AzrielLight EmperorQ


And by dropped do you mean Emperor or the critical attitude?


Just the attitude
I might add a sub to make it work with a girl, but I wouldn’t drop one lol :slight_smile:
Emperor by default does have me hold others to a higher standard,
and that standard seems based off my values. I value punctuality, and reliability.
None of which she had. Or rather, I should say she was increasingly demonstrating a lack of those. But it was in response to the attitude she perceived, so it become like a viscous cycle. I just dropped expecting or judging her to meet those standards, which are more ‘masculine’ (in the sexual polarity sense) attributes anyway, and always set it up that it the situation worked for me.


Exactly broo, you get it. :100:


Day 2 no subs
Day 1- I kind of just took care of myself, had a chill day, doing fun things and eating well.

Day 2 -feeling a drive to clean up house, metaphorically and literally and deal with things I’ve been avoiding. Present to a lot of sadness, self doubt, and profound exhaustion. It feels like progress on the one hand and I’m clear that reconciliation has been strong these last two days, probably bloom reconciliation. A lot of concern over whether subs stop working the moment there’s down time, I know this is not true in the least, so I’m just observing how real that concern occurs in my experience.

On the other hand-feeling Emperor very strongly on many levels.
I’m having the experience of being stuck at the end of something
the more I stay that with that experience the more it feels like I’m letting go of a lot of false structures and feel something new coming .

The subjective report of my internal experience does not necessitate anything necessarily but it’s good for me to note and track


Stay Strong :muscle:


I broke-kind of
I ran Sanguine Ultima to deal with reconciliation-
no particular over the top effects, but definitely noticing a return to self trust, all the effects of Emperor strongly with none of the effects of reconciliation, so thinking clearer and back in momentum mode.

I may run 1 loop of Sanguine Ultima on my ‘off’ days moving forward.


Hahaha ok I ran sanguine ultima this afternoon too :see_no_evil:


Bro- were the worst:upside :upside_down_face::smirk::blush:

Seriously though-Sanguine is made for this-why not use it. I don’t think it taxes the system to much


When building customs, it is a good idea to put in feel-good modules to minimize reconciliation.


Short answer:
Yes, although some of those feel good modules will cause reconciliation themselves. Sanguine, Ego Adsum, Joie De Vivre are the safest bets I would say. Blue Skies and New Beginnings would also be amazing but may cause some intense reconciliation in the beginning themselves.

Long answer:
Depends on your goals, and depends on how well you handle reconciliation, and obviously depends on how you want to feel. I have spartan as one of my cores and can warrior through reconciliation.
Blue Skies, is technically the only feel good module I have, and it certainly helps a lot in terms of self love when I’m feeling low. Khan Stage 1 might be a feel good module for some, but it’s also an ‘everything is shit’ module for others, I can’t really tell for myself yet lol. In the moment it’s definitely a feel good module, but tends to cause well some series ‘breakdowns’ shortly after.


Just went to turn on Pandora and one of favorite musicians came on- Glitch Mob,
the symbol for the song was incredibly similar to SainSovereign’s symbol/avatar. I don’t know what this symbol is, but I can’t believe I’ve never noticed this before. Perhaps this is Medici pattern recognition.




How do you think Medici has been working for you so far?


The 2nd one reminds me of SteQ.


Yes!! SteQ -SaintQ not steadfast.!!:joy:

It’s interesting, what I’ve noticed with Medici so far

  1. I am much more selective in my relationships
  2. It seems to have a status, charisma, boost-similar to PPC, but more ‘social Emperorish’
  3. I had new deals coming in from day 1 of running it and that has died down the last few days, I was not able to close so far. I got to the 1 yard line on an $850,000 commision, the buyer was going through on the purchase and even sent the PO, and when I confirmed with my supplier, he had sold the product. But the deal essentially was closing except they didn’t purchase fast enough (he was within his right to sell to first buyer).
  4. One of the work I do is in Private Equity, but mostly the operations and fundraising side, I"m now gaining an interest in learning the financial side more in depth.
  5. I was on Amazon and saw books on Day Trading, Investing, and Private Equity, I picked a few and got them and have an interest in reading them. I just kind of did this, saw them and got them. This was not a conscious action to pursue the goals of the sub. I’m doing the sub mostly for the long term game, and closing deals, did not have an intention of pursuing investing or day trading directly but I’m having an increasing interest in doing so.
  6. The relationships that feel right to foster are improving.
  7. My planning is improving, I’m able to think ahead in a very detached way. I’m also seeing where I would predict things thinking they were true, and now I am letting that reactive predictive habit go
  8. Almost forgot to mention-my family seems happier and moving through new spaces. My brother may finally break up with his semi-abusive girlfriend. Seems unfair I do all the brain lifting and they get the benefits :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Of course I don’t know how directly this is effected by Medici-but I err on the side of irrational lack of skepticism-it seems to improve my results-so I’ll say Medici at least had an influence

Those are some things off the top of my head, I’m now aware that because of the amount I stack, subs just take longer to really hit, and do so much more strongly after time off. I’ll keep updating as I see progress and developments.


Still on the 48 hour break from Subs
Well I cheated and ran Sanguine Ultima once but
I am experiencing a kind of ‘inner being’ around the subs goals that I have never experienced.

All this crap and doubt was coming up, then it started to get better, day 2 I started to get productive again but felt lingering reconciliation. It helps me to objectify reconciliation-I see it kind of like the ‘pain body’ from Eckhart Tolle’s work. Just observe and stay present with it.

I ran Sanguine Ultima-cause fuck it -why not-that’s what it’s there for. And the doubt starting fading.

Now as time is going on
It’s like everything was there but not feel integrated inside me, and now it’s inside me. Before the effects were on the surface of my identity-it felt real, I acted from it, I experienced results. But something is sinking in now and feels like it’s truly part of me, like more deeply integrated. I don’t know if makes this makes sense. ’

I guess the best way to describe it is before it was a constant state effect, self effects, results, and manifestation have all always been there, but it didn’t really feel like me, or that was my concern at least, now I see this is who I’ve become.

I spent the last 10 hours naturally in flow, getting everything done that needed taking care of, spending some planned down time playing Magic the Gathering with a visiting friend, and then went right back into work and productivity. And it feels all effortless and a total extension of my will. This is Emperor on it’s best days, and haven’t experienced this strongly and effortlessly in quite a while.
I have learned the lesson of time off, even if it doesn’t feel good at first.


That’s fantastic. I just ran 3 loops of my customized Medici sub. Hope I can see something interesting soon.


I have also noticed this as well…im on day 3 sub break…maybe processing from the past days.
Im also noticing lots of dreams on break days.


@Azriel that new Custom you’ve ordered is it ment to exchange your current Custom or rather an additions to it? May I know what you’ve included?

By the way, one thing I’ve felt with Ascension which is also very much present in Emperor is that it really raises your status, the way you look at others, who you’d like to spend time with, etc. The other day I was out with some friends having fun, and with like half of them I didn’t feel the need to start a conversation whatsoever, they where of such a low status, the topics they discussed scared me away – seriously like time leeches.

I kind of feel wrong about it, because everyone is worthy of living there life as they deserve but since I’ve been running Ascension I really kind of noticed it. On Stark I would still be able to have fun with them, doesn’t matter what they talked about, I would always have fun.

Any similar effects with Emperor? I guess even more so, because I’ve had quiet sometime with it and I wouldn’t even meet people if they didn’t conform with my desires, goals, ways of thinking.


I have not decided exactly how to use the new custom yet. My original intention was to have it replace Emperor Q. I’ll probably test it for the first time tomorrow. It includes

  1. Emperor Core
  2. Sex Mastery XQ Core
  3. Leader of men
  4. Alpha of Alpha
  5. Carpe Diem Ascended
  6. Joi De Vivre
  7. Productivity Unleashed
  8. Ego Adsum
  9. Sex Manifestation
  10. Gorgeous Manifestation
  11. Long-Range Seduction
  12. Instant Spark
  13. Panther
  14. Temptation
  15. Iron Frame
  16. Sultan
  17. Financial Reality Shifter
  18. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  19. Direct Influencing Aura
  20. Current Invoke

I get what you mean about feeling wrong, I had a similar experience with two friends who I was hanging out with, and I just couldn’t be around them. We had all planned to hang but I told them I had to go. My objective sense was I was being a bit of an asshole, but subjectively it was what I had to do.

I believe this is a phase to learn to recognize the need to be on one’s own and in alignment with purely own’s own intentions. Once there is enough consistent action and alignment with this, it becomes easier to ‘tolerate’ situations like you mentioned.

Also on Emperor -as long as I’m intentional and deliberate with time, take care of what I need to take care of and then set a conscious intention to have down time, I can socialize with chosen people. But honestly I spend next to 0 time socializing for the sake of it since Emperor. I’ll talk with people about specific things that enhance my life experience or collaborate, and I’ll spend time just hanging with woman I am sexual with. But I’ve got about 1/2 hour in me tops and under right conditions for the other stuff.