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Took 1 20 hour break mid weak from subs
1 60 hour break over week with a run of Sanguine Ultimate 1/3 in this week.
So this week took more time off subs than since I started with Sub Club

Day 1 break-miserable-even after Sanguine-Sanguine positively supported my outlook
Day 2 feeling great -back to normal -felt more integrated, work drive, productivity back online, went for a walk in town-insane attraction and interest from woman
Day 3 break- great-but reconciliation from day tripping with the family went I wanted to work.

Just ran first loop Emperor Terminus X

All I can say is woow… will report more in day


with some support
from wiser fellows
I saw I was reading my chart off
I had the houses off

Mars in Capricorn in the 1st House (Aries energy/context)
Venus in Taurus in the 5th house (Leo energy/context)
North Node Pisces in the 3rd house (gemini energy/context)

Giving me a lot to work with, I’m refining my insights, among other things, with these new understandings and am creating an ideal career. I’ll then go out to start it or find it.

As @Malkuth said, Astrology doesn’t show us our passions, but it reminds of something that will resonate and feel already there.


One word that really captures the energy and quality of Aries is Launch.

As in rocket launch, start-up launch.

The leader of the entire zodiac, Aries is about generating the incredible energy needed to create that launch.

Mars in Capricorn in the First (Arian) House will find passionate, motivated engagement in persistently, disciplinedly, single-mindedly working to bring about a launch (or series of launches).

(might want to go and get in on the ground floor with a start-up you believe in and by which you are inspired. Get them to IPO and then break out like Kwai Chang Caine or the Equalizer.)


Or find a successful company/organization and be the person (or on the team of people) responsible for spearheading the establishment of new offices/locations when they expand into new regions. Spearheading is another Arian word.


By the way, that singleminded, disciplined working style that so characterizes Capricorn seems like it might be kind of fundamentally compatible with the Emperor subliminal. You may find that you respond well to it.


Thank you for this,

I have been on the ground floor of private equity fund the last few years, and helped build it to over 100 million in total investments, aspects of this were very exciting, and certainly learned a lot, but lots of reasons, lack of reliability, lack of partnership, lack of expectations and integrity, being strung along on opportunity when it wasn’t really there have made me want to transition out of my roles there sooner.

I knew literally nothing about business or finance going in and its also been an invaluable in what I’ve learned.

Being part of a start up I really believe in, and post Emperor/PPC me negotiating, setting terms, and expectations will make for a much more fun ride.


Yes, this seems to be the case for Emperor.
I am very drawn to Stark and Khan but will stick with Emperor
for 2 more months minimum or until I hit $10k a month.

In incorporating some of what we discussed on my North Node,
I will be adding Alchemist Stage 1 after I acclimate to the new Terminus Custom.

Learning about the mars/venus/north node -this was my thought process

Oh-something occult and fun-more knowledge

this may give me some insight-I don’t know how much creed I should really give this

oh wow maybe this could really give some clarity

Wow this makes a lot of sense on a deep level

holy-shit if I follow this there is no way everything won’t work out, the potential is inevitable


oh. wasn’t really paying attention to the title of your journal when I typed that. you’re already using Emperor. uhh…in that case. Carry on then!

that is great. I’m assuming that I should read that from top to bottom, yes? In the other direction, that’d be somewhat disappointing. (i’m obviously in a silly mood at the moment.)

Anyway, seriously, wishing you great, expectation-exceeding success.


yes :joy: that’s accurate


Quick update on Emperor Terminus

Listening felt very tired during it but overall went down very easy and my energy picked up quickly
Same effect as when I ran Stark Terminus for some tests, it feel like it becomes me and I’ve always been that. I start feeling and thinking from my deepest sense of self along the lines of the sub. I don’t know why this is with Terminus but it’s really cool.

There’s this low grade edge I can get with Q subs that I don’t get with Terminus. I did experience strong headache reconciliation for 15 minutes and then again a few hours later.

