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These ‘negative’ effects started happening after 1 week on Terminus, the first week was fire out the gate. Profound shifts I attribute to the modules and Emperor in Terminus build. I may be just burn out.

So not sure I’m ready to go back to Q yet. but its worth getting the same modules in Q for solo test purposes and/ run for a month before terminus and/or to run on non terminus days

Thanks Simon :ok_hand:


This is great, appreciate the reminder.

Subs accelerate the amplitude of my waves and reduce the cycle.
Just realized the term for that, I believe, is higher frequency :wink:

Erring on over Stacking seems to increases the peaks and troughs while raising the baseline the wave is set on
Single use or small stacking seems to do the same but the troughs stay level


There may be other factors too. Yesterday, I ran Mind’s Eye Terminus2 during morning meditation as I’ve done for months. Ran nothing for most of the day, and then from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, I ran 3 loops of Alchemist Q. Not that unusual, either. At 8:40 PM, I decided to play one final loop of my PATHS Terminus custom. At around 9:05 pm, I noticed that I was more confrontational, angry, and combative than I’d normally be. After I noticed my mind states and behavior, I pressed ‘stop’ on PATHS Terminus.

There have been other days when I’ve listened to a similar combination without having this effect.

My ‘Subliminal week’ goes from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is the rest day. So by Saturday if any ‘fatigue’ is accumulating, it might be at its peak. Also, this week, I introduced a new Terminus2 custom. Only played one loop on Sunday, and another on Wednesday. But I feel pretty sure that it contributed to the overall ‘load’ of this week.

Nevertheless, I think there may be other extra-subliminal factors. Times of year. Seasons. Other things that I’m not so clear about.

Either way, I guess it’s a good idea to take process-factors into account when setting up your loops. And to not necessarily just do the same thing every day regardless of what’s happening.


we just posted at the exact same time lol


Yes, I think this is definitely the case, I just never experienced reconciliation as a ‘lack of effect’ it had me concerned. And it just felt like by the end of the week the Emperor ‘umph’ was missing, as well as the sanguine, indomitable, aspect of it.

I can only imagine-
that’s the one with Asclepius I believe, notice anything from that?

Yes, this will have to be accounted for. Terminus, especially while stacking, is a new game for me, I’ll have to learn. it definitely creeps in more than Q


Ah, I see.

Yes. Noticed the ‘trailer effect’. Might even be more than that. Feel more energy in my hands and body. That’s interesting.

Yes, these are things to figure out.


The lack of pronunciation on Emperor in your Custom is certainly due to the denseness. Sex Mastery on itself is more grandiose then Ascended Mogul, sitting at 65+ pages, Emperor itself is already major and then also of those modules add up to another full Core.

In the beginning of using your subliminal you experience a ‘bloom’ of results, much like a trailer of what this Custom is able to convert you into. Then after a week or so, you start to reconcile every single Module or Core, after which you integrate them one by one. With a Custom this size you’re looking at long-term exposure to fully integrate (don’t want to set any dates here as it is highly variable).

So expect some turbulence, this is most likely not going to be an easy ride, nonetheless it’ll be life altering.

Your life will have to come into complete and utter alignment of each module in order to dodge any reconciliation and from there you can take it to another level, which becomes to full-movie.


Well said and contextualized. thank you @Hermit


You’re most welcome, @Azriel.


Posting a David Deida Article I found quite usefull

Deep Purpose

(Excerpted from David Deida’s interview in Common Ground magazine, February 2016.)

Common Ground : You speak about the importance of mission and purpose, particularly for a man. That’s a tricky subject because it seems that most people are constantly searching for that.

David Deida : You are your mission, and if you don’t know it, you are not relaxed in the moment. So you don’t have to find your mission, you need to relax in the moment to discover it. It is being shown to you right now. You are being lived by a force deeper than you. Masculine practice is intuitively feeling and identifying with that force so that when you wake up in the morning, you are lived by your mission. If you don’t know what that is, it is because you are thinking. Your mind will never know your mission. You will never feel your mission if you are attending to your thoughts hoping to see what your mission is in the future.

A classic exercise in The Way of the Superior Man is for you to set up a place in the living room or a tent in your backyard to just go and sit and not move. At some point you have to pee, so your mission, in that moment, is to stand up and pee. It is very clear. After you pee, if you don’t know what your mission is, you just sit down. Maybe it will be a week or two weeks, maybe it will be a month. At some point if you stop watching TV and talking to people and attending to your thoughts all day, if you relax from attending to your mind forms and all the forms of the feminine–which is everything that changes–if you allow your attention to stop seeking feminine fulfillment momentarily and allow your attention to resolve into its heart-source, you will be living your mission, in that moment.

