AzrielLight EmperorQ


BLU is 1 hour. Elixir is still the non Ultima version so it is short


Yes I definitely can, @Hermit can as well.
I think quite a few people are present to some energetic and self effects during 1st loop of things,
if not getting a glimpse of the subs potential. Then for me it often levels out after the first week before shooting up again.

I’ve also run regeneration before though, so I’m somewhat familiar


Elixer needs headphones

BLU can do without

I go with a game plan based on my goals and modify with my intuition.


Elixir Ultima doesn’t need headphones. :wink:


Yes. Ultima does not need headphones. However, it still needs higher quality speakers. Taken from Sanguine Ultima’s product page (as Elixir Ultima has not rolled out):

NOTE: Listening setup matters when listening to an Ultima-powered title. The Ultima format requires a nice set of headphones, earbuds or speakers / studio monitors. You will receive diminished results if you attempt to use your laptop speakers or low-grade earbuds / headsets


I will listen with headphones.



Feel free to take up space or continue the convo here,
I’m like a hot girl on instragram with my journal, looking for views lol

if it gets way to big we can make a new thread.


After spending the week testing ascension
I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Emperor is
a CHALLENGING sub to run. I had been on it for so long
as my primary sub I didn’t even realize lol
Being with that level of dominance, the demand for excellence from yourself and others, and the intense edge with everything, the sense of powerful isolation, and doing it all on one’s own.

The absolute intolerable nature of being in a position of lower status than anyone work hierarchically, that doesn’t match internal sense of self, especially if the higher up has incompetence either in function in their role or management style, not to much conflicting values.

The constant push to remove toxic people and influences from my life with the current ‘need’ to remain in communication with those people. The constant drive to be at the pinnacle of my own life potential, and looking how to get there as soon as possible. I can it see being MUCH easier once I’m completely financial independent through my own business or investments. That way I would just be acting out what I see, but having to manage that internal drive, with the status quo, or find a way to change the status quo. The mogul element driving me to work and check work, and find more work 12 hours a day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of it, (most of it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and it’s what’s needed in my life right now, but wow -a week on Ascension has been like a vacation from the weight of the crown and internal conflict of my nation.


Experiencing an incredible -fuck work- moment-
I was such an ‘irresponsible’ person for so long,
that I swung the pendulum the other way so hard
my dreams got trapped in a cage of my own responsible rigidity.

Now its all crumpling down

The last 4 months, since discovering Sub Club, I have really maxed out my capacity and roles with the positions I am currently in.

Then I’ve been back and forth between pushing to move out of all these roles, pivoting, and not being able too, not knowing how etc.

Then I starting gaining more and more clarity in my own value and what I could do and some side hustles.

Now I see now the first step -is to let it all crumble, not meaning blowing off commitments, but loosening the significance to the point where the rest of me can breath. Given my own trajectory in the absence of self imposed concern–the path is laying itself out.


Breathing is important, I would go as far as saying one of the most important factors of living.


Definitely in the top 5 :joy:


The Senheiser 280 were used to make or master (not an audiophile) a lot of this stuff, from my understanding.
That’s why its the flatline model that a of lot of users are using and proving quite effective.


2 loops Ascension Q
2 loops Azriel Q
2 loops House of Medici
1loop Minds Eye
1 loop Libertine

I’m so backed up I think the subliminals are circulating as codes in my aura-waiting their turn to enter and process in my brain. :rofl:

Taking the first real 48 hours off starting tomorrow I will have taken since April :tired_face::upside_down_face: I can never make it…Wish me luck


That’s interesting, I’m not noticing much difference between the two models on that site, other than the dip in frequency response from the AT-M20x around the mid treble. Then again, I’m not a big audiophile, so maybe I’m missing something in interpreting the graphs.


I forgot to post about a result I didn’t realize had occurred
I believe this is Emperor alongside my custom.
I have been working out mostly with mobility, high rep band work, some pull ups, some push ups
but really nothing too intense. Mostly been doing it to get a sweat going and stay active.

I’m 5’7;is and fluctuate between 210-215 lbs before I started subs. I’m quite muscular and probable fluctuate between 14-16% body fat. Whatever the case when I was weighed at the doctors I was 227. My waist size has gone down slightly and I look leaner.
This means I’ve gained between 12-17 lbs of muscle since march. My chest and shoulders are certainly broader. I knew the custom was effecting my leanness, and I knew emperor was effecting me physically in some way. There must be some serious testosterone enhancement or something in one of the things I am doing. Cause gaining that amount of muscle, without gaining body fat, and without really working out heavy, was not expected.


There are so many benefits, some you may not even be aware of.


Yes, I actively take breaks through my day to do just pause and do little visualizations
or think through things.


Bro, I’ve been relating alot with you and I have to chime in:

That girl/f-buddy, genuinely wants you because you slept with her (High Quality women want to be with you when you sleep with them)


Thanks man, I appreciate it.
Which girl are you referring too though?
If your referring to the one from way back up (end of June/July)
Then she is someone I am currently seeing again, not exclusive though, we worked through some trust issues she had and things have never been better. Turns out she thought I was being really judgmental and critical of her, Emperor vibes :smirk:, and to be honest I was…I just didn’t realize how much but once I did and dropped it she became like a different person and we vibe way better than I could have imagined.


Yeah that one. And ah I see, I feel relieved. :hearts: