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Experiment Day 3

6 hours later
Emperor Terminus X
1 hour later
Emperor Q

Self Effects

  1. Emperor Terminus-relaxed, boss, indifferent to what I perceived as problems before,
  2. After Emperor Q agitated, torn between focus on work and what I perceive as more important. and Terminus do not mix that well. Possibly redundant or the name embedding mixed with non-name embedding–is just feels a little off

VERY INTERESTING effect I believe from the combo of PCC/HOM/Emperor Terminus

On my weekly call with a client-who pays me to manage him and his business development. I actually really like this guy but he is very narcissistic, not a narcissist, he has some heart deep down.

But my weekly calls with him actually make for good sub testing. On HOM Emperor I would knock out everything we needed as soon as possible and get off the phone, when I added Medici, new opportunities starting arising between us, and he started including me on work outside my retainer relationship.

I felt happy to speak to him. We have always occasionally just shot the shit, but on Medici our relationship started to develop to the point of long fun discussions, all positive. I started to actually enjoy it.

Now this was the first time speaking to him after running HOM/PCC/Emperor Terminus

I have not tested enough but PCC and HOM so far seem an odd mix, on HOM I’m 1000 miles ahead making things happen without a concern in the world, on PCC I start to really slow down, I feel removed from everything.

But today, I spoke to him and after we cleared the docket, when I was about to hang up, he asked me a question about my life. He has NEVER asked me anything about my life, even when were casually talking-then he proceeds to want to talk to me for almost an hour of a slow just getting related conversation. I felt like I was bolstering the convo but that he seemed like he was trying really hard.

I wanted to get onto other things, but I stayed on almost like an observer. It’ was almost like he was looking to create relatedness with me which is far from this guy’s usual MO. My PCC sense was that he was lonely.

This guy is EXTREMELY well connected-like to 1% of the 1%. I usually think of him as somewhat superhuman for himself and as more an obstacle, difficulty, at times for me but on PCC I seemed to see deeper than that.



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Further effects,
Yesterday, between night and day ended up being a blend of Khan Stage 1 1 x Azriel Q 1x HOM 2 loops Emperor Q 4 loops. I felt extremely satisfied with my state, performance, results, and way of being and had zero desire to run anything other than Emperor mainly.

That night I ran PCC and HOM

So today is blend of PCC/HOM/ Emperor X Terminus and Emperor Q

The moment I ran terminus I started thinking about my stack and switching etc so definitely reconciliation in that form-then it leveled out.

That said when I go out after a run of Emperor Terminus X the attraction results are crazy. More than Libertine for me even. I will look back and woman I made eye contact are looking back over their shoulder and we make eye contact again. It’s like movie moments.

I get into the easiest conversations with woman and it feels like were in bed talking. I also simultaneously have no interest in pursuing anything further and a new desire to escalate things, as my lack of desire may just be a masked concern for social consequence, not personal rejection.


I said this on another thread but want to say it here cause I find it interesting

"I have primal seduction in one of my customs and when I added survival instinct, before the experimental period, I became more comfortable interacting with woman who were around or in groups of men. Before then I avoided that because men with woman are quick to be threatened by my presence. Even when I have no intention of anything…except looking maybe lol. "

So interesting the things discovered with synergy


I was going through my subliminal folder.
I have never renamed anything except for my customs
I saw a folder called Masterworks Ultrasonic- from Subliminal Club
Does anyone know what this is?

I purchase everything straight from the store or Q store and download right away.
I have no orders, custom or store at the time it was downloaded, I definitely never downloaded it.
This is my first time noticing it too.


Congratulations! That’s fast!


@Azriel. The short of it: it breaks down mental barriers to energy cultivation and generation. Also points you in the right direction to achieve your energy working goals.


There’s this thread.


thank you for the link


sounds amazing


:slight_smile: thank you
One life goal off the bucket list
It may seem trivial but building victories is powerful.
I couldn’t have done it without Medici lol


We will be the new rulers of the world with Medici lol


I’ve been thinking…

I wonder if the more ability one has to be fluid with their imagination and visualization,
even subconsciously, the faster and more pronounced the sublminal results

or is everyone’s subconscious incredible at imagining and visualizing things-even if they consciously don’t know it?


Experiment Day 3 part 2

last we left off
PCC/HOM/ Emperor X Terminus/ and Emperor Q one loop

I’ve since run
Survival Instinct/Azriel Q/ PCC

The emperor terminus and Q mixed seemed to knock my focus off for the day and I’ve been in a fairly, lazy, socially delightful decline ever since. I think this is more reconciliation than subs combined effects. Although the social/sexual effects of today’s mix are off the charts.

I chilled out the whole evening. I have not chilled out, non intentionally in quite some time.

I hung out with two different woman in the neighborhood, were acquaintances/friends but I’m open to it becoming more.

PCC may be making me far too socially inclined.


final effects

  1. Unfocused, chill, socially inclined-my focus started to slip after my work technically finished today.
  2. Actively feeling like seeking out social and/or sexual encounters-I have not been proactive towards either of those things for some time
  3. some kind of healing is taking place around
  4. I find it VERY hard to think after/ while running PCC, I don’t understand why. It’s almost like a different more gut level part of me gets activated.
  5. When I run Azriel Q I get energetic downloading in my left ear, when I run PCC I get it in my right.

Feeling a strength and solidity but also incredible visceral pain in my solar plexus, thinking about woman who it ended with, or I’ve been seeing in the last few months who were doing cat and mouse with each other. I though I saw this girl I was sleeping with holding hands with some dude from outside my window lol.

Honestly I didn’t have my glasses on so it could be her or not. It be pretty unlikely to see her there. But that’s where my mind is going, all the ways I’ve been jilted, left out, too paranoid, or not wary enough around woman. Maybe this is from running a sub with primal seduction before PCC. In either case while not pleasant, I’m also enjoying the absurdity of it and appreciating seeing and feeling things that were under the surface.

Seeing how it hurts that I feel I have to play these games or lose out-this is also likely reconciliation from PCC-hardest sub for me to run-by far, although I very much like its effects. Maybe more healing in this area is required and that’s why it’s so rough.

Seeing how powerless and awful a part of me feels, and how another part gets paranoid, and doesn’t trust anyone I’m dating really. This makes sense why I have trouble with commitment. That and who doesn’t like sexual variety of course.

this may be reconciliation but PCC seems to put me in a visceral, embodied, gut level, headspace where it is hard for me to think, and I just want to socialize. Not a bad thing but not what I need.

While I may run PCC to the end of the month with my stack for it’s healing effects, unless something shifts with the head space it puts me focus wise in I’ll drop it for any longer stack runs.

experimenting is proving useful,
also what a feeling, to be free from the confines of a stack and not worrying about it losing out on results.


What are some of the effects of pcc that you have noticed…im still struggling to understand the sales page of PCC


Have fun with PCC! How’s regeneration going?


Azriel, do you think that if for examples you stopped tomorrow to use the subs forever,
thos changed within you will stick or fade over time?
Do you believe that they are ingrained in you even without using subs again?