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@Azriel gonna follow your journal. Once I’m done with PCC Ascension and Regeneration, I’m gonna go with Emperor. But the big choice is now whether to go with custom stack with Emp core or just purchase Emperor? What you think?
My goals are

  • eradicate my nice guy syndrome
  • be more assertive
  • stand up and face conflict in situations where I need to (I avoid conflict as much as I can due to childhood traumas)
  • build wealth
  • become confident so much that I don’t give a fuck where I am or with who and I speak my mind unapologetically
    And last but not least get comfortable and flirt around women I find attractive - have zero experience in that or cold approach or whatever although I’m doing semen retention like yourself and magnetism is strong on this one. I plan on running my current 3 subs for the next 2 months before I get anything else or build and purchase my custom stack Q.


Hi Sigma,

I believe ascension, PCC, and regeneration will go a long way towards achieving your goals.
I would recommend regular Emperor first before a custom.

In fact I think running a custom sub with no familiarity with having run the cores is not as smart
as running every core in a custom for at least a month. I’m making a not smart decision with my custom but I’m comfortable with that risk.

If I were you, I’d run your stack for two months, then get Emperor Q, run it for a week solo, then if you want you can add back PCC, Regeneration if you feel you still need want/those. Then continue running Emperor Q with or without a stack for 1-3 months and then if you still want to keep running Emperor use the Emperor core in a custom.

I don’t know whats specifically in the Emperor Core, but the synergy of what’s in the Emperor non custom program is Emperor Core, Ascension, Mogul, Sex Mastery and other modules is very potent.

Emperor will also help with being assertive, nice guy syndrome, building wealth, comfort around woman you find attractive. It does help with overall confidence with helps with cold approach and flirting, but I would not say that’s Emperor’s forte. Although it does make it easier to talk to someone I"m interested in, but I have experience with that.

Emperor V4 really had me speak my mind without giving a fuck, on Emperor Q I say what’s needed but don’t down burn bridges to the ground. It’s a little smoother.


goodbye for now my friend :wink:


@Azriel Have you planned on stacking EmpQ with Commander anywhere in the near future?


I’ve use commander a couple times a week. Its great in and off itself but seems to work especially well with Emperor. I like it the most because it increases alignment with everything I’m up to, and really helps with decisiveness. It definitely adds to my presence, gravitas, and leadership.
This girl I met asked me what I do and I said I was in the air force, (I’m not), it just came out, and then I was like I’m kidding and she said “really, I totally could see that, you seem like someone with a lot of authority… if you came up to me on the street and told me what to do I’d do it.” I was a little surprised she so openly said that after barely knowing her, I believe she was feeling the commander/Emperor presence.


That’s really nice how much loops do you use for commander when you run EmpQ along.


So really interesting night. I feel a totally turning point.
This smacked so hard like a challenge manifested from Emperor it’s crazy, and has
me slightly concerned about my continued use of this sub. Not out of fear but because there really is no turning back. It’s possible PCCQ contributed to what I will share as well.

Long synopsis ahead, mostly for my own journal writing / processing benefit, may be entertaining or of some value.

A woman I’m seeing who I’ve been looking to coordinate meeting up with, reached out to me.
I like this girl. I’m attracted to her, she’s cool, a little wonky and needs to pull her life together. But we’ve had a lot of fun. Boundaries get a little weird sometimes, were friends with benefits, and sometimes I coach her on stuff after we sleep together. Not intentionally but because I do life coaching part time and because she wants support with some stuff she is going through, it kind of just ends up like that.

She reached out saying she wants to see me before I head out of town, and I’m a little hesitant as she canceled on me two times on me before in the last 10 days at the last minute. I forgave it because she lives close by and tends to be disorganized and this is unusual for her. Something jhad seemed up but its clear shes down this time.

I go over and while there is always a little bit of ice breaking, she seems extra withdrawn, physical total attraction, can feel it, but the conversation is stifled, she seems in her head, and barely able to be there. She’s been going through some challenges lately so I ask her if shes doing alright and shes says yes. We move to the living room and I sit on the coach and she sits on a coach far away. This is not unusual for her, she creates a lot of distance before coming in sometimes. She seems distracted, asking me about other people in my life and I feel really uncomfortable with what’s unfolding, something feels dead ended and wrong.

I stand up and and walk closer to where she is sitting, and again I feel the physical attraction and she says, ‘I’m pretty tired I might call it a night soon’.

This is like 30 minutes into my coming over,

My alarm bells go off -I have a choice, in the past the player me would see this as a bad sign at worst or a test and keep going, say sure let’s call it a night soon …and then make things more fun, engaging, or go directly to seduction.

But my assertiveness comes out I don’t want to waste my time anymore, I say ‘why don’t I just leave now then’ and she says 'why don’t we hang out a little more, let’s take a walk outside. ’

Now what’s weird about this situation is she is showing extreme signs of physical attraction and interest the whole time, while her intellect and emotions seem completely withdrawn. She seems closed down but attracted and I am wondering how interested I am in her at this point, I feel very attracted but really annoyed at her behavior, she’s acting avoidant and like she’s hiding something.