You then allow your body to be animated by that mission. It is very specific. So if you sit there for a week or two, suddenly you might feel, “Before I die, I have to form a business to sell this product that I am interested in. I just keep thinking about it.” So you get off the cushion and form the business. It might take 10 years, 5 years, one year, but you form the business. You sell the thing you feel you have to. When that no longer moves you, that mission dissolves. That sense of purpose dissolves. A man living his mission has some years of highly focused purpose followed by a resolution of their mission, the accomplishment of their mission or the evaporation of their mission, and then they are back to no mission, to no purpose, to being.

There are concentric circles of purpose, so the first mission that most men come upon is the most superficial, such as the notions of success and failure inherited from their father or what society tells them to do–or how their fear directs them. Most people are looking for their mission out of fear, for money, to make their parents happy, or for their spouses–whatever it is to convince themselves they’re worth something. This has nothing to do with your deep mission. These are childhood issues that you deal with in therapy.

Once you no longer pay attention to your thoughts, once you realize that 99% of your thoughts are essentially random motions (there are useful thoughts, of course, but not for finding your sense of purpose), then you just allow your attention to rest in this present moment and it will be empty. When you rest in this present moment, it is wide open. In your masculine, there is nothing happening. Now, if you allow your body to be okay with that feeling of “I don’t know,” for eternity, that is about as close to enlightened being as you can speak in words.

Be wide open to the manifestation of existence through your being, living in a state of “beginner’s mind” as some people call it, acting with precision. You don’t say, “I don’t know, so I will go to Bali and play.” You say, “I don’t know, so I will sit upright as open awareness until I know.” You don’t distract yourself with beaches, playmates, and oceans, searching for things that are merely delicious. All of those things are why most men don’t know their mission. They are basically chasing the attractive possibilities of mind, of sensuality, of adventure, seeking the feminine as a form of entertainment, rather than relaxing open as deep consciousness, choicelessly gifting, just as they are.

I think people misunderstand what mission is and what purpose is. It is not something you have or don’t have; it is something you are ignoring or not ignoring in the present moment. Finding your purpose is fully sinking into the present moment and letting reality manifest through you as a gift to all.



yes stacking and/or adding multiple cores changes effects so that certain things may stand out less, especially initially

Do you find you benefited more from Ascension in custom despite the diffusion you speak of?

when reconciliation is not present I see that this true.

I am very happy with my custom when reconciliation is not present. Time with my own experience will further clarify these questions, as least as they apply to me. I still may do a Terminus Emperor with only the pure simple results enhancers to test that some point The money is not an issue and I’m truly happy to support SubClub regardless as what has been made possible by this titles is mind boggling.

Although I do wish that custom embedded and terminus versions of the store programs were present. While I love the option to modify, I also don’t want to mess with some of the masterpieces.

HermitArch Alchemist



Of course, to some degree, but Sex Mastery impacts major programs archetype minimally in my stacking experience. It has an anxiolytic like effect, increased attraction, and more sexual energy.

@Azriel, sure but it’s not only that, of course Sex Mastery doesn’t have like a very obvious directional effect. But here’s the game-changer, the more you add to a Custom the less pronounced each module will be, which is obviously noticed when people run Ascension – a compact script, suggested who knows how many times in one hour of listening? Surely it has profound effects.”

While its true that when all the energy is used to execute on one thing it will happen faster and more pronounced, I don’t know if it works that certain cores or modules get less exposure when more are added, per custom loop I mean. I believe Saint has mentioned everything get’s equal exposure, I don’t know how this is possible, maybe the suggestions come in together. So while diffusion is a factor I don’t know if amount of exposure is a factor, again per loop.

“Similarly Ascension in Emperor doesn’t give you the same Aura or execution as Ascension solitary because it’s just way more pronounced, plus you don’t execute all of those extra modules merged within the Archetype. For example a Custom with Emperor + Sex Mastery is not equal to Emperor & Sex Mastery listened to apart from each other (A + B is NOT AB but creates C).
Remember Customs are created with an A.I, the scripts of each Core and Module are blended together to work optimally, discarding or adding even one single module to your Custom will manifest in a different Archetype or Energy.”

Only time will tell with my custom, the Archtype has certainly been modified, but whether I will be at a loss for this in terms of what I am looking for from Emperor or will not like it personally as much is to be seen,

And as always, the precision and intelligence of your views are much appreciated :slight_smile:



Do you find Khan in your custom modified in a way that is not exactly what you were looking for from the familiar Khan you were used to?


