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My intention is to determine whether I need to drop Emperor X from Terminus to Q, then put house of Medici in Custom with PPC and Mind’s Eye (both I’ve run for a while), update Azriel Q for more physical healing,

I want to run regeneration for 1 month, and stack Alchemist and EOG, all at different times along the base three. I have to figure out how to incorporate these. I never want to go above 4 in a stack, and run the 4th possible every other day. The synergy effect of stacking, when done smartly, speeds up my results, where it matters, and develops over time, the things that are less ‘urgent’


I’ve continue to test run Emperor Terminus X
it’s very different than regular Emperor, although Emperor is still clearly there,
Sex Mastery and the other sexual modules strongly ‘color’ it.
On the one hand I love it, on the other hand it is a little distracting :confused:
not I can’t focus or get things done, but like constantly on edge.
My confidence is incredible high on this sub
I feel zero concern about money or work.
Success and money feel inevitable
waiting has dissipated on this sub, I simply act on what I know or choose to act on when it occurs to me

Terminus is no joke, it’s really freaking strong.


Still with PPC eh :wink:


4 loops total of Emperor X Terminus this week.

A hottie who I blew it with two years ago, just sent me a text with a video of me and her laughing looking to reconnect.

Barely spoken with her since then, wasn’t thinking about her

Gorgeous/Sex Manifestation/Sex Mastery/ and or Long Range Seduction at work.


Fairly interesting as I am guessing you weren’t even consciously thinking of this individual.


It’s like thanos before he got the infinity stones, T2 is probably like thanos with them all.


Just hope my customs mesh


What happens when you expose a bobcat to Libertine


no one liked the bobcat! lol

I thought that shit was hilarious.

I don’t want to do a major update so I’ll list a few things since adding Emperor Terminus X

Emperor X

  1. Emperor Core
  2. Sex Mastery Core
  3. Joi De Vivre
  4. Carpe Diem
  5. Ego Adsum
  6. Sex manifestation
  7. Gorgeous manifestation
  8. Iron Frame
  9. Current Invoker
  10. Productivity Unleashed
  11. Direct Influencing Aura
  12. Panther
  13. Sultan
  14. Unlimited Financial Energy-or whatever it is
  15. Financial Reality Shifter
  16. Long Range Seduction
  17. Temptation
  18. Leader of Men
  19. Alpha of Alpha
  20. Instant Spark


  1. The best of Emperor, the ability to handle my life, choose my direction, and act with insane efficiency is at an all time high
  2. The attraction is next level on this one, woman often smile and say hi to me when I look at them even in glancing.
  3. All the power without the frustrated edge of Emperor is there.
  4. I’m standing up for my values and walking my talk next level.
  5. I am acting on and taking action on all things I’m interested in now, no more waiting… I’ve create a curriculum for myself to develop new skills and learn new things.
  6. I’m enjoying my life a lot more.
  7. Getting extra free dishes when I go out to restaurants (sultan maybe lol)
  8. I feel more able to get to the point of things, capture, convey, and act on what matters


  1. Terminus is fucking strooong :sleepy::sweat_smile: -the reconciliation on it seems physical, in body tension. I immediately get my mechanical tinnitus (Eustachian tube dysfunction) when I listen, this goes away and is the result of tension/pressure not auditory issues. I also notice if I don’t sleep enough or over stack, my chronic injuries tighten up. This all goes away after a bit, I should adjust soon, or will take appropriate action.
  2. It’s harder to stack without my mind cracking lol :slight_smile:


That looks a lot like my first custom @Azriel.


yup, we share Emperor and Sex Mastery Cores, Joi De Vivre, Sultan, Joi De VIvre, and Gorgeous manifestor I believe. This is the one I was asking you about adding Sex Mastery.


just realized the last 4 days I’ve been sleeping polyphasic-ally
in multiple 1-4 hour shifts. I’ve never done this before. It may
be a benefit or reconciliation of Emperor Terminus.
Jury is still out
Its slightly disorienting, But I am getting more done.


Same with me in Emperor bro. I become a ‘cut people off’ machine.

Its exactly as you said. “I didn’t feel a need to start a conversation whatsoever.”

For this reason, I stopped using Emperor. For now anyway. You wanna use Emperor when… like… you wanna pack your bag and go on a journey of great value all by yourself. And you want 0 distractions.

@Azriel Speaking of which, how has your experience with Emperor (lonewolf sub) + Medici (social sub) gone so far? How do they compliment each other?


Aint heard that song in years …kudos


Even though I love time alone I’ve tended towards being incredible socially fluent and getting caught up in social and dating dynamics more than my work/purpose/career life. So Emperor has made it very easy to simply not do this, and only be social when I choose.

I am indeed on a journey of great value by myself now.

They stack incredibly well, Medici turns social encounters I have into extensions of whatever my life goals are. It really turns them into opportunities to foster relationships of value, and even business, as I start to see the angle to benefit financially from everything even if I’m not thinking of money at the time. I also get calls out of the blue for deals and entrepreneurial collaboration since running Medici, from people from my past.

So all in all Medici does not make me a social butterfly but it does make me someone who purpose and business more and more effortlessly intertwines with all interactions rather than needing to be solo, or super blunt-direct-to the point with people.

Here are some differences I highlighted in another thread-I experience the benefits of both these effects.
There massively different,
there both dense in the the sense that they have multiple sub goals to achieve end goal,
HOM being technically denser than Emperor. Here are the biggest difference I’ve noticed

  1. HOM has status like crazy, but not ‘Alpha’ if that makes sense/ Emperor has don’t F with me status/ HOM has I have to know that person status.
  2. HOM has Super-like ability with increased respect socially/ Emperor has massive respect socially with some increase in like-ability
  3. Emperor is freedom driven, -what would create Freedom in every way and on all levels in my life now? Even if I have to say no or walk out on things. HOM has shrewdness and environmental mastery drive.
  4. Emperor is much more sexual/ romantic overtly/ HOM drives how relationships go
  5. Emperor is insane discipline, executive function, will power/ HOM is acting with highest leverage and ease.
  6. Emperor is intelligence and aptitude at learning and new endeavors to achieve targeted goals, big picture thinking for my life/ HOM is intelligence and aptitude and predication, one step a head, anything with numbers, big picture cohesive thinking for systems and less my life personally.


I seem to be able to ‘hear’ / ‘feel’ downloading/ processing in my head/brain
with Terminus and sometimes Ultima.

Its distinctively different than Tinnitus and feels almost like humming or ‘electric waves’

The volume sound makes no difference with this.


I’m I crazy…is this a thing…or perhaps just a form of reconciliation?


@Azriel That is awesome.


So last Sunday I did 2x Terminus loops
took Monday off completely
Tuesday-Saturday 1 x loop of Terminus 3-6 loops of Q stack (Survival Instinct 1x, HOM, 1-2x Azriel Q 1-2x)

It was an amazing week, and externally experiences and results have reflected
that but yesterday, around Thursday something shifted.

Could be process buffering, could be reconciliation, or simply a subtler effect.
I’m questioning adding Sex Mastery to the Emperor core, as I’m no longer getting that super clear insane drive. (This is certainly reconciliation. the questioning, I may have indeed blunted the effects of the Emperor Core by adding another core that’s so fast acting. ). There is something ‘foggier’ for me.

Some very old doubts, insecurities, and apathy are surfacing, I still find myself in action mode, with work, networking, dating, but towards the end of the week doubting and insecurities on the inside, but coming across incredibly confident and together on the outside. Weird experience that I am totally comfortable with but do not like.

I have to keep taking actions as big as the sub, to not start experiencing reconciliation.



I suspect this is an effect of the Terminus Build. SMX should not be the problem.

If the expense is not an issue, make a Q Custom with the same Modules.