First loop was awesome here’s what I noticed

  1. From when I never did sub club to when I ran EV4 for the first time that was the same quality of internal change I experienced on this Emperor Terminus. There was no resistance, no edge, felt that total internal sense of power. As I stated in my journal above comparing EV4 with EQ-Q is smooth it never fully went into the same level of badass/internal power that i felt on EV4-my results improved greatly including my confidence, flow, focus, productivity, but I felt that same internal EV4 masculine/power with all of Q’s perks x 1000 on this Terminus Emperor custom
  2. It was like I could puppet myself to do whatever I said. I’ve been in an internal battle around doing work I don’t think is worthwhile lately and on Emperor X it was like no problem done…
  3. Joi De Vivre and Ego Adsum shone through strongly-I had a cigar with my brother that night after, as he loves them and I find it a nice way to connect with him. Lately when we hang out I am always looking to be serious, find a way to collaborate together, and our time together is not so smooth. This time, I felt extremely present, I could see where I was not just letting him be, I was viscerally enjoying the night, and the moon, and the smoke and the flavors. We had a great talk, and it led to more progress and potential collaboration as well as just felt really good to enjoy something for it’s own sake
  4. Iron Frame-very obvious-I see why it’s an emotional healing module, I thought it would make me stronger in my conviction and more obstinate lol, but it was more like my truth and authenticity set the frame, more powerfully than others bs and my own, and it was easy to stand my ground in a completely non-aggressive way.
  5. Sex Mastery-added a zen smoothness and palpable sexual energy to my experience
  6. I could feel the strength of Emperor and the positive edge, to bring forth as needed but also much more intelligence in how much ‘Alpha’ I was bringing to situations
  7. Despite this long post, I think temptation module may be shortening my communication in general, or this could be a new aspect of Emperor coming on line
  8. After one run I felt like my life was starting anew, maybe this is rebirth and/or new beginnings in Emperor in Terminus, really felt like such a fresh clean slate.
    9.This could be productivity unleashed/Carpe Diem and/or Emperor acting together, but I literally not only did everything I had to do for work, I started acting on all the projects and things I’ve been wanting to do, but because there is no immediate consequence if I don’t I have not been doing them. These are the things that are actually important, not just urgent.
  9. My confidence and sense of self was/is on a whole new level, I completely broke through the final vestiges of my work anxiety and was communicating freely and in a more effective way than usual.
  10. I also currently have 0 fear over leaving my job or even jobs and starting something totally new, or starting something new while doing them. It seems I’m thinking less re-actively.

I have to figure out how to incorporate Q alongside this until the stack article comes out.


Tried Stacking with the Terminus
ran 2 loops of my custom
worst reconciliation I’ve had, hopeless, doubt, totally out of wack,
started to even out but I’ll have to run this solo
and try stacking again later. Or rebuild this in Q.


With the terminus titles, it is imperative to take it easy at first. I have been minimizing usage of any other subliminal with my main custom.


@simon wrote somewhere months ago about a particular pattern he notices in running subliminals. He’ll get a kind of spike of effect right at the beginning which gives him a clear sense of the potential of that title. Then things will come down and get into the actual growth process that leads to that result over time.

It’s like first there’s a flash of lightning, and then there’s a gradual sunrise. When the lightning flashes you can see how everything will look in the brightness. Then there’s a gradual process of working towards that as the world brightens up.

I think I see the same pattern.

One implication of this is the importance of being kind of street smart and patient with the whole process.


Can you please provide the link to simons post…


sorry. wanted to link it in that post but couldn’t find it.


@pacman @Malkuth

If you wish to search the forum, I call it the movie trailer effect. Others have also referred to it as the honeymoon phase.


Yep. That was the very one. Turns out I’d bookmarked it.

Something in what you typed, @Azriel, made me think that this could be useful to you.


That fits with my experience. Took me a while to figure out that it wasn’t the effect going away though.



Thank you gentleman. I actually remember the movie trailer post distinctly as I resonated with it. I keep notes from this forum, private use only, and that post was in it. Actually both of you made it in there a bunch lol. (@Malkuth at least you have one of my poems about drugs :wink: )


The reconciliation stopped last night when I ran a Q loop of Medici . I had stacked the night before and then ran Emperor Terminus in the morning, 6 hours later. It seems some of the increased fatigue may be build specific reconciliation but plenty of it was content specific rather than build specific.

I think sex mastery reconciliation in terminus increased my irritability.

Panther was annoying, I felt like a ‘predator’ pun intended :joy:. I normally don’t approach woman, I just interact with them, and if I do approach, it’s very ‘un-approachy’ , it calls no attention to itself, hard to explain. When I was out I kept viscerally self conscious about ‘locking in’ to certain woman, like a push, when I really just wanted to do my thing. Almost like it wasn’t reconciling well with Emperor. I also felt Temptation had me being flighty around engaging. I’ll test the Terminus in a smart way, every other day for now, and may remove those modules, -the going out of my way to approach and/or not being direct and forward leaning when I do engage woman, may not be my style.

I could be totally off with my assessment of this. Only time will tell.

Despite the reconciliation, After 1 loop of Terminus I’ve completely changed my relationship to work.

Also I’m really happy with my current stack-Emperor base, Azriel Q, and House of Medici Base,have been stable for 4 and 2 months, and since whenever it came out, respectively.