased.

This sub really communicates high status, I have to consciously be playful, inviting, or engage, which is very easy. Its just not playboy vibes. The sigma male things seems very true on this.

Also separate than any aura or status, this sub is making me much more confident and comfortable with myself, less attached to outcomes, I feel more authentic around woman and this is very freeing and exhilarating. It feels crazy to my the idea of ‘something negative’ happening from engaging a woman-it’s like there is literally nothing to fear and in my mind 100% will always turn out well.


I posted this in Mind’s Eye thread, but will chronicle here as well

Got Mind’s Eye today and did one loop

Felt like a powerful cerebral state shift that got more grounded as it went.
I was worried about negative visualization as well because I have that happen fairly often, but found whenever I started to go there I would just intend otherwise and it was like this blanket of infinite wellness blocked it out and I was able to refocus on what mattered. It became incredibly entertaining to imagine, like my mind was an infinite world connected to everything and I could create and design anything. I spent about an hour (after the loop) just sitting in a chair and visualizing with my eyes open and closed off and on. (I actually visualize in my Mind’s Eye better with my eye’s open)

Really cool sub, I found myself believing my visualizations more, feeling the incredible emotions of what I was visualizing as if they were true, but also saw the ‘negative’ things like dissatisfaction if I got what I wanted, anxiety when faced with receiving what I want, self sabotage, fear of being disconnected or narcissistic etc (say if I was rich and lost friends or was just going for the goodies in life and not being of service), I know that’s not true-these were all unconscious before but on Mind’s Eye I saw them and was able to give them love, integrate them,and let them go quite easily with my own process.

My favorite part about it was that I could intend things I had no clarity on and they would get clearer, like what do I really want with my life? What would be my ideal life be and what would it look like? What’s my best look? I would just ask, intend and let go and the answers would unfold in vivid color-either from 3rd of 1st person perspective depending on my choice

Overall even after one loop my intelligence seemed upgraded, and everything in the day and all the other subs I run seemed slightly improved.

I’m amazed at the quality of subs here and grateful as it seems I adapt quite well and quickly.


Emperor Q Update-

I’m having some major reconciliation with work.

I work and have worked remotely from home and essentially/technically I’m a consultant- I talked my way into a finance job through starting as an executive Assistant, I still do that role to some degree but mostly now I do strategy, operations, and even executive coaching. It’s a new firm so wearing many hats. I also work for a small marketing firm doing customer facing strategy, Sales, and project management. I’m super grateful on one hand for what I do have, but it feels so ‘not me’ anymore’. I had no business experience before any of this and have learned am still learning everything on the job. I like big risk, variety, expansion, and talking, I’m happy to do hyper detail oriented work for a worthy cause/profit but these days I’m just doing minutia.


I’ve been having a calling to do art and acting, both run in the family with great success. I’ve went to art school for a couple months years ago and acted for two years for fun no money.
I’m surprised to see that side coming out of me again I was at staying over at this girls house, she’s a pro artist, and she asked if I wanted to draw and we drew together and she said I was a natural haha. I didn’t think what I did was that great, but I liked it a lot and really enjoyed making it.

I got into business/finance/marketing because being a millionaire (earning 2 million a year by the time I’m 35) has been a goal of mine and there was a lot of opportunity in that world, but I am seeing now there may be more avenues that could be more in alignment and things are going too slowly.

I will say as someone who was an athletic trainer and teacher for most of my life, getting involved with an entrepreneurial marketing firm and the world of private equity has been invaluable and really interesting and am glad to be able to incorporate those lessons in whatever I do next or shift my roles where I am if possible.

End Tangent:

Back to reconciliation:

I’m getting the job done with almost zero effort although it’s taking up to much mental space and time. My internal dialogue sounds like 'this is the stupidest shit ever, no challenge, no worth, don’t fully trust the people I work with, money is not ‘that’ good, why am I not running my own company or business why am I not doing something I love that doesn’t feel like a total life conflict. ’

The people I work with are great, I have my challenges with them, but they’ve done right by me, so this trust thing as part of the reconciliation seems odd.

Emperor is pushing me to do something new or take a massive step up and to be honest I’m concerned, even a little scared, because I have built freedom working from home and financial stability, and it’s reached it’s limits but it’s also really awesome and comfortable. I’ve been dirt poor and living month to month, and I do not want to go back to that.
Ah well, I’m going to act with courage, and cause something new, I don’t need to compromise what I have to do that
Level up coming soon!


Update on Spartan

I’ve done a loop or so 3-4 times a week and it’s improved my performance greatly during workouts.

