AzrielLight EmperorQ


I got it originally to test T squared for when custom subs come out
to see what strength level I would want.
Never got around to that as on Q
I found it helped my thinking process,
made it easier to act whatever I intended
Gave me increased clarity and ease
and would make my sense of the vision I want to create for my life more real.
I’ve noticed it increases the effectiveness of all my other subliminals
and helps me to see where I want to go more clearly.
I also visualize daily both as a routine and throughout the day, and it enhances
my ability to do so and do so productively and positively.


Ran a loop of PPCQ and EmperorQ
after Minds Eye T squared.
Slept 6 and 1/2 hours (normally sleep 7-9 hours) woke up feeling incredible refreshed, like I’ve a new person.
Still feel the positive effects of T squared very strongly,
may have to start upgrading everything to Terminus+
I love Q but something about it gives me slight reconciliation quite easily. Like its working
but so natural I can’t really tell if it it’s working and then I have doubts. Terminus Squared feels natural but its so fucking obvious it’s working. I’m a little concerned Terminus will overshadow anything not terminus in my stack.
Well this was test one …to be continued.


In your opinion how many loops of Q would be equal to terminus? approximately…


They don’t seem equivalent at all
Terminus seems denser-no Q loops would be equivalent
its like Terminus is packing something in deeply like it goes to the core,
while Q is packing it deeply just not as deep. So a massage for 1 hour that goes deep but not super deep will not be the same after 4 hours (at that same pressure gradient) then a message that goes incredibly deeply for 1 hour. Both probably help with muscle soreness and well being and you probably don’t need a super deep massage everyday but you could.
The thing that keeps coming to mind to me is like
If Q is like doing doing a really good muscular workout, like a solid higher rep bodybuilding workout
Terminus Squared was like doing powerlifting, speed work, fight training etc…
it felt much more alive to me and more my speed but I can’t give up regular muscular training/bodybuilding as well


Sounds exciting but it won’t be for everyone…


Looks like Terminus + can last up to a week,
I feel zero desire to run another loop as of yet.
My gut says there is no need.

I may do 1 loop of Stark Q which I’ve never done before

Then test 1 loop of Stark Terminus

I’ve been committed to EmperorQ, which is truly an incredible sub, for 6 months in store and/or custom form but I am now taking a new view for what I actually want for my life. Emperor is delivering incredible results and my priorities shifting. Emperor definitely fits into my goals and meeting my long term priorities.

I read Fridays long-term review of Khan and it was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever read.

It also reminded me of that seemless social and sexual life from a place of power and purpose as something I really value and love and also just really going after my dreams. I’ve been so used to making things work with what I have that I honestly haven’t really pursued that. Emperor has brought me to the pinnacle of my current circumstances and the question is will it support not just the next iteration of this but an execution of a new vision with a leap into the unknown along side it.

@friday --thank you for this. I’m really excited to have Khan Stage 1 in my custom, and will have Khan Stage 4 and QL in my next custom-and may run Khan the actual program alongside both of them.

I am getting increasing clarity and am going towards total clarity of where I want to be in 1-3-5-10 years. Anxiety comes up when I try to fully clarify a path, I believe that’s because that would mean I have to actual execute. The benefit to being in ‘the fog’ is I don’t have to risk failure …or success for that matter. I see where I am addicted to patterns of what’s not working in my life, just as much as patterns of what is.

So I will say here, but this weeks end, I will have an exact direction of where I can put my energy to create something profoundly new in my life and in alignment with my larger vision.


@Azriel I see, that’s great. Honestly I feel like if I go with a Terminus version of my next sub or even the custom ones they will be more effective for me. I’ve been running Ascension PCC and regeneration all Q for about 40 days now and although I’ve seen some differences it’s not deep like you say. I really want to try a terminus version to see how I will respond and my gut does say that terminus will be more effective for me since I do have a stubborn mind and subconscious, so the deeper the sub goes the better for me and more effective I believe. My next move would be to figure out to go for either custom Terminus subs or purchase StarkT or another sub of terminus version


My philosophy is-If your gut is telling you go with it man.
It’s usually right and when it’s not you can handle it.

