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You might enjoy this post. It’s my ideas about how to journal for EOG stage 1
As you go about taking social actions, you can do something similar for Khan stage 1.



While looking for the EOG posts, I came across this. May be useful. :man_shrugging:t2:


Well, I think the subs work faster if you already fit the archetype.

If you are a nerd and were never good with women, it takes a loong time for Khan to transform you.


@King What would be faster for nerds to seduce women? Just curiosity.


Probably just use QL to attract smart women?

Or maybe Stark.


Yes, absolutely on point-well distinguished. When there is an overall cohesiveness to my multiple desires, goals, interests, the question of what next does not arise, it’s automatic. Emperor is good for this, Alchemist from my dabbling seemed very good at this. I just have to stay cognizant of it.


Ran the Beast Within tonight, after an intense workout.
A had minor shooting pains, an hour after, and things popping in my elbow, and neck, and afterwards felt more relaxed, fluid, and like the tension and cracking in certain parts of me was gone. A few hours in I feel incredibly awake, despite the later hour, and physically craving working out more. I may have to be careful not to run this one to late.


I ran Emperor Enhanced Terminus today-the one with only Emperor core and results enhancers modules. It was fantastic, the day was spent in clean, productive action, for my personal goals, and work goals.

It is a very signature Emperor custom-like the Q store version but stronger. My other Emperor Terminus X I’m coming to love but it is NOTHING like regular Emperor-it’s a totally new sub. I mean there Emperor -Flavor in terms of dominance, drive, cohesion, focus. But there is such a pull towards sexuality in it. Which is what I made it for, it’s just interesting to see how different they are.


Also EOG and (the non-Quantum) Limitless are suprisingly good for this.

Compared to everything else, Gold sees & thinks a lot more long-term though.


Regeneration and the elixir ultima are good for this short term and long term.


limitless -really? I may need to check that out. I would imagine Quantum would be good for that as well.

@Simon If one had all the long-term goals of Khan, Alchemist, EOG–do you think there would be a most effective order to run them in to maximize each’s benefits?


That plan would be personal to you. There are several approaches you can model if you like. They tend to fall somewhere on the scalpel-to-sink spectrum. :smile:

The @Malkuth Approach: {Kitchensink}
Play everything. Give each stage 3+ months, and the whole plan a couple years.

The Single File Fanatic Approach (as done by @Amash & @OldChap) {Knife}
Play exclusively only 1 program at a time - for 3 months or more. Maximize your success with it.

The @SaintSovereign Approach {Scalpel}
Play subs specific to a short-term project (2-6 weeks); AND always have an interesting short-term project to work on. :wink:

The @Simon Approach {combines the best parts of both sides}
Make your 2-6 months Action Plan first. Stack the subs that support your plan.
Note 1: Don’t plan your life around available subliminals. Always think from the place of “there are no subs”.
Note 2a: Don’t play subs you can’t/won’t act on. All you’ll get is recon, not benefits.
Note 2b: Readiness matters. Realistically judge if you are at a place where you can maximize on the power of a sub.



Adding this here for completeness & clarity…


I found this on Reddit and I love it

" Life isn’t meaningless, you are just stupid.

Niahlism is not the conclusion that life is meaningless. We made up the idea of meaning, along with every other idea. It is up to you to decide whether there is or is not meaning, because the phrase that was just written down and it’s ideas only exist because we made is up to you to decide what the word meaning even means or if it even exists.You can decide meaning means testicular cancer. You can live a life without language. You can decide to worship a sack of shit lying in the middle of a fenced off area in a large puddle you have barked at for several days.

If you want to argue that there is no INHERENT MEANING you are wasting a significant portion of everyone’s time. The idea of things inherently existing in the universe making them hold more value is dumb, and is also, again, a concept, like every other concept, created by us. This is all just a bunch of words that we can choose to apply meaning too. And if we do, the words have meaning, making them function as words.

Maybe this is a bit hard to grasp, but essentially you are turning what is really just the rejection of social constructs and positive brainwashing into a cringy superiority complex. I get it, I was a teenager once, but eventually you need to grow up :slight_smile: "


pure gold, thank you sir.

I’m going to go the Simon Approach- ( Sink with a dagger in the drain :man_shrugging: )

this is getting trickier and trickier for me on Emperor, It’s helping strongly discipline and organize my routines, practices, workouts etc…and I’ve maxed out current work/business life, and am now developing knowledge and skills, and actively clarifying my next endevours, I work with new opportunities as they are manifesting my way. But I am finding it very difficult to gain certainty or act with proactive engagement on filling the next void. Non metaphorically-engaging and creating my next purposeful wealth vehicle/career path.

I can not tell if this is simply a personal limitation or perhaps a limitation of Emperor, not intrinsically but in my case, something else may be better suited. Even when I run BLU I start to much more proactively close this gap.


They way you explain things is so simple yet so deep and insightful. Your explaination gets straight to the point and leaves the reader with lots to ponder on.


I know it’s great,
well worth the hounding (lite) :slight_smile:

your classified as a dagger The Single File Fanatic-khan stage 1 for three months


a stage 1 for 3 months in a multi stage program may even be a new class- needle with ink


Lol yes im a dagger…
After reading simons post i need to get a plan of action and really work my ass off and forget about what a sub can do…


I should put this in Q module requests

The Simon Approach sub-listening will cause the user to act and live as if they were not relying or waiting on subs, give the user the capacity to realistically and intuitively access which subs will be best to played at which times and for what duration, cause the user to act on all subs or move on to a sub they will act on.

(I recognize the irony here and have not yet decided if I am joking or not)


Couple older posts on this point: