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Maybe I’m wrong but it’s like you aiming for fast results.

Keep in mind the desire to add another sub that’s reconciliation 101…

I have nothing against testing but also remember time’s of the essence. Today I helped my girl land a 100k gig, she’s inexperienced but with practice she’ll nail it and that’s the least interesting thing that happened.

Will be updating my journal soon.

Stick with a custom that resonates with you till you atleast past 30 days, if it’s dense… make it 60 days.

But commit to a stack regardless of the noise.


Thank you for the support @Myster

Not necessarily, I get and always get great results on subs. As in they create transformation in my self, my life, and my results. However I’m more interested in the journey of maximizing growth in all areas, while pushing forward as fast as I can. If I was really looking for speed, I would keep it to one thing. And while time is of the essence, I look to act on what matters regardless of what subs I’m running or not.

yes true, I don’t want to switch or add something entirely new though. Emperor Core is what matters, I’m looking for what will give me the closest terminus upgrade to the Q version. From there If I stack two Emperor cores Terminus subs-one with only results enhancers and the other with more specific modules, or if I run one or the other. In any case its a win.

I’ve been on Emperor going on 6 months , many of those were solo or close to it, so I’m familiar
with the value of staying the course.

Once testing is complete committed stack sticking will be in order.

that’s awesome.

looking forward to hearing your terminus experience on Emperor

Also what, or in what, business(es) did you create if I may ask?


@Azriel - experimenting is part of the learning process. I think most of us here, including you, know the value of sticking with a stack while at the same time have wisdom on making decisions to change. It’s all good. Good luck with your new more focused Emperor custom, man.


Thanks @King!
I’m never too worried about reconciliation effecting my decisions because I’ve yet to be dissatisfied with any of my subliminal results, I keep the Emperor base bumping while the tunes on top may change.

I’m gonna ride the experiment wave for a bit before locking back in.

As soon as the stack article comes out I will also modify based on official recommendations.
If they say 2 Q’s I’ll do 2 Q’s but if the say up to 5–I’m probably gonna do 5 lol :sweat_smile:

As I’ve said before just cause I’m getting results, doesn’t mean I couldn’t get better one’s if I did something smarter.


Will mention the businesses when I’m updating my journal cause there’s one i just recently added… after ive got the funding for it, I’ll post.


Experiment Day 1
Emperor Terminus X 1x
1.5 hours later
BLU 1x

10 hours later Khan Stage 1

Self Effects (Emperor Terminus X/ BLU only)

  1. Life goes into zoom mode-like on a computer when you press the button and all the windows minimize so you can see them all next to each other, then move them around or x them out. My self, tasks, schedule, work, others, all appear like that but in a connected way. I’m in the space beyond it all.
  2. Inner strength, Slow Dominance not explosive like Emperor Q,
  3. Extremely clear thinking, and really intense focus
  4. Time moved extremely fast (relatively/perceptually :rofl:)


  1. Knocked 6 hours of work down to 3
  2. There is an Ice queen super cutie at the grocery store, she is always relatively curt with me, despite all the other one’s being very flirty. Today we had a super sexually charged, connected, talk where she kept asking me questions. It felt refreshingly human as well as refreshingly hot connection.
  3. Took care of 3 annoying insurance and medical tasks I’ve been avoiding for months
  4. Brokered a deal where by establishing the connection , I get paid for any further business the parties do together. At least theoretically, that’s what was discussed, but in my haste to close and trust of the parties involved, I did not get that in writing. Hence my PCC with HOM question on the House of Medici Thread. For the record-there are some things I know very well and deeply, when it comes to business, I’m learning, I’ve been throwing myself in off the deep hand again and again, and it’s paying off, but I make and have made some mistakes. Since SubClub Emperor, then with HOM, now with Terminus, people keep throwing opportunities my way, or I’m able to cause them with little effort, opportunities that were out of my league 6 months ago.
  5. Randomly got on a zoom training, when I got exhausted at around 7 pm, someone on the training was a friend of mine back in the day, and he private messaged me in the chat, saying hes been thinking about me and wants to partner with him on his start up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


  1. Lost steam on getting a jump on work for the week
  2. Started to get exhausted at 7-so joined a zoom professional development training for 2 and 1/2 hours.
  3. Very present to my transitional state of not being locked into a stack.

10 hours later
Khan Stage 1
Self Effects

  1. At moments extremely sexual energy filling my body for the most part, feels like it wipes me out. Its very familiar to the Khan Stage 1 core in my custom. It didn’t have the dominance strength/pop as last time I used it. So many variables there though of course.
  2. Kind of relaxed and sensual


  1. Just feel like doing what I want to do, no energy towards cerebral commitments.


Very cool, sounds good.


You’re killing the game!


Compared to the regular in store Ascension title, I prefer my Custom. Mainly because my Custom is more aligned with my energies.

On top of that, name-embedding has been a game-changer. I’d love to see Ascension Terminus in name-embedded in the future though, purely for testing purposes! To be honest I love experimenting, researching, understanding of what I’m working with. I’d be a researching in the psychology field if it wasn’t for current society needing a reformation.

Having quiet a bit of exposure on Emperor, it makes sense for you to feel some kind of nostalgia for the older version, because it worked so well for you due to the exposure rate. Let me tell you, the Custom is going to be even better but you want to give it the necessary time to evolve itself.


This is so important, the signature of the sub matching

I hope for name embedding Q and Terminus in all store versions, would be incredible-for testing purpose :slight_smile:

Same, I love figuring it out deeply and understanding it conceptually, and factually, but also in ‘essence’ . Some may see subliminals as simply suggestions but to me these are truly incredible energies, archetypes, and trasnformative agents we’ve been given.

It is very clear to me when a user is hopping or moving from thing to thing on reconciliation vs. experimenting. Experimenting in addition to experiential research may have aspects influenced by reconciliation but they are worlds apart. In my opinion is easy to spot, because the pure reconcillation sub hoping sounds like an addict–“this time -this is it-I’ve figured it out-it will be different this time, and then a week or so later it’s more of the same.” or " this is not working lets do this" enter-complete overhaul- (No offense to anyone this may apply too-we all have our processes :slight_smile: )

Yes, nostalgia is well put. I felt it moving from V4 to Q and now to Terminus, however Terminus with name embedding is indeed a game changer.

This is true, I started questioning it on the first ‘off’ day, clearly reconciliation. All in time and with action.


I can feel and see that from your energy, if this is something that you feel attracted towards, then ask yourself why that is.

Understanding and more importantly communicating with the unconscious is the best approach to creating your reality. A statement I wouldn’t take light, as the unconscious currently creates circa 95% of our realities.

Your Custom will be different from Emperor, which doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t become as effective. Most likely you’ll experience some turbulence, but once you have fully integrated the entire Custom, which won’t be too long as you have previous experience with both Sex Mastery & Emperor, you’ll be experiencing effects to a greater extend.

As for the experimentation you don’t have to justify your actions to anyone. Consciousness just works that way, it cannot understand decisions made by a higher intelligence. A problem cannot be solved by an intelligence that created the problem to begin with is what Einstein said and it makes more then enough sense to me, now that I embody it.

That’s why I’ve been pushing the Subliminal Title related to Hermetic Principles, as it is way more valuable compared to something like Power Can Corrupt, which are men made laws only reflective of men made consciousness, which is about to evolve into a much higher state. Unlike Hermetic Principles, which are bound to all of the dimensions. At least the Law of Polarity will enable us to stay detached and de-polarized where by we stop to argue over other people’s perception.

Time/Space = Energy and Energy spend on arguing is Energy wasted, it’s no more then that. Focus all of your Energy towards a single goal and not even God can stop you from getting it as you’re God. There is only one Consciousness, all is Mind.

@SaintSovereign, @Fire are we getting any luck on a Title based on the Universal Laws? It’ll make our planet a much better place, beginning with all of those priceless souls which are working relentlessly to improve their life at here at the forums. 12 maybe? :wink:



Yes! thank you for highlighting this. I could benefit from leading more from this attraction in my life. It may be more my path to work with this for myself and others than I have been willing to admit.

time to quantum jump :slight_smile:

got my vote.
We may be closer to that sub than we think though. 12 cough cough.
That would be incredibly valuable.
PCC mastering the laws as reflective of the current consciousness of man is no small feat. That’s a cool way to look at it.


Experiment Day 2
Terminus rest day

House of Medici 2 loop early in the morning-6 hours later/ loops 1/2 hour break

Emperor Q 3 loop/ 1-2 hours between loops

I feel a sanity and consistency I have not felt in days, not that I don’t enjoy riding at the edge of my consciousness, but it’s nice to take a break for a bit.

The effects of terminus are still clearly shining through in the background and in who I am

Self effects of today’s stack so far

  1. Total Emperor cohesive thinking
  2. Total focus and back to back action/ flow state
  3. strong boundaries internally with myself and with others.
  4. Thoughts of how easy it will be to start businesses and just keep them coming
  5. rapid clarity and release of where I limit myself
  6. Emotionally incredible stable and positively unreactive.


  1. Reaching out to potential business connections randomly throughout the day
  2. Spent the day cleaning up some projects that I drifted away from when the clients weren’t resigning. Now I’m doing one final job on the house and organizing everything I previously did for them. Whether they resign or not is irrelevant, I want to finish with excellence.
  3. Spend extra long taking care of my hygiene today-wondered what had me do that, and in internal dialogue said ‘of course you should do this, your a valuable person’

on 3rd loop of Emperor started to feel like my mind was ‘full’ my ears strongly react-if I’m over doing subs. It’s almost like they don’t want to hear anymore. So I stop and process more after I experience that, finishing the loop though.

So 5 loops of Q seems to be the average towards pushing reconciliation

Terminus is 4 loops of Q I believe. That makes sense why 1 terminus loop + 1 Q loop starts to push me into reconciliation territory

Will probably do one more update as I continue


Still Experiment day 2

4 loops of Emperor
2% started to feel some reconciliation pulling in,
sharpness diminishing.

Running a loop of PCC now.
I can, again, literally, feel and hear downloading or something energetic at this point.
@khan believes it’s similar to what happens on binural beats. It used to freak me out but now it’s par for the course and very minor, comes and goes.


Interesting insight while running PCC.
power, even external power, is for my goals not some generic sleazy sense of power for powers sake.
This sub is for masterfully navigating that world to succeed towards this goals.

I’ve had a connotation of external power as either so much courage and character the external world doesn’t matter or something semi ‘sleazy’ wrong, or like wolf in sheep’s clothing with the idea of power.

While the former may contribute that later is a misconception.


I feel this 24/7.



My friend. It is time. I have been purified in subliminal education and burned my karma through the distribution of useless comments. The ascension is complete. It is time for my culminating rest at the apex of Forum hierarchy and the river of discounts that flows from it’s peak.

Please badge/crown me an Arch-Alchemist and send the discount code at your convenience. (Although I will bug you if it takes longer than a day :slight_smile: ok 3 days lol)


Hmm… the forum software is telling me the fair use limit of rank assignments has been reached due to excessive ascension through the ranks. I’ll look into it. And you should test for decompression sickness. Wouldn’t want you to get the bends.


lmao :joy:

To combat your metaphor I summon the spirit animal of the baby beluga

but in reality the air is thinner up here and the pressures, of being a role model of course :wink: , is greater.

appreciate whatever you can work out with the system :slight_smile:


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