Q is tricky in finding the right loops, sometimes I think I can hit 4-6 on Emperor
but then I drop to 1-2 and my results skyrocket and then the results stall, and I up the loops and results go up and so on and so on.

Honestly, maybe I’m temperamental but Q seems to require conscious attention, every time I think I have a plan ‘she’ switches up on me-oh how fickle the muse

Also if you custom sub at Terminus level and need to switch to Q its a $100, (you have modules just build fee) nothing to scoff at but doable for most, and then you can always go back to terminus so… between that logic and your gut, I’d say your best gambit is go with Terminus on a custom.

Alternatively test terminus on Stark for $35 and then you’ll have more info on how you respond to Terminus and an awesome sub anyway.

In my opinion-If you want to run Stark as part of your custom or in general at this time go with the Stark test otherwise jump into a custom

(although I remember Saint saying success with terminus on one title won’t guarantee you can handle terminus on another sub)


@Azriel Have been reading your journal and have personally inspired by it on how you repond to EmpQ, sad to hear you leave EmpQ so soon, whilst Terminus^2 might be upgraded to it.
@Sigma11 the reason he has got good results with EmpQ is he has been running for 6 months 40 days is less and I am on 60 days close . So after 6 months imagine what the results would be.


Thank you for the kind words, and no worries I am not leaving Emperor
I will be running Emperor or a custom sub with an Emperor Core for the next 6 months.
This may change, but I doubt it.

I was simply running a test with Mind’s Eye

Mind’s eye has been part of my stack the last few weeks, along with PCC and Godlike masculinity

I do 1-2 loops of each if I can fit it in, but Emperor is the main course.
Even when my first non-emperor custom comes, I will run it alongside Emperor.


Continued time with my family has caused the largest reconciliation
I’ve experienced on Emperor Q yet but it looks like I am turning a corner.

Everyone in my family is loving but also very dominant and to a degree controlling, I naturally am that way as well and have been so since before Emperor. Emperor has made me more dominant, less controlling of anything outside myself and my actions, although more commanding and expecting more from others. I’m often in complete control of 100% of my life or strive to be. I have also become the defacto leader in my social circles.

I came into a family situation where that is not the case. Since I am no longer ‘doing my own thing’, since were on vacation together. There has been quite a bit of conflict. I was acting with insane confidence around my points of view and it simply was not compatible with the environment and triggering everybody.

Since I could not/chose not to leave the environment, I have shifted gears, learning from my behavior and am now being equally as strong, but intentionally much less as intense and confrontational

A part of me felt a lot of inner guilt and shame behavior being processed out during our first week together, and now feel comfortably in control of my self mastery again.

I care about my family and love them and have had a hard time reconciling my authenticity with this connection, and I feel for the first time in quite a while I am coming to terms with this in a way where I can be fully involved without compromising myself or my boundaries.

This too perhaps was an Emperor driven manifestation.

At work, seem to be manifesting challenges-dealing with hard headed, stubborn, withholding people. Or simple people who don’t take the time to care/communicate. Highly competent but completely insular. This is ironic on Emperor but I look out for and care about people I am involved with even as I’m 100% about business, bottom line, and results.It’s increasing hard to deal with people who do not have this capacity. Compassion, conscientiousness , and competence.

The way we treat each other and extend respect and conscientiousness towards those we work with, or our clients is something I value tremendously and would even say is a key to success at the highest levels. I’m not at the highest level so I don’t know that for sure though.

I feel an increasing capacity and desire to be ruthless to those I extend work-ability, kindness, and communication to and who are still callous and results oriented to the exclusion of people’s humanity. And the funniest part is their behavior and communication or lack of is diminishing current and future results, for themselves and others.

I’m shifting from being stressed when these issues come up, experiencing self -concern, anxiety and frustration to responsibility, willingness and detachment, and coming soon to walking away or requesting different behavior. It does not seem a smart choice to ,or that I am in a position to do either of those things currently. Which normally wouldn’t sit well with me but occurs like intelligence now, playing the game until I have the upper hand or the self-reliance to make a move. (That last sentence sounds total Emperor/PPC combo)


My focus is also now moving towards starting my own business. Turning life directions on Emperor feels like moving a tanker, it has to be in slow degrees but once the direction is set, it crushes anything in its path and it’s course is powerful.

I am also shifting my focus back from the wanting everything shiny right away sub wise and running subs based off their appeal to running subs based on my goals. My original goal was total self reliance and independence, my own business doing something I want to be doing, earning $10-$20,000 a month through that or multiple income streams, and living life from an emotionally health stable place, if there was some enhancements in romance and physical shape and athleticism those are benefits.
Long term romance, higher levels of wealth, and being in the best shape of my life are also important, but those goals are secondary for the next 6 months.

In light of that I am considering dropping Power Can Corrupt or at least moving it to one loop a day. Incredible sub-barely scratched the surface of it; however, I find plenty of my own power and authenticity on Emperor alone, no one manipulates or fucks with me. PPC seems to draw my focus externally in a way that I both love and benefit from socially and even sexually, however, whether reconciliation or not, I can tell I start playing games on it, and while I can see those games being very useful in the right environment, it may not be fully necessary to occupy Q processing space. It does really round out the edge on Emperor though for external influence so I’m still considering the best move here. Emperor solo is pure dominance in communication, with PPC I am more willing to create that extra connection that makes a difference.

I will keep Minds Eye T2 1x a week or minds eye Q for a couple loops a week. I’ll go with my gut on this week.

I’ll be adding in Regeneration for the next 30 days, to help set a foundation for my custom.
When my custom arrives I will test loop 1x but then most likely hold off on it for a few weeks.

I can feel/experience the energetic differences in subliminals instantly, I also get results after 1 listen for every sub I have ever tried. Not lasting differences, but 1 loop and I see the beginnings of what a sub has to offer, in state shift, thinking, and behaviour.


This is extremely clear writing. The insights and groundedness radiate.



Thank you Malkuth


My custom came and I ran 1 loop

reminder my custom is

  1. Spartan
  2. Emperor Fitness Stage 4
  3. Primal Seduction
  4. Khan Stage 1
  5. Physical Shifter-Sexiness
  6. Male Enhancement
  7. Emperor Height Inducer
  8. Blue Skies
  9. Ares
  10. Februss
  11. Yggdrasil
  12. Tyrant
  13. Overdrive
  14. Omnidimensional
  15. Deus
  16. Mosaic
  17. Dominion
  18. Merger of Worlds
  19. Pragya
  20. Serum X

1 loop obviously is not enough to determine anything
1 loop will still likely lead to initial reconciliation phase
I will stil list my experience below in terms of what I perceived
and what reconciliation came up

  1. I can feel this sub going extremely deep-it hits more powerful-this is the name embedding I believe and I will get a custom Emperor or custom Emperor PPC sub to replace Emperor Q
  2. I’m using my full name rather than my nickname and it’s interesting, it’s almost like my nickname is a persona and I can feel the healing working on my truer self, which I abandoned
  3. Primal Seduction is super obvious-total energy/fire in my lower ‘chakras’ loins and increased sense of sexuality, thoughts about what to do to date/sleep with woman.
  4. Spartan is shining through clearly, familiar warrior mindset-perhaps this is too strong-concerns it will interfere with other aspects of the sub state effects-but this sub is meant to build long term attributes so I’ll let that go for now
  5. Deep relaxation in my muscles and all over my body, chronic pain lessened
  6. I feel like I’m being pulled up by the top of my spine head, and feel energy on the top of my head and in my eyes, my guesses are Pragya brain changes, Emperor Height Inducer, or blue skies effecting my energetic connection to the universe
  7. Feeling totally cleared out and present
  8. Look way more attractive and shiny in the mirror-Physical Shifter-sexiness perhaps or Primal Seduction
  9. Socially way more fluent, after 1 loop on this sub I felt connected to my brother, and extremely socially calibrated with him in a way I have not before while on Emperor-perhaps PS or some Khan Stage 1 scripting
  10. As I’m writing the energy on my head popped and feel my heart and a sense of love
  11. old challenging memories are popping up and I’m letting them go, or rather they feel like there energy is getting dissipated.
  12. I have a pump all over my body
  13. Questioning everything in a somewhat sad, somewhat excited, somewhat detached way
  14. I feel a strong sense of what’s what coming through in the sub and what is happening-I imagine this is merger of worlds
  15. I was absolutely famished after listening despite eating recently-my ‘merger of the worlds’ sense is telling me this is Emperor Fitness Stage 4
  16. Only thing I am present to caring about it is making money like a boss, sleeping with the woman I want, and to workout.