In the past I’ve been needy, I’ve sought emotional gratification over results, I’ve pressed things, and I’ve learned not to do any of those things, to keep my cool, hide my emotions, walk away. And now I’m seeing a third more authentic way.

We took a short walk and then went to sit on her stoop, I said ‘I gotta ask, you cancelled on me twice, and called tonight short, this seems very distinct then the way things normally go, whatever there for you, no problem but I don’t want to do this, it’s doesn’t feel good to me. Is there anything you want to share that’s different in your experience’ .

The old me would have cringed at how uncool it would be to ask this or press this issue, or I would have done it in a needy, repulsive way. But I felt rock solid. I was standing for a value of mine, and I considered what she was doing to be mistreating me and taking me for granted. I wouldn’t do it to anyone. I would say what was there for me if something was up or wouldn’t make plans.

She was very uncomfortable with this question, I was as skillful as I could be in making her feel comfortable and we had a convo heated and then cool back and forth and finally she said she didn’t feel connected to me. She said our ambiguous context of friends and sexual was challenging for her, and that she didn’t feel like we connected.

What’s weird about this is the physical attraction was still so strongly there, I could have leaned in and kissed her and it would have been 100% on.

In retrospect I should have said well lets find a way to relate where we feel more connected and seen what she thought of that. Because that’s what I wanted too.

But what was driving my ship at this point was meeting my need, I felt a need to extricate myself from her bullshit. I could tell she wanted me there, but all on her terms. To have her cake and eat it too. Now I know pressing things with people your dating/seeing forces usually a negative outcome. But what was important here for me was deeper than that.

I was very surprised by that she said she felt this way, we’ve spent hours and hours having fun, talking about the deepest shit until the early hours of the morning.

Part of me felt like she was being delusional cause of whatever space she was in, part of me was annoyed, and I also totally understood what she was saying. We had been disconnected lately. Although I believe her cerebration leads largest sense of disconnection.

I basically told her I really enjoyed our time together and how I had no interest in hanging anymore if she felt that way. I said I didn’t understand how or why she felt that way and basically asked her what she wanted. she said ‘she didn’t think we should hang if we didn’t connect’. I said agreed, and then asked to get some stuff I had left there. We went to go get it, and I felt relief to have a clean cut rather than some drawn along thing without any resolution.

I said I felt good to get this in the open, as it had been in the space. She said she felt no resolution. I asked how can you not feel good about ending something with someone you felt disconnected hanging with, it was fucking with her in one way but I honestly meant it as well. She got pretty upset at this. I chilled it out and gave her a hug goodbye…again such strong attraction we could have started making out then and there. I went to walk out and said,
'if you find any more of my stuff let me know and feel free to reach out if anything changes
and she asked me how I was

Then it hit me how sad I actually was, in the past I would have tried to hide this or play cool

I said ‘honestly, I’m really sad’ and just looked at her. Total vulnerability but totally in my masculine power, I’ve never felt anything like it. I also saw the connection that had missing (I just think that comes when two people are expressed and honest and she had not been until I blew the situation open). She got really submissive and started holding my hand and then looked up at me. Again could have gone in for the kiss, but it was too weird at this point so I walked away with her holding onto my hand pulling it out and did not look back.

This has to be the most powerful ending to a meaningful relationship I’ve had.

Maybe I could have played it differently, Maybe could have salvaged it, I really still want to sleep with her more, I’m sad she said what she said, but it’s clean and I’m moving on. Maybe she’ll be back maybe she won’t.

This was such a sudden departure from the easy flow of what we normally have, I am 100% convinced it’s either or some combination of Emperor Forge or PCCQ… I feel like a completely new person out of this challenge.


I Run 1 loop a day 3-5 times a week, after minds eye or godlike maculinity.


She wanted you to upgrade her to a girlfriend position.
You’ve become more than casual for her.


Thanks Simon, I can totally see that. Do you think there is anything to do here at this point
or just move on and reopen the situation if she reaches out again?


She actually kept saying it was casual, it was casual many times.



Is there anything you’d recommend I’d swap out to add Epigenetics in? Like anything that covers something similar.


It’s a hard choice because you’ve made such a concise sub. To be honest, I’d wait to add epigenetics.


awesome, thank you Saint



Made the purchase and waiting on my above custom

Super excited

4 Cores-just couldn’t let any one of them go.

I plan on running this first sub as a baseline for months many months.
For base Masculine Instincts, Healing and Clearing, Warrior Mindset and Fitness, Physical Transformation.

I’m thinking of calling it Don Khan/Juan Khan/ Khan Juan some variation of that lol. Honestly will give that more thought. Suggestions welcome.

So a denser script may takes longer results, that is fine, although
I have an intuition it will be very powerful and positively hard hitting. Half the sub is results enhancers and should carry over to whatever else I am running.

I will get more and more targeted with custom subs and I prefer to build many areas and the base first.


Noticed something interesting.