Yes, very much.

I was running Khan St1 for roughly 3 months, and Khan St4 for roughly 6 months + but before the Q version was released.

Daredevil seems much more prominent in the new Khan St4 core in my custom as I am much more social which is somehow weird because the script did not change much. But this could also be a result of Lion IV. However, as Hermit was pointing out, the Khan core, in general, is not so pronounced in the custom which I don’t really like.


Interesting, and Khan is the only core in your custom I believe?

Have you tried running Khan Stage 4 Q solo to see if the Q factor is more the ‘culprit’ than the modules?

It could be reconciliation from the Q version, I didn’t really feel the Emperor in Emperor Q until a month+ in on Q.

Also of course quite possible it is simply the diffusion.

Again can’t wait until name embedded store version and terminus versions come out.


More than 1 1/2 months already but my custom is also very dense. Only one core but 21 modules in total.

I will drop it and rerun Khan Stage 1, 2 and 3 each for a month or so. And then probably going to get a Khan Terminus custom with only 10 modules.



what are your thoughts on the experience of q programs you’ve previously run solo vs. cores in a terminus build and/or even vs. cores in a Q build custom?


@Azriel - it didn’t go as well as it could have been mainly because I was experimenting a lot with the Q Customs and trying different things out stacking it with the “normal” SubClub Q titles. This does happen to me when some new tech comes out and I try things like crazy at first and then mellow down later.

Am trying to remember the experience to explain it to you but what I do remember, by the end of two months listening to my Q Customs, is feeling more masculine using my Iron Khan Q subliminal which had both StarkQ and Khan in it along with modules like Alpha of Alpha and Leader of Men. Am more sure of myself in a masculine way and less arrogant about it when I speak. Also felt stronger erections and slightly more thicker thanks to the Male Enhancement module.

Comparing it to Terminus customs, Q feels more like a normal subliminal title in strength but at the same time feels more “jumbled” at first, possibly because all these different modules we added are integrating in our minds. I didn’t feel the same “jumble” with my T customs since I feel it is because I got used to it with Q Customs. But am very careful of using Terminus builds and am taking a lot of rest days and because of that I feel it is integrating very well with my subconscious mind.

Listening to Neville Goddard’s Complete Reader is also relaxing me.


Alright gentleman,
fuck it I’m experimenting this month and will hope to have a solidified consistent ‘set and forget’ in the @Malkuth sense.plan by October.

I ordered Emperor Core Terminus custom-with 10 modules -the most neutral I could think of
Pragya, Deus, Omnidimensional, Jupiter, Divine WIll, Dominion, Yggdrisal, Merger of Worlds, Tyrant.
Those were the one’s that would least ‘color’ Emperor Core that I could think of.

I want to test this out to better understand cores in custom and terminus and not as a replacement to Emperor Terminus X but to either run alongside or alternate weeks between the two.

I will also be experimenting with dropping Azriel Q for a week and running Khan Stage 1 and possibly regeneration. I tested one loop of Khan Stage 1 Q and I could definitely feel what it was in my custom, and it was significantly stronger. I’ve been running Azriel Q for over 2 months and I’ve felt and seen the effect of what Khan Stage 1 in my custom does. It definitely helps wipe the slate clean, and adds some Khan grouded-ness, peace, and dominance. But 1 loop of Khan Stage 1 Q was like 100 times the effect in my custom as far as I could notice.


I do love the Emperor X Terminus- it is very distinct than Emperor Q, many of the best elements are there and supercharged. It’s like my identity has been re-written. There is a strength and solidity and who I am is someone who naturally does things in line with the script goals. On Q it felt like the state I was in was constantly driving my orientation and actions, and then gradually these became traits and more and more part of who I was. On Terminus it’s like this is DEEPLY who I am and who I have really always been. I don’t know if I can explain it, Quite incredible actually. I still totally see the value of Q, as others have said, they really seem to hit different ‘levels’

Also Terminus hits right away or it doesn’t, but in either case it feels like the subs effect build over the next 6-10 hours and then peak either causing massive exhaustion or insanely strong effects



I PM’ed you and don’t want to hagger ya, just wanted to make sure, due to time sensitivity, that I put a few channels to get eyes on the message below.

I ordered a custom a few hours ago and forgot to license one of the modules-Jupiter.
which I included in the list of modules to include. I just went back and purchased it.
I want to confirm that/if in can still be included in the build?
This was all within the last couple hours
thank you