  1. Thoughts and doubts of what I put in the sub, especially height inducer, thinking if I actually want to be taller, scared of changing, wondering why it matter
  2. Insecurities around member size coming up strongly in a way they have not in a while
  3. Annoyed at myself for putting physical changes modules in the sub when that stuff doesn’t matter at all to getting what I want in life (that’s probably Khan Stage 1 )
  4. Feeling like this sub is all over the place
  5. Feel stupid for the different directions it’s going in and 4 cores (although I’m really happy about this :slight_smile: )
  6. Feel a ton of processing going on and physical energy changes-very challenging and exhausted
  7. Jaw hurts
  8. I feel scared to let go of certain things and be disconnected
  9. I feel like I miss my old life from the hour before I did the sub lol
  10. Feeling lots of sadness- but I’m not worried or collapsed in it
  11. Could give less shit about my job or anything other than exactly what I want for my life, but also questioning that.

I may write more on this later but will pass out now.

To be clear this was a test run, while I may run a loop or two a week, I will put this sub aside for the next month.


You are a new man now. Didn’t see New Beginnings in your stack but perhaps something else did it.

No wealth-related core module in your custom sub?


Thank you King

no new beginnings, although perhaps its in one of the cores. That feeling was most likely the I AM module in Khan Stage 1

I am doing two customs
the first one/this one, i.e. AzrielQ is for Masculine Instincts, Short/Long term healing and cleansing, Fitness and physical changes, I will run this alongside anything else I run for the next 6 months to a year.

My next custom will be Emperor specific and will have plenty of wealth building.


Update on custom loop 1

Late last night after I posted
there was an integration and it was like
all the programming that was processing/competing
coalesced, I felt an insane surge of clean energy, my body felt totally alive
felt insane confidence, and sexual energy, but totally tempered and in control.
My aura and being felt totally clean and clear.
I really felt physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritual like a total hero/badass.
I was coming back from the shower and just wanted to stay naked, I was so proud of my body
and kept looking in the mirror not able to believe how attractive I seemed. So I’m really happy with the choice on my first sub. With that level of power on 1 loop, dealing with the reconciliation may be challenging but totally worth it.


Interesting note:

While I work I usually listen to two loops of Emperor Q
Normally I start to feel a little tired after the first loop
By the end of the second loop I feel tired and some processing, maybe tiny headache for a bit

Today while doing this, every time I start to feel tiredness or a slight headache or processing coming on, there is a tingle in the back of my head and the reconciliation effect dissapears, I feel super clear and energized. I’m almost done with my second loop of Emperor and no tiredness, no headache, no sense of processing, I feel fantastic. This may be results enhancer


I want my Emperor custom to be hyper specific
but I do want to modify the flavor of Emperor slightly, which I’ll do mostly through the module additions

My main goals are

  1. Complete independence and self reliance
  2. Complete financial independence -earning $10-2000 a month
  3. Starting my own business and subsequent ‘empire’

My secondary goals are
(these must be present, as without them my primary goals are lessened)

  1. Have an awesome sex life
  2. Be in best shape of my life

My secondary goals are covered in my custom 1 to a large degree
Emperor in of itself could cover these goals but the flavor of Emperor at times is at times little stiff, disinterested socially and even sexually, although that may shift depending on my conscious goals

For my Emperor custom I am trying to decide to run the Emperor Core solo or add EOG Stage 1, PPC, or Sex Mastery-I definitely don’t want to go over 2 cores but I’m not sure which will enhance the sub the most, solo Emperor, Emperor & Sex Mastery, Emperor and EOG Stage 1

Sex Mastery gives a sense of sexual energy-which I find actually makes me better at everything in life, and business, and influence.

EOG will clear the negative money programming, and I want added boost in this area.

Leaning towards solo. Open to and would value opinions, perspectives, and suggestions