I had a talk with someone I work ‘with’ but really work under for all intensive purposes.
He was giving me several opportunities, one for financial gain and one for merit/advancement in his eyes and therefore potentially for career advancement.

I’ll take advantage of both opportunities, not sure how make the first happen, could be exciting since it will be sales/connection based. The second I thought will be highly beneficial but it actually is maintenance, not doing it would be a backslide, doing it will gain me nothing. It will actually be doing work for someone else taking the credit-I believe this is PCCQ kicking in.

I am not reading the 48 laws of power, nor am I watching any videos yet. I have seen the table of contents before in my life. An event will happen and I will say a phrase loudly in my head, don’t outshine the master, lead with bait, leave them wanting more, say less and speak with actions. I remember don’t outshine the master from the table of contents I looked at months ago, and was very surprised when it came up, I don’t remember about the others.

I wonder if my conscious is literally now becoming aware of these as if I’ve read the book sub consciously. I believe part of my reconciliation with PPCQ is a kind of paranoia, default sense of everyone is lying. Then when the sub is actually kicking in, I have no judgement about people, I just know what there doing and can play the game better and it actually helps to connect with people’s best side, unless their real scumbags.

Anyway what I saw today was this. It would not be possible for this work to ever go anywhere directly under the person I work for. At best I could make a lot of money if things really turned out or I played things right. But there’s literally no value in working under him anymore other than a paycheck, and getting to work remotely, both I value but no it’s no longer enough.

What I mean more specifically is I become a non-entity under him, he does his best to get the most for the least, I’ve been very comfortable being a ‘machine’ while he is this big personality seemingly obsessed with himself, his brand, and I don’t feel particularly lifted up or valued around him, and that’s getting kind of old. I just do good work, get in and get out, and have other work/projects. Short of hard negotiations I’ve played decently, the conditions I would work in and the compensation would be not good. I also don’t particularly value the work I do there, it’s fairly negligible, there’s a moment of something great now and then, but it is a huge waste of my capacity and reinforces an identity I no longer want to have. I would want to replace the income before I move on.

I realized the important of replacing that income fast with something with similar or better conditions and leaving or negotiating something new that I would actual want and enjoy.

I ran a couple loops of Godlike Masculinity after this realization and I felt on fire to focus clearly on my number one goal-get the fuck out of there as fast as possible.

Then when I ran Emperor I noticed, I had much more patience, was happy to stay as long as I reinforced the conditions that I cared about, I’d move on…but no rush. I also wanted to do good work there. I think this is Mogul/ Ascended Mogul from Emperor Q-pushing to rise/make the most of what I am doing. It seems in conflict with PCC and/or GM and my personal authentic desire to get into something new as fast as possible. This is the first time I’ve noticed what at first seems like a very strong ‘sub’ conflict. It also could be reconciliation or simply a personal tear between the two.
I believe it will resolve it self soon in a logical manner now that there is an awareness of it, which I often find to be curative in and of itself.


Couple cool things

I believe I’m pushing the limits of my Emperor Q loops
or Q loops in general.

Noticing I get brutal with people and can’t let go when engaged,
I want to win.

But it always turns out well, I get mature or others get what I am getting at and come to my side.

I’m also having trouble orienting what work to do when. Learning to pull
away from being a machine without creating context of what I am doing and why I am doing it.

This is having me see the value and need for clarity as my highest priority and aligning what I am doing now with where I am going, rather than just doing things because of previous commitments, or expectations.

Mind’s Eye is great.
My family all quarantined separately so we can spend time together and now were up in the country together.

I was doing a crossword puzzle with my mom, I normally sit next to her and look over. I did not want to be too near her so I was laying on the coach across the room, I asked her to just give me the letters around the spaces, number of letters, basically describe what she saw, and I was naturally just recreating the crossword in the air in my mind’s eye and able to do it, and come back to things, it was really cool. I didn’t even realize this until she commented by saying ‘you must be really good at visualization if your able to do it that way’.

Trying Mind’s Eye T squared right now. My mind feels crystal clear, much more control and distinction between reality and imagination than on regular Q, sedative quality-probably just the intensity. Very hard to listen to-feel like the sound is knock out gas. Feels like I am completely awake and able to dream at the same time.


Terminus Squared is insane,
I feel like I am in a totally new better reality
tiredness has abated completely.

I can see my entire life and possible futures,

feel so grateful for this moment.

I see who I am now, is a creation, partly from me and partly from
past experience, conditioning, and even as I seek to break free and create myselfnfully, I so value that creation that I am and have been.

I can also seeing adding, evolving, and growing as something that matters
but still having heart for who I am now and the people in my life.

Not sure what any of this is, just thought it’s fun to journal in real time.

Sensations are heightened
All the tension is leaving my body
it’s almost like all my conscious intentions and unconscious desires for what I want and how I want to experience life, set over the last few days, are
suddenly unfolding in my experience.


@Azriel what does Minds Eye do for you exactly?


I am not surprised at all. Even Mind’s Eye Q is already spectacular itself. T^2 for someone like you who can handle it is awesome^2.