This week I’ve done 2 loops of SpartanQ a day-1 before a workout and 1 during
This consistency seems to be really making the difference and the sub has become like workout crack-
and I’m a total animal-non stop the most challenging stuff I can do at home, full mobility workout
following my schedule to a T. I’m driven and it’s really fun.

Also I’m now 12-16 hour fasting every day-(well I do the bulletproof coffee thing) then I hit a shake with coconut almond milk, blueberries, mango, avocado, coconut oil, peanut butter, 3 superfood powders, Maca, and pine pollen and I drink that while I work out and then eat one big meal.
In the last month, I have really mostly done mobility, conditioning, with some pull ups and now some band work and body weight stuff. My mobility is improved all around better than it’s been in years, reps are up on everything, I’m more and more jacked in the shoulders. Losing body fat it seems but extremely slowly.

Also I want to note. I progress on subs most rapidly when I act as if the sub is not responsible for my results, I still am. I consciously look to immerse myself, act on, create rituals with, and lifestyle changes on whatever I am looking to progress in. Subs definitely make this easier to do and created unexpected results and results that exceed expectations, but the more I play a conscious part the faster the sub results for me.

For example with Emperor-that meant creating and tracking, morning, afternoon, and nightly rituals, work and call schedules, down time, meal time, down to the minute with a twenty minute timer going off every twenty minutes from when I wake up to when I go to sleep to keep me on track. It meant opening my mouth when I saw a woman I felt like talking too or when I needed to resolve something that didn’t sit well with me. Saying yes to projects I had no idea how to do and didn’t want to do but knew they would be worth doing, when I would have turned them down in the past etc. I’m looking for opportunities to test out new sub power etc.


I took my usual day off subs, I feel the effects significantly diminished when I take days off, which concerns me slightly, but it also could just be integration. As of today, I’m having some intense resurfacing of reconciliation. The world is starting to open back up in NYC and this made me intensely sad. I’m obviously really happy the situation is safer, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the haven of this reprieve from the world, especially on Emperor. Getting to focus more on my life and what matters to me, and zero external ‘pressure’ (which is really my internal desire) to be part of anything. I fear I may lose that, although I also see I can have the say on what my life looks like. My indomitable confidence seems like it’s taken a dip, but this has been a sign in the past of another surge foward.

I’m having a lot of thoughts of wanting to add, switch subs, now that dating is a possibility again. I see this as a form of reconciliation as 1. Dating on Emperor good be awesome in and of itself 2. My primary goals are creating my own business or income streams of $10,000+ a month and certain physical goals I’ve set for myself, and no reason I can’t do that while dating as well.

I’m also confronted by my current work and financial situation, I’m doing very well financially and it’s also limited, I want to break through the next ceiling. I was considering adding Mogul, or Power Can Corrupt for a boost in external influence/status or libertine as a way of boosting dating life without overburdening the stack. I’m going to sit on these urge for a few days and see what happens.


The effects of EmperorQ are exponentially increasing now that I am spacing out my stacking.

I went out today and the full badass Alpha dominance was in effect.

The line for the grocery store had people like two inches apart while another line for testing gave everyone a ton of space. A lady was directing everyone to the tightly squeezed line and asked me to move in. I told her I wouldn’t because I did not want to be that close to people. She said ok but look annoyed.

Then kept moving people ahead of me into the squished line-without thinking I yelled, not angrily just loudly, in front of like 30 people from “It doesn’t work to move everyone in a line that tight…” (I know that some think this thing is a conspiracy, or totalitarian lock down, or that 6 feet doesn’t make a difference but to me it does, social distancing is still in effect where I am, I honor government regulations/recommendations when reasonable.)

Everyone in line agreed and nodded. And she asked “what do you recommend we do?” in a sarcastic way.

I said “have the front people go in now and everyone space out” and like 30 people on the street started following my directions. It was pretty cool. She also looked angry but kept staring at me.

one guy said “the 6 foot thing is bullshit”

I was like ‘good to know man’ and moved on

I had a funny thought, even though I have not watched this show since it came out months ago–

My experience on Emperor reminds me of Gerald of Rivia from the Witcher.

I’m this super powerful, totally solo, unfuckable with force, that needs to use no aggression to move things.

Sexual and social show up but I don’t actively engage them. Just Independent, and highly capable when using my mind for learning or creating.

I also broke through in purpose/career, creating my own business–I’ve found a brand I can stand behind for my own business, and it has two pathways it’s in development on.

I’m still having some trouble figuring out the sweet spot for the Q subs. I thought I was getting effects but the spacing out protocol has me experiencing things at a whole new level.


Some Major life circumstances are coming up and it may be reconcilliation, it may be challenges from Emperor, or my latest theory that Mind’s Eye and Elixer together manifest circumstances that retrigger trauma to heal it. Some updates.

My stack has flowed really well together and I’ve actually been less clear on what’s responsible for what result. This is what I’ve deduced so far.

Emperor Q-definitely improving work capacity and recognition, sense of personal pride and capability, authenticity, attraction to some extent and social influence and leadership, intelligence and learning, living purposefully-without God Like Masculinity there is still an odd self-consciousness, over sensitivity, and guilt at time’s, all things I struggled with years ago that can resurface. This is probably reconciliation. With GM Emperor Q resonates with the badass tone of Emperor V4 with improved effects.

GM-being straight and direct, standing up for what matters, aura, presence, attraction, self authority, and discipline

Spartan-makes me want to work out, makes work outs awesome, improved physical performance and results, mobility and strength improving consistently, slight healing.

Mind’s Eye-still feels like an intelligence upgrade, easier to visualize, less if not no negative visualizations, more fun and entertaining to think conceptually and abstractly, visualizations, feelings from visualizations, visually, audio wise, and kinesthetic improve. Increase improvement on other subliminals, new clarity with concepts.Feels like I’m operating with an extra sense in life.


Wow, so much going on in my life and around here.

I’m committed to EmperorQ as my primary sub until July 11th-I’ll be testing PCC but not sure what I will swap out

Emperor Q 6 days a week 3-5+ loops
Spartan 5 days a week 2 loops
God Like masculinity 5 days a week 2-3 loops
Minds Eye 4 days a week 1 loop/ going to try terminus squared 1-2 loops a week

I may swap out one of these to test PCC-

I’ll be purchasing a customer subliminal stack-which I’ll post at the end of this thread. I need to cut it down a little and can’t decide on I AM or not. How existential, I feel like hamlet ;). I want maximum results post reconciliation, does that mean no I AM or yes I AM.

I had a a little get together last night with 10 people and it was really hard to just be there and have fun, I’ve been so solo and crushing my own thing. That it was weird to open up socially again. I was totally comfortable and confident but just felt like I had better things to do.

It was also uncomfortable mostly because there was a woman I was very attracted to, who seemed very attracted to me, but she kind of had a thing with my friend and they also seemed attracted to each other. It felt not good to just sit there, but it didn’t feel right to go for it either. I’ve been in this situation before which is why I prefer going out solo or bringing someone I’m seeing to events. I was surprised I was not over it and how part of me was really annoyed/jealous after running Emperor.

It was also the perfect situation to manifest the challenge I needed to realize I care about having woman, especially a certain kind of woman in my life and that even though I’ve been come cool without it. It’s something I want and should make happen. The Forge perhaps?

• EmperorQ
• Emperor Fitness Q Stage 4
• Khan Q Stage 4
• Serum X
• Male Enhancement
• Blue Skies
• Sultan
• Sex manifestation
• Aries
• Iam/Februss

Results enhancement
• Mosaic
• Omnidimensional
• Pragya
• Tyrant
• The Merger of Worlds
• Deus
• Overdrive
• Divine Will
• Naturalizer
• Jupiter-manifestation
• Yggdrasil -manifestation
• (current invoker) maybe


I’m running some test to see how to proceed with my customs

One of those tests is testing out PCC
the other will be running 1 loop of Stark Terminus
and 1 loop of Mind’s Eye T2

I’ve run one loop of PCCQ and it’s very interesting

initially I had some sense of which vendors I was browsing and items were wholesome and which were not. It felt a little soft and external focused after EmperorQ where am just straight acting and processing everything through my internal frame of reference.

On PCC I started to feel a strong sense of self as an identity in relation to others. I hung out with some friends outside after the loop and felt a little more self conscious, insecure than usual, like I wanted there attention. I started to see that I have some worry about being manipulative to others by running a sub like this. I was very savy in the conversation, I found myself opening up new conversations, sharing stories, attempting to make others laugh. It felt a little pandering-but again maybe that’s me seeing through my own manipulation.

I have not consciously tried or wanted to make others laugh on Emperor Q. I naturally I make others laugh and Emperor Q this became even more pronounced. I would just do it through very deadpan, abrupt humor. It’s more like status humor, I can say anything and don’t give a shit how it lands and it lands well.

Anyway it’s only been one loop and I feel I can feel the energy of subs well initially even as they grow on me


wow, intense reconciliation coming up from

not sure if it’s generating/healing this or I’m becoming acutely aware of it

Feeling or part of me feeling rejected, isolated, annoyed at everyone around me, non-trusting, in conflict with everything around me. Extremely self-judging and self be-little-ing,

This should be interesting :slight_smile:


Power Can Corrupt update

Definitely makes me more attractive, or think I’m more attractive in mirror
intense physical reconciliation-eye twitching

Seeing how paranoid, non trusting I am/have been, I felt no real power to protect myself socially, so looked to control, be above, or withdraw, or would be shut down and get jealous.

In a way, I see how I’ve been the ‘bad guy’ in my friend group :joy: in that I’ve been subtly manipulating to avoid situations I think will cause the most pain to me, and looking to control other friends to not have that.

Also see how one of my best friends, has such an agenda when were out together -he plays like he is carefree and just entertaining himself, but I see how he needs the attention, excludes others to effect, always positions himself to look at ease while gaining the most attention, and that he is actually constantly competing.

I love the guy but see this now… It also explains why I really dislike being around him in groups…like it always made me angry but though I was just being insecure. He is taking advantage of our trust in a certain way. Not really sure what to do, how to engage this yet. I don’t like it and I want to feel in sync with my friends when were out.

I don’t know maybe this is still paranio/reconciliation

Feeling a stronger ease and power in myself, more open, able to more trusting cause I have nothing./less to fear.

I love Emperor because I’ve mostly stuck to my self or been on solo outings, now that my social circles are opening back up power can corrupt will fit in really nicely with integrating the rawness of Emperor into group dynamics.

and I still have my custom/s to make !! going real slow on that
really want to do 4 cores!!


On a funny note,

I woke up yesterday morning and literally my first thought was

Blue Skies

and then I got this insane excitement and sense of unconditional love. I wonder if the subs at Subclubs manifest themselves into our lives.


So I’ve been experimenting a lot with different loops, different amounts of rest,

what I’ve found works best is one day of
2-4 loops of Emperor Q
2-3 loops of GM
1-2 loop MindsEye
1-2 loops of PCC.
Then the next day the same thing
but add 4 loops of Emperor Q overnight
so every other night I’m sleeping with the subliminal on.
I ran 2 loops of Spartan this week
but want to keep it down to 3 main Q and one Stack enhancer (GM) so removed that because I’m recovering from some minor injuries currently

Mind’s Eye is fucking powerful, I was doing some internal work and I visualized something and it came out of my body and was so real I thought it was in the room with me and freaked out, like legit scared hahah.

I knew it was not real but it felt so real it was crazy. Or maybe this is Mind’s Eye’s flavor of reconciliation.

Anyway the challenge manifestation from Emperor seems it is now flowing my way very obviously.
Like bizarre things, major life events and change are happening fast.
One of my closest friends moving out
another close friend, who gives me challenges though, moving in
One woman I was friends with benefits with was pursuing me like crazy, she asked me out and cancelled last minute two different times on me last week, we live a couple blocks away so no big deal, but it seemed a little excessive.

Even though before I was pushing myself like crazy, now I feel the sub and the universe pushing me to achieve my best, this is both benevolent but at time’s feels very intense.

I’m finding some intense reconciliation in the form of jealousy and not being able to have what I want with woman coming up. At the same time I’m also indifferent in a profoundly new and confident way. And my aggression is back up strongly. I’m also feeling some really deep shit coming up and think I may need to take an extra day off.

I want to list pro’s and con’s of what I’m experiencing with my subs these days Emperor.
By con I mean what’s still challenging or where I have reconciliation.


  1. Massive action
  2. Constant motivation
  3. Almost zero procrastination
  4. Alpha body language
  5. More muscular
  6. Incredible discipline
  7. Handle challenges with assertiveness even if it requires getting ‘brutal’
  8. Thinking more clearly, succinctly and intelligently
  9. MUCH more confidence
  10. Able to stand my ground
  11. Feel more solid, capable, and myself.
  12. Feel masculine
  13. Funnier and quicker thinking
  14. Zero need to be social, but incredible social ability
  15. Better spending habits
  16. More comfortable pulling the trigger on expensive purchases that will benefit my life
  17. More decisive in general. I am now a decisive person
  18. Stronger ability to lead
  19. Seem to generate respect, reverence, and admiration where ever I am-more so with men than with woman
  20. Strong attraction from woman
    21.My ability to learn and assimilate information, find the right information, and find the right products, people or ideas to forward my intention seems very strong. This may be Quantum Limitless lite
  21. Moments of profound gratitude, but I have to acknowledge myself to get there
  22. At time’s feel and think I’m the best most capable person ever or could be
  23. I’m ascribing very little power to circumstances outside of myself
  24. In general my emotional reactivity is way down and emotional stability is way up, but when I get pissed off, I REALLY get pissed off, in a way that is challenging to contain.


  1. My thinking is still relatively short term -Emperor is a beast for dealing with the now and imminent future but I’m struggling taking a leap into the unknown or executing on my longer term visions. Part of this is because so much of my time and energy goes into my life now and what needs attention and commitment now. I do feel more comfortable at the idea of going into the unknown where as before it really scared me.

  2. I was literally about to right Romance is low, when a chick texted me to get together. BUT in general it’s not as profound or fast as I thought, I’m also not putting in much work and it has not been a focus, I’m also probably overdoing my loop listening in general. But on Emperor V4 I literally did not care about dating/sex, and on Emperor Q the first few weeks I didn’t care. Now I care. My friend group has met a friend group with a bunch of really cute woman, that could be manifestation. When I’ve run Emperor last and I hang out with them they seem interested in me the most, if I’ve run another sub the same slightly more interested in my friends. Which is funny lol. My closest friends are also very Alpha awesome people.

  3. My sense of living my purpose and acting on it, or finding my unique avenues to making money and being independent is very off and on as is my clarity and direction for it.

  4. Opportunities for making massive amounts of money were coming up in really clearly manifested ways and they are no longer.

I’ll write something similar for the other subs at another point

Ordering my custom over the weekend, very excited. I’ll run it with Emperor for Another month or two before replacing Emperor with a new custom Emperor sub. I’ll run those combos for 6 months or more and then switch to a Stark, Alchemist, EOG focus.

Trying to decide between Primal and Primal Seduction for one of my first customs cores,
let me know what you guys think may be better.


Here’s what I am looking at for my first custom
I want it to be a base I can run with anything and set a foundation

Emperor Fitness Stage 4
Serum X -for peak physical performance

Primal Seduction
Khan Stage 1 to lay the groundwork of Dominance, Carefree, Power, Masculine Instinct

Blue Skies
For healing, self love, and removing/purifying fear, doubt, guilt, shame, and anything else from being my most attractive, powerful, capable self

Male Enhancement
Emperor Height Inducer
Physical Shifter-Sexiness -for long term physical change/maximizing

Merger of Worlds
for results enhancement and maximizing subs effectiveness

Mosiac to tie it all together

I’m deciding on my last module
currently going with Yggdrasil-because all my subs/stacks would benefit from improved pathways to manifestation

I was also considering Jupiter-which seems to enhance the ability to consciously manifest, maybe that’s in Mind’s Eye as well.

Or saving the manifesting for my next sub and adding Epigenetics to max out , Architect, Energetic development, or I AM to double dose on the breakdown.

ARESEmotional Healing1 × $14.99

Blue SkiesEmotional Healing, Results Enhancement, Spirituality1 × $14.99

DEUSResults Enhancement1 × $14.99

Emperor Fitness ST4 CoreMajor Subliminal Core1 × $14.99

FEBRUUSEmotional Healing1 × $14.99

Khan ST1 Q CoreMajor Subliminal Core1 × $14.99

Male EnhancementPhysical Changes1 × $14.99

MosaicResults Enhancement1 × $14.99

OverdriveResults Enhancement1 × $14.99

OmnidimensionalResults Enhancement1 × $14.99

Physicality Shifter - SexinessRomance and Sex1 × $14.99

PragyaPhysical Changes, Results Enhancement1 × $14.99

Primal Seduction Q CoreMajor Subliminal Core1 × $14.99

Serum XPhysical Changes1 × $14.99

Spartan CoreMajor Subliminal Core1 × $14.99

Emperor Fitness Height InducerPhysical Changes1 × $14.99

DominionResults Enhancement, Status1 × $14.99

The Merger of WorldsResults Enhancement1 × $14.99

TyrantResults Enhancement1 × $14.99

YggdrasilResults Enhancement1 × $14.99


Please dnt make me get emperor. .reading your journal is tempting me lol


haha do it whenever you’re ready/want to!!
I love Emperor-I’ll branch out but the base of it is addictive. It’s become home

What do you think of my custom?
any thoughts on the final sub/ Epigenitics, Jupiter etc?
If your not following customs or modules I get that too lol.


I wish I could advise you but I think the experience u got I rather take your advice lol…
Emperor emperor emperor…
I am not going to read your journal from now on cause I will just end up getting emperor and switch